Enjoying Rome for free is possible! Despite being one of the most touristic cities in the world, you can live a lot of experiences without paying a single euro. The prices in Rome are not excessively expensive: neither to sleep, nor to eat, nor to visit the main tourist attractions of the city. Even so, in this post we tell you 10 things to do in Rome for free so that you get the most out of it.

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1. Hallucinate Agrippa’s Pantheon

It did not disappoint us, but quite the opposite, it was one of the things that impacted us the most. This temple dedicated to the gods was built by the emperor Hadrian between the years 118 and 125. Many of you will wonder why it is called the Pantheon of Agrippa if it is later, but Hadrian built it on top of the one Agrippa had built in 27 BC

We recommend visit him around 12 noon, since it is the time of day when the Sun penetrates with greater force into the building, achieving a almost divine atmosphere. Thus, a historical monument very old and well preserved, which you can visit without spending a euro. Without a doubt, one of the best things what to do in Rome for free.

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Free Rome
Visiting the Pantheon is one of the best things to do in Rome for free

2. Visit some of Rome’s squares for free

Rome has many squares, and many of them with a great history behind them. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay a single euro to enjoy them. Some of the best are Piazza del Popoloin which there is an Egyptian obelisk dedicated to Ramses II, or the Piazza Navona, which brings together sculptures, fountains and buildings of great artistic value. Taking a walk through these historic squares is one of the best options to do in Rome for free.

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Piazza Navona, a treasure in the center of Rome

3. Test your sincerity in Horse’s Mouth

One of the funniest things to do in Rome for free. The Horse’s Mouth is a legendary mask with a male face, dedicated to the God of the Sea. It is located in the Church of Santa María de Cosmedín and although it is not very central, this monument is very visited by the legend behind it: he bit who he lied to.

Whoever passes the test can enter the Church of Santa María de Cosmedín, but not the liar. We were able to enter, and you?

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Free Rome
Something curious to do in Rome for free!

4. Walk through the Campo de Fiori

This is one of the main squares in the city, and without a doubt, one of the most lively, both day and night. Therefore it is advisable if you are wondering what to do in Rome for free. From Monday to Saturday, in the mornings, there is a very peculiar market, where you can find many things, but especially fruit and vegetables. At night, the atmosphere changes, and young people tend to frequent it, since There are several well-priced pubs in the surrounding area..


In the center of the square there is a statue in tribute to Giordano Bruno. The scientist was burned alive in the square accused of heresy in 1600.

5. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

Rome is a city that has many fountains, some of them of incalculable value, such as the The Trevi Fountain. This is the largest in Rome and is one of the most important tourist spots in the city. Although it is not entirely something to do in Rome for free…Don’t leave Rome without flipping a coin! But why should I flip a coin? The myth has compelled you since 1954 with the film “Three Coins in the Fountain.”

Legend says that if you toss a coin, you will return to Rome; If you toss two coins, you will find love with an attractive Italian; and if you toss three coins, you will marry the person you met. For it to work you must throw the coin with the right hand over the left shoulder. Visiting this fountain is an essential thing to do in Rome for free (or for the cents it costs you to flip the coin).

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Free Rome
The famous Trevi Fountain, in Rome

6. Get lost in the beautiful Trastevere neighborhood

We were lucky enough to sleep there and especially enjoy it. It is a neighborhood that is increasingly filled with tourists amazed by the tranquility that exists in the area. We recommend getting lost in the narrow and picturesque streets of the neighborhood.

But above all this neighborhood It has a special color at night and is one of the best areas in Rome to eat very well for little money. Furthermore, it is also a of the best areas to sleep, since it is not very far from the center and is one of the cheapest areas. Essential, yes, without planning is better.

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7. See Michelangelo’s Moses or the chains of Saint Peter in San Pietro in Vincoli

Without a doubt, the visit to San Pietro is one of the best things to do in Rome for free. There you can see one of the best sculptures that Michelangelo sculpted: Moses, and the best, without paying a dime. What makes the visit even more curious is the presence of the chains with which they imprisoned Saint Peter in Jerusalem. A very curious visit to do in Rome for free and that you cannot miss.


There may be people at the entrance who ask you for money to enter the church, but it is completely free. These are people who want to trick tourists to make some money.

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Very impressive!

8. Disconnect at Villa Borghese

Located north of Rome, Villa Borghese is the Rome’s main park and one of the most extensive and beautiful in Europa. It is open 24 hours a day, but we recommend go to the sunsetafter a tiring day to appreciate the sunset with a full view of the city of Rome and the Vatican.

You can too rent skates, bicycles and electric cars. And Free walk through Rome, perfect to disconnect and enjoy with the family.

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9. Feeling small in front of the Vittorio Emmanuele Monument, one of the best things to do in Rome for free

Another thing to do in Rome for free. This imposing building made of white marble is located in Venice Square and was built in 1911 to provide tribute to the first king of Italy after its unification.

Although the Italians themselves are not very fond of it because many buildings had to be demolished to build it, the monument is impressive. We believe that It is not worth paying the €7 to go up to the viewpointsince in Rome there are better ones.

Free Rome
The famous Altar of the Homeland

10. Take your breath away with the views from the Gianicolo

And to finish this post about the best things to do in Rome for free, we didn’t want to forget to mention the Gianicolo. Located above the Trastevere neighborhood, it is a great option for disconnect from the urban environment from Rome and look for a quieter alternative.

At the Gianicolo, apart from excellent views, you can also enjoy other gems, such as the Temple of San Pietro in Montorio by Bramante, built in the same place where Saint Peter was crucified. There is also the Monument to Garibaldi. Definitely, one of the best things to do in Rome for free.


On this map you will find all the things marked what to see and do in Rome for free.

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