Eating cheap in Naples is very easy. As in most cities in Italia, you eat well for very little. However, the city’s gastronomy is even more special: It was there where the true Neapolitan pizza or ragù was created. If you have no problem eating this type of dishes you will see that Eating well and cheaply in Naples is easier than anywhere else. In this post we tell you the 10 best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Naples.

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1. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, the best pizzeria in Naples

You can’t leave Naples without trying its most famous pizza. This pizzeria is an institution in the capital of Campania! As you can imagine, There you can eat some of the best pizzas in the city.. However, There is one negative thing: every day of the week, no matter what time you go, you will have to wait in line. They even have locations all over the world!

The pizzeria’s menu is very extensive: from the simple margarita and marinara to the most complex ones. The pizzas are thin crust, but so big that they almost don’t fit on the plate. The place is not very spacious and is always full. Our advice is that if you don’t mind eating early, go a little earlier.

Regarding the price, don’t worry. The quality-price of their products is unbeatable. To give you a reference, you can eat their pizzas from €9. Due to the fame that the place has, it is not expensive at all, although it is true that there are other cheaper restaurants with very good pizzas. So without a doubt, he had to lead the best restaurants where to eat cheap in Naples.

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eat cheap in Naples
A great option for cheap eats in Naples | Thomas Duesling

2. The ancient Pizzeria da Michele

And from one classic, we move on to another. Along with Gino Sorbillo Pizzeria, it is one of the locales with the most fame and history of the city. Offering its services since 1870, many celebrities have been caught eating pizza at this location. It was even said that in his time as a footballer Diego Armando Maradona frequented this restaurant!

What surprises us most is that, despite the fame of the place, the prices are more than affordable. You can eat one of their pizzas from €5.50. Ideal for cheap eats in Naples! Of course, just as happens with Sorbillo, it’s always full of people. We advise you to go at 12:00 or 16:30 because that is when there are fewer people. The wait is surely worth it!

Apart from being known for appearing in the film Eat, pray, love by Julia Roberts, one of the best travel moviesthe place is famous for the quality of its pizzas. For some, the best in the city, although you already know that it is all very subjective. We recommend that to taste the authentic dough you choose the Margarita or Marinara. The more ingredients, the less you will appreciate it.

3. Trattoria e Pizzeria Antica Capri, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Naples

The place is small but the food is great. If you like pasta, it will be your paradise. There you can eat a delicious plate of pasta from €5. However, even though pasta is their specialty, They also have all kinds of homemade dishes such as cod, squid, salads…

If you want to disconnect from pizzerias for a bit, you already know another restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Naples. By the way, you can also eat pizza at a ridiculous price. If you settle for a Margarita, you will only have to pay €4. It is one of those restaurants that when they bring you the bill you smile because you have eaten well and it is cheap.

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4. Anonymous Trattoria Gourmet

Continuing with the best restaurants where you can eat well and cheaply in Naples, we couldn’t forget to mention this incredible trattoria. They didn’t put much thought into the name, but his dishes are excellent. The good thing is that it is not a busy place, since it is a bit hidden, but it is one of the best kept secrets in Naples. The place is modest, but let yourself be carried away by its flavors!

The place is located quite centrally, in the Università area, a few meters from Via Toledo. Their specialty is pasta dishes; They have quite a variety for about €10 each.. If you love carbonara as much as we do, you won’t regret ordering it!

Of course, keep in mind that they do not have uninterrupted service and that they close on Sundays. The rest of the days they usually open from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

5. Osteria Il Gobbetto, one of the best places to eat cheaply in Naples

This little one osteria It is also a family business, something very common in Italy. The mother is the one in charge of cooking (and how she cooks!), while the father and son are in charge of customer service. Starting with the food, they make you feel at home since the treatment is also exceptional.

If you don’t know what to choose, They are the first ones who will advise you based on your tastes. Let yourself go and enjoy this restaurant. Don’t worry about the price, The dishes range between €6 and €12. And the best of all, is that they have a lot of variety: from pasta dishes, to meat, fish and delicious salads. Definitely, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Naples.

6. Tandem

This small franchise has some locations in Naples, most of them very well located. And it’s the best place to eat ragù in Naples! Don’t be surprised, because they have already won several awards. You can eat a hearty plate of pasta ragù for only €6. It’s excellent! Most dishes use this stew, although they also have a slight number of options if you prefer other dishes. Although we recommend going there if you just want to try the ragu!

If you don’t want to eat this specialty, better go to another restaurant. Plus, they also have vegan and vegetarian options. It is a very complete restaurant where you can eat well and cheaply in Naples!

7. Pizzeria 400 Gradi, one of the best pizzas in Naples

Neapolitan pizza is one of the italian foods most international in the world. And she was born in Naples! So We will not tire of recommending pizzerias in this article about the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Naples.

This is a typical family pizzeria where the food is very good. The place is simple, but they have quite a variety of pizzas from €5 to €9 approximately. Plus, they also have fried pizza! It’s not the best pizza in the city but if you want to eat cheaply in Naples you won’t need more. You’re going to love it!

8. La Masardona

If you want to eat one of the best fried dough pizzas in Naples, Masardona is perhaps the ideal place. Although it is not located in the best neighborhood of the city (near the station) and lacks the fame of the previous ones, it is a place that is worth it. For less than €5 you can eat one of their delicious fried dough pizzas. The negative is that, apart from fried dough pizzas, they don’t have many other alternatives, so you have to be convinced of what you are going to eat.

If you are planning a train excursion and need to eat something while traveling, buying one of these pizzas to go is a great option. As you can see, eating cheap in Naples is very, very easy.

9. Trattoria Da Nennella, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Naples

We have put few trattorias on our list, but Naples is the city of pizza! They usually have a very good menu that only costs €12 (starter, main course, dessert and drink). If you want the €15 one, it includes a antipasti. And if you are not very hungry, you can opt for a single dish, which will cost you €8.

The most curious thing about a restaurant is that perfectly reflects what the city is: The food is very good, but the best thing is to hear the screams of the kitchen and the waiters, who convey the chaos of Naples to you. Don’t miss it, because despite everything, it is a great restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Naples.

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10. Antica Pizzeria Di Matteo, a very famous restaurant where you can eat well and cheaply in Naples

Finally, We don’t want to leave this classic on our list of restaurants to eat in Naples. If before we reviewed that Maradona was in Da Michele, Bill Clinton, former president of the United States of America, ate at Di Matteo.

Although they say it with pride and attract many diners for that milestone, their pizzas are good. Regarding the price, nothing to worry about: For less than €10 you eat with a drink. In fact, you have pizzas from €3! The negative point is that they only serve pizzas. But we assure you that after trying them, you will not want to eat anything else!

eat cheap in Naples
Naples, the city of pizza and…Maradona!


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