Eat cheap in Marrakech It is sucked and if that were not enough it is finger-licking good. Morocco is a country with beautiful placesIt’s lucky that it’s a cheap destination. But during your route through morocco You cannot fail to discover the delicacies of Moroccan gastronomy. get ready for eat tagines, pastilles or Moroccan salads all the time. Of course, you should check the restaurant very well before choosing it. We tell you the 10 best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Marrakech.

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1. Kui-Zin, one of our favorite restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Marrakech

Kui-Zin should definitely top our list of restaurants where to eat well and cheap in Marrakech. It is located in the Medina and It is a great choice for its prices, location and dishes. The restaurants in Marrakech will surprise you with the beautiful terraces where you can relax and eat delicious food. This one has a very nice one with a great atmosphere. But Their strength is the variety of food they offer and the value for money.

The funny thing is that they have all kinds of dishes: from Italians to Moroccans. You will find prices from €6 and if you want them more elaborate for about €8 or up to €15. The dishes are very good, so it is worth refueling here. We recommend going to Kui-Zin at night: the atmosphere is fantastic, with music on the terrace. Without a doubt, one of the best options where to eat cheap in Marrakech.

A delicious dish of orange lamb at Kui-Zin, a great option for a cheap meal in Marrakech

2. The Gazelles canteen

La cantine des Gazelles is one of the classic restaurants in Marrakech. It’s a safe bet, you won’t be disappointed! You can ask yourself a menu for 95 dirhams (approximately €9) which, although it does not include a drink, is really good. If you prefer to order a la carte, don’t think that the bill will be super high, Two people can eat perfectly for about €15. Its location is unbeatable because it is relatively close to the square. It will save you from some trouble!

We advise you to book in advance as it is usually full at peak times. If there is one dish you should try, it is the tagine des Gazelles. The rest of the food is varied: they have sandwiches, typical dishes from the country’s cuisine, as well as pizzas and salads. Do not miss it!

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3. Amal, a supportive place to eat cheap in Marrakech

Did you know that at Amal the money from your purchases will help someone else? This is one of the most special restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Marrakech. The place is super affordable and the best news is that Your money will go to a non-profit association which is responsible for training the most disadvantaged women finding work in restaurants. It is a very important and noble cause!

There they prepare all types of cuisine, whether Moroccan or international dishes. Amal is near the Majorelle Gardens so you can go to the restaurant after your visit. It’s a good and supportive restaurant, so it cannot be missing from our list of places where to eat cheap in Marrakech.

Tips to save money in Marrakech

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4. Bazaar Café, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Marrakech

Bazaar Café is a complete restaurant! It has very good food at reasonable prices, you can order a menu with 3 courses for 95 dirhams (approximately €9). Or if you prefer to opt for a dish from the menu, there is a little bit of everything, from Moroccan cuisine and also other cuisines. But what really gives this restaurant an extra point is its spectacular terrace with magnificent views. You can not lose this!

We ordered the lemon chicken tagine and it was luxurious. Bazaar Café is, Without a doubt, a good restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Marrakech whether you want to taste local or international food. And to finish your meal with the cherry on the cake, we recommend Try the mint or rose ice cream for dessert. It’s finger-lickin’ good!

eat cheap in Marrakecheat cheap in Marrakech
Bazaar Café’s delicious lemon chicken

5. Mamma Mia

If you are not staying in the Medina and are looking a restaurant where you can disconnect from local cuisine, then you can go to the modern area of ​​Marrakech. The Mamma Mia restaurant is located here, from the name you can already guess that it is Italian. The food is very good and at affordable prices.For example, you can order a simple pasta or a normal pizza por 80 dirhams (8€ approximately). Although there are also more elaborate and more expensive dishes.

Overall, the restaurant is modern, has a great atmosphere and the staff is quite friendly. We definitely recommend it, even if it is a bit far if you are staying in the Medina. The Mamma Mia restaurant will make you Travel to Italy mentally!

6. Late Burger

Another alternative to vary a little from Moroccan food is Kech Burger. Also located in the modern area, it offers good quality fast food at extremely affordable prices. The simplest and cheapest burger costs €4. Plus, they are all organic and fresh, nothing compared to McDonald’s, which can even cost you more. Although the place is small, it is cozy. Without a doubt, we believe that it is one of the best options for cheap food in Marrakech.

7. Roti D’or

Of all the cheap restaurants in Marrakech, This is the one that breaks records with its prices. Can you imagine eating delicious dishes from 3€? Yes, on the menu there is a shawarma for just 30 dirhams, even a hamburger, quesadillas and tacos for 40 dirhams, that is €4. Roti D’or is a good alternative if you want to save a few euros.

This is one of the cheapest restaurants in Marrakech. Luckily it is very well located, close to the Jamaa el Fna Square. Another advantage is that they offer a wide variety of fast food, ideal if you don’t want to waste too much time eating.

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8. Atay Café

At Atay Café you will not only eat delicious food but also with great views and an atmosphere. It is ideal if you want enjoy a wonderful romantic dinner. If you go at sunset time, we recommend you arrive early because the sunset with views of the Atlas Mountains is beautiful and the place can fill up quickly. There they serve Moroccan food, at a very good price. To give you a reference, you can eat tagines for approximately €8.

9. Snack Toubkal

This is a safe bet where to eat cheap in Marrakechespecially in Jamaa el Fna Square. Something we don’t recommend doing is eating at the food stalls in the square when the sun goes down. Several locals warned us that the food is usually not in the best condition and food poisoning occurs frequently. It is one of the main security problems when traveling to Morocco!

Of course, if you are looking for a practical restaurant where you can eat in the square itself, we advise you to go to Snack Toubkal. The quality-price ratio is not bad at all. The only disadvantage is that Snack Toubkal It is a super touristy restaurant, so you will have to line up and wait a bit for your turn. We only recommend it if you are in the square and don’t feel like looking for other options.

eat cheap in Marrakecheat cheap in Marrakech
Jamaa El Fna Square at dusk

10. Henna Art Cafe, an original place to eat cheap in Marrakech

We have reached the end of our list of restaurants where to eat cheap in Marrakech! Located in the heart of the city, Henna Art Cafe is a very original and authentic place. The place combines two typical things about Morocco: delicious food and henna tattoos. In reality, it is about an art gallery where they also work with quality natural henna. So if you want to see the tradition up close, this is a good option.

In addition, they have a restaurant where They serve traditional Moroccan dishes for very reasonable prices. Definitely, an original place to eat in Marrakech for less than €10. It is a very interesting place!


On this map you will find the location of some of the best places to eat well and cheaply in Marrakech.


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