Eating cheap in Berlin is easy. Germany It is not the cheapest country in Europe, but the reality is that prices in its capital are affordable. So there are many restaurants where to eat well and cheap in Berlin! If you don’t want to spend a lot, you can settle for a good currywurst, but if you want to taste traditional food in a good place, you will have many options. In this post we tell you the 10 best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Berlin.

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1. Vapiano, our favorite place to eat well and cheap in Berlin

We are in love with this one Italian cuisine restaurant chain. Although it is based in Hamburg, has many restaurants around the world. In Berlin it won’t be difficult to find one. They are in the most touristy places such as Alexanderplatz or Potsdamer Platz. You can eat a dish and drink for less than €10.

Apart from the low price, the special thing is that they make the food in front of you. You can choose from all kinds of pasta, pizza, salad and great desserts. The premises are very well decorated. Definitely, one of the best options where to eat cheap in Berlin. Our favorite.

With many options to choose from, Vapiano is always our first choice

2. Scheers Schnitzel, a local perfect donde comer schnitzel barato en Berlín

He schnitzel It is one of the star dishes of the typical german food. Normally, it is usually served in most traditional restaurants, but the prices are not friendly at all. The main advantage is that in this place you can eat a delicious schnitzel for only €7.90. Given! Additionally, the dish comes with some accompaniments.

If you are vegan, there is also a schnitzel for you, swapping pork for seitan. Definitely, one of the most interesting places to eat cheap in Berlin.

3. Flamingo, one of the best places to eat cheap in Berlin

It is not a restaurant as such, but rather they sell sandwiches, quiches and salads to take away.. But they also have a few tables in a very cute place, all things considered, where you can eat some of their specialties wonderfully. To give you a price reference, you will find salads from €6, sandwiches from €6.30 or soups from €8.50.

However, the most interesting thing is their daily menu for only €13.90. All their dishes are made with fresh ingredients and the service is very good. By the way, don’t forget to try their cakes and brownies, they are delicious!

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4. Burgermeister

This small burger franchise is a true icon in the city. They have a place under a bridge where the U-Bahn passes, which is the most famous. Although the location may not sound the most attractive, their burgers are delicious! They have several tables outside but they are usually full, so it is best to take your food to go and enjoy it in one of the city parks.

There are nine types of hamburgers, including a vegetarian one. Their ingredients are quality and they have a lot of original sauces such as mango and curry. Of course, don’t leave without trying their potatoes, from another world!

Regarding the priceburgers start at €4.90, Very reasonable prices considering the fame of the site. Definitely, a good place to eat cheap in Berlin.

5. Vedang, healthy fast food to eat cheap in Berlin

We highlight another small chain of fast food restaurants. But this is one of the most interesting in the city! They are menu is 100% “plant-based”, ideal for vegetarians or for people who want to eat healthy. They have quite a variety of burgers and the prices are really good. You can find them from only €6.20. Ideal for cheap eats in Berlin!

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6. Curry 61

You can’t leave Berlin without trying its most famous street food, he currywurst. And you must do it, in the most famous restaurant in the city! They have two stores, both in strategic locations, where they will serve you one of the currywurst most emblematic of Berlin. The combo that includes sausage and fries will only cost you €5.20. Who said eating cheap in Berlin was complicated?

Although his specialty is currywurst, they also offer other fast food options, including a vegan version of the sausage. Interesting!

eat cheap in berlineat cheap in berlin
And if not, you can always eat a good currywurst on the street!

7. Henne Alt Berliner Wirtshaus, one of the most interesting places to eat cheaply in Berlin

Their specialty is roast chicken with the typical potato salad., but also serves many other traditional dishes. With more than reasonable prices, it attracts a lot of people, so it is recommended to reserve a table. In fact, it is famous because John F. Kennedy ate there in 1963. Let’s see if you can find his signed photograph on the walls of the establishment 😉

So that you have a price reference, The house specialty, which is half a roast chicken, will cost you only €11.90. A more than reasonable price!

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8. Hamy Cafe, a Vietnamese restaurant where you can eat in Berlin for very little

In no big city can there be a lack of oriental food, in this case Vietnamese. During our Vietnam route We were amazed by the cuisine of that country. What stands out most about this restaurant is the excellent personalized attention of the owner.

But the most important thing: the food is very good for the price and there is a huge variety of Southeast Asian dishes. For only €6.90 you can try some of their delicacies. It’s really economical! Definitely, Vietnam I had never been so close to Berlin.

9. Maroush

Fancy Middle Eastern food? Lebanese food is one of our favorite cuisines. And also, it is a great option to save! In this place you can try delicious falafel or chicken sandwiches, among others, for only €5. Super cheap!

The bad thing is that the place is almost always full, but it is an ideal option to save.

10. Trumpet

And finally, to finish this gastronomic tour of Berlin, we are going to Mexico. In this fast food restaurant they make very good burritos and well priced. They also have typical South American dishes, such as quinoa or guacamole salads, all accompanied with a Coronita… who can resist? Furthermore, the place is very modern and we really liked it.

For sure, A highly recommended place to eat cheaply in Berlin. And the best of all is that it won’t be difficult for you to find a place, since Chupenga has up to five restaurants in the city.


On the following map you will find the location of the 10 best restaurants where you can eat well and cheaply in Berlin.


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