We all come back from travel with hundreds (or thousands) of photos on our phones and cameras. But, let’s not fool ourselves… the destination of these photos is usually the depths of the mobile phone reel, a computer folder or a hard drive. With a little luck, maybe you share some on your social networks. To prevent them from falling into oblivion, we propose 10 decoration ideas with travel photos for your most special moments to have prominence in various corners of your home. All of them are excellent options to give to your most traveling relatives or friends.


1. Print canvases with special moments

A classic when it comes to decorating the home: photo canvases. They give a lot of warmth to any room, bringing corners of the world full of magic to any room and filling it with beautiful memories. There are various sizes, they are mounted on a wooden frame, they weigh little and are very easy to move. Ideal for you if you are one of those who like to change the decoration of the home every so often. You can hang them on the wall or support them on a shelf.

decoration with travel photos
Venice is one of the most photogenic cities to create a canvas

2. Complement a world map with your photos

Another travel photo decoration idea is to buy a cork in the shape of a world map to fill it with your photos of each place. You can also add other souvenirs: boarding passes, tickets to monuments, foreign tickets, postcards… Much cooler than the classic rectangular cork!

3. Collage with travel photos

If you can’t decide on a single photograph to create a canvas, why not make a collage with several? It is a perfect option to fill in that wall or corner that looks a bit boring. You just have to choose different frames of the style you prefer and the different sizes for printing photos. You can even add a couple of small shelves to put souvenirs if you have space to complete the traveling collage.
A tip for choosing the distribution of the frames is to cut out cardboard with the same sizes, stick them with painter’s tape on the wall and try different combinations until you find your favorite before making definitive holes.

4. Make albums with your travel photos

There is the traditional option of filling an album with the developed photos, which we think is a great way to spend an afternoon reliving the trip while filling it. But if you prefer something faster and with a more professional finish, you can create digital photo albums. Choose covers in shades that fit your living room and voilà, new books for the coffee table! Seeing photos on paper and explaining travel anecdotes is one of the best plans when there are guests at home.

5. Create a puzzle, a perfect entertaining idea to give away

One of the most original travel photo decoration ideas is to create a personalized puzzle with the image of your choice. After spending a few hours of fun putting the pieces together, you’ll have a perfect keepsake to hang on a wall. Creating a personalized puzzle is also an ideal gift option. You can even use it as a resource to give away a surprise trip and that the lucky one has to make an effort to discover the destination.

6. Hang travel photos from a rope

Another way to display developed photos is to hang them on a string or strings on the wall. You can opt for a jute rope, a strip of LED lights, a strip with artificial leaves and flowers… there are plenty of options depending on the style you prefer!

7. Fridge magnets, a classic decoration idea with travel photos

There are tons of travelers out there who collect fridge magnets from everywhere they go, us included! It is a very simple way to bring a lot of joy to the kitchen. But… why buy a magnet from a souvenir shop when you can create a unique one with your favorite photo of each place you visit?

8. Calendar, decoration with travel photos for your office

Is your desk a little sad? Give joy with a calendar full of photos of your favorite trips, so you will work with more motivation.

9. Use your photos as wallpaper

Raise your hand if you have a traveling wallpaper on your phone! 🙋🏻‍♀️ You can extrapolate the idea to other screens in your house. For example, you can use your travel photos as a screensaver when the TV or computer goes to sleep. A very easy and free way to remember special moments.

10. Painting inspired by a special photo

We finish the decoration ideas with travel photos with a unique proposal. Transforming a photograph into a painting will make it even more special. You can order it from an artist with a style you like for your home. It’s even a cool plan to do with kids and let them reinterpret a photo in their own way and then frame the work of art. Either way, it’s a great gift idea for any travel lover.

Source: https://lostraveleros.com/ideas-de-decoracion-con-fotos-de-viaje/

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