With the use of technology, procedures are facilitated for travelers from all countries who are going to travel to Canada and want to save procedures at the airport.

Canada’s immigration authorities have a mobile app that provides modern assistance to travelers. It is available in French, Spanish and English and although its use was mandatory before the first of October, now it is left to the visitors’ choice. However, using it allows speeding up procedures, especially fiscal and tax procedures. Here we tell you how to obtain the CBSA statement.

we explain how to process the ArriveCAN In a few steps in this article, you simply fill out a form with contact and travel information, vaccination certificate and if you are experiencing a symptom related to Covid19. Although these data are no longer mandatory to provide, the authorities now ask that the CBSA (Immigration and Customs Declaration for the Canada Border Services Agency) be completed, which is in the same place.

How to get the CBSA statement.

This process applies equally to travelers from all countries who are thinking of visiting Canada. Having this at hand avoids spending long hours in airports once the respective flight arrives, which simplifies the experience and makes it more pleasant.

The airports where the service is available They are Vancouver (YVR), Toronto Pearson (YYZ) (Terminals 1 and 3), Montreal-Trudeau (YUL), Winnipeg Richardson (YWG) and Halifax Stanfield (YHZ). It is expected that in the coming months it will also be activated for Calgary, Edmonton, Billy Bishop Toronto City, Ottawa and Québec City.

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The functions of the CBSA statement

Using this digital tool allows foreign citizens make an advance declaration and send it in the 72 hours prior to the trip. Thus, when you arrive at immigration controls and the officers will have data related to your person. Specialists say that the waiting time is reduced by a third, which is why 30% of people already use it.

It is necessary to have the application downloaded on the phone or enter the corresponding web portal and be guided by the instructions that appear on the screen. When completing all the fields, a confirmation option will appear indicating that the system has processed the information. You will also receive an email message.

How to get the CBSA statement.

Steps to obtain the CBSA statement

what you need is Enter all the data that appears in the form. Of course, it is mandatory that the information you provide is real and that you do not lie, since that will bring you problems with the authorities and it is very likely that they will prevent your entry to Canada.

With the above clear, In the form you must include the passport number, which must be in force at the time of entering the country. Then, complete all the information requested by immigration and to finish, check the send box.

The date of the trip, upon arrival at the respective airport, you must scan your passport at one of the kiosks to send the final information or edit any data that has been incorrect. The last step is to give one of the officers the confirmation receipt that the system delivers.

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