You should know that staying in Geneva is quite expensive. It is the fifth most expensive city in the world and is difficult to find cheap hotels to sleep in Geneva. Like Paris, Geneva is divided into two parts, both interesting: the Rive Gauche and the Rive Droite, separated by the Rhône and Lake Geneva. We have selected the best areas and hotels to stay in Geneva. Furthermore, we leave you 25 things to do in Switzerland’s second largest city.

Our hotel in Geneva

During our stay in Geneva we stayed in the spectacular Hotel Bristol. We ended up delighted. It is located in the most convenient area of ​​Geneva: less than 5 minutes walk from the station and on the shore of Lake Geneva. The rooms are very nice and the breakfast is spectacular. We recommend it 100%!

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1. Grottes/Saint-Gervais, the most comfortable area to sleep in Geneva

Sleeping in this area is quite convenient if you want be close to the train station. In fact, we stayed here because We didn’t want to walk a lot with our suitcases. and because the train was ours transport in switzerland. And everything was a hit!

Grottes/Saint-Gervais is located on the Rive Droite and is considered the authentic center of the city. Perhaps it is the least touristy part of Geneva, but it has more facilities. For example, on the right bank of the Rhône there is the main station, the airport and some attractions such as the United Nations building.

We believe that this It is the best area to stay in Geneva because it is very practical. If you sleep in this district you can reach everything on foot and you will have the station just a stone’s throw away. Remember that the train from the airport to the main station is free!

While staying in Grottes/Saint Gervais has its advantages, on the other hand, It is not the cheapest area to sleep in Geneva. In fact, some of the most luxurious hotels in the city are located there. But also It has a wide hotel offer so you will find competitive prices.

Our recommendations in Grottes/Saint-Gervais:

Grottes/Saint-Gervais is the best area to stay in Geneva because…

✅ It is close to the train station and the airport
✅ You can easily move on foot wherever you want
❌ It is not the cheapest area to stay in Geneva

The Bristol Hotel, one of the best to stay in Geneva

2. Vieille Ville, a very charming area to stay in Geneva

To have a special stay we advise you to sleep in the Vieille Ville. This is the historic center of the city and happens to be the largest in Swiss. Es A real pleasure to walk through its streets and be amazed by its historical facades. And if you go at night it is much prettier. Just be prepared to climb some ramps!

This area will not leave you indifferent with its more than 2000 years of history. Many of Geneva’s tourist attractions are located in Vieille Ville. For example, the Cathedral of Saint Peter, the Molard tower, the Maison Tavel and beautiful squares such as Bourg du Four.

The historic center of Geneva is super cute and does not have many hotels. The few that exist are quite expensive. So, If you are looking for a cheap hotel to stay in Geneva, it will not be the best option. But if you travel to Geneva for a special occasion, you will fall in love with the streets of the Vielle Ville.

Furthermore, in this area you will find a lot of restaurants. Don’t leave Geneva without enjoying dinner with a good fondue and the best views!

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Best hotels in Vieille Ville:

Vieille Ville is the best area to stay in Geneva if…

✅ Are you looking for a special area to stay in Geneva
✅ You want to be close to most of the tourist places in Geneva
❌ There are no cheap hotels, they are all super expensive

stay in Genevastay in Geneva
The most beautiful street in the historic center of Geneva

3. Eaux-Vives, a very quiet neighborhood to sleep in Geneva

And If you are looking for tranquility and comfort, sleeping in Eaux-Vives is a great option. This neighborhood is located east of Vielle Ville, on the Rive Gauche. From there you will be very close to the main icon of the city, the Water Jet. It is an essential visit, we recommend you go below the fountain. It is spectacular to see the force of the water jet!

In Eaux-Vives you will also find interesting museums such as the Natural History Museum. The good news is that hThere is plenty of hotel options and prices are cheaper than in the city center.. Staying in Eaux-Vives is a great idea if you are looking for accommodation with great value for money.

Although Eaux-Vives is a little out of the way, you can walk to most places. Anyway, In almost all hotels they give you a free transportation card to get around the city. It is very helpful!

Good accommodations in Eaux-Vives:

Eaux-Vives is the best area to stay in Geneva for…

✅ Sleep in a super quiet area
✅ Have more hotel options with affordable prices
❌ It is a little away from the tourist area

stay in Genevastay in Geneva
The Jet d’Eau, the icon of Geneva

4. Pâquis, for the most party-goers

If you’re into going, then Pâquis is the best area to stay in Geneva for you. It is a very lively neighborhood located on the shores of Lake Geneva. Although it is a residential area, it also has many restaurants and an important commercial area.

But Pâquis is best known for partying. So if you want to sleep peacefully and without hustle and bustle, it would be better to opt for another area. Consider that Pâquis It is classified as the red zone of the city. There is prostitution there and it should not surprise you since it is legalized in Switzerland. And although Geneva is a very safe city, we recommend you be careful late at night.

The positive side of sleeping in Pâquis are the prices. Here are some of the cheapest accommodations to stay in Geneva. If you are young, on the move and looking to save, don’t think twice. In addition, you will have the “beach” right next door and in the summer months you will be grateful for it.

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Recommended hotels in Paquis:

Pâquis It is the best area to stay in Geneva if…

✅ You like to party and are looking for a nearby hotel
✅ Are you looking for a cheap hotel in Geneva
❌ It is the red zone of the city

5. Plainpalais, a smart area to stay in Geneva

And finally, The last area we recommend where to stay in Geneva is Plainpalais. It is recognized for its historic market. Since 1970, a super interesting market is held every Wednesday, Saturday and the first Sunday of the month. There you will find a little bit of everything: books, antiques, jewelry… and watches that could not be missing in Switzerland!

Plainpalais is close to the University of Geneva, so the atmosphere is quite lively in the area. At all hours! Besides, there are several cheap restaurants in the surrounding area and some places to party, especially on Medicine Street.

A big plus point for Plainpalais is the hotel prices. Is about the cheapest areas to stay in Geneva (taking into account the prices that are handled in the city). You can find hotels for about €100 a few meters from the city center.

Additionally, there you can visit the Museo Patek Philippe, one of the most interesting in Geneva. As a curiosity, the ashes of Jorge Luis Borges are buried in the neighborhood cemetery.

Our recommendations in Plainpalais:

Plainpalais It is the best area to stay in Geneva because…

✅ It is the cheapest area to stay in Geneva
✅ It is close to the city center
❌ It is not a completely quiet area to sleep


Below, we will briefly answer a few questions as a summary. If you have any other questions, write us a comment.

What is the cheapest area to stay in Geneva?

Plainpalais and Pâquis are some of the cheapest areas to stay in Geneva. Although you must consider that in itself, it is an expensive city. So you can get an idea of ​​what cheap means here. In Eaux-Vives you will also find decent prices on some hotels. Geneva is the fifth most expensive city in the worldso don’t expect to find free prices on accommodations either.

What is the best area to stay in Geneva for families?

If you travel with your family to Geneva, it is best to sleep in a quiet area. So we recommend you choose Eaux-Vives. Of course, you should consider that it is a little away from the tourist area, although it is easy to get there on foot. Besides, This area has a wide hotel offerwhich means that you will surely find variety of prices that fit your pocket.

Best area to stay in Geneva for special stays or honeymoons?

For those looking to spend a super special stay in Geneva, Vieille Ville will be the ideal option. Although in this case you should be aware that you will not find anything cheap in the area. And it is about the historical center of the city where most of the main tourist attractions are housed. You will have everything super close and it will be a real pleasure to walk through the beautiful streets of Vieille Ville.

What is the best area to stay in Geneva?

Definitely, the best area to stay in Geneva It depends a lot on what you are looking for during your stay. We sleep in Grottes/Saint-Gervais because it was the most practical since during our route through Switzerland We moved by train. But Eaux-Vives also seems like an excellent option to us since there are cheaper hotels and it’s still a good area. The only downside is that it is a bit out of the way. from the center, although you won’t have to suffer because you can easily get there on foot or by public transport.


On this map you will find the location of the best areas and hotels to stay in Geneva. From green to orange, from most to least recommended.


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