If you plan to travel to Huelva soon and are looking for good places to have a drink in Huelva you are in luck Huelva currently has a good handful of them where you can be very comfortable.

In one of the cocktail bars in Huelva

In this new post I will tell you the three places, bars or whatever you want to call them that are most fashionable right now in Huelva capital. You should know that it is a purely personal opinion, which shows those that I consider currently the most fashionable in Huelva to go for a drink, so if you wish to make a comment, please do so with enriching proposals.

Before listing them, you should also know that although they are bars frequented by people of all ages, they are mainly attended by people… let’s say… of a certain age (each one who thinks what they want, hahaha…). So, without further ado, I am going to tell you which are those 3 bars where you can have a drink in Huelva to feel comfortable and enjoy yourself to the fullest. You are ready? Let’s start!

Partying in Huelva
Beers in Huelva

Do not forget that the sunsets in the province of Huelva are among the best in the world. In the three bars of this post you can enjoy them to the fullest since they have as a backdrop the Odiel marshes. A good idea to enjoy the sunsets in Huelva is to book this boat ride on the Odiel at sunset.

1. We know each other

The Monajuana, or MonaJuana Beach Club, is revolutionizing the evenings of Huelva people who like to have a drink on the banks of the beautiful Huelva estuary, one of the places we recommend in our post what to see in Huelva. And I say revolutionizing the people of Huelva because every day there are more people from Huelva who come here in search of that desired drink or cold beer. And all this, accompanied by good ambient music or the concert that sometimes takes place here.

where to have a drink in Huelva
We know each other

But Monajuana is not just a place where to have a drink in Huelvabecause how they define themselves «They call us everything, but we are a restaurant«. The Monajuana not only has a large terrace bar and an area called “Zona Canalla” with a natural beach sand floor and a food truck to snack on let’s say more informal or international food. The Monajuana has a covered restaurant with views of the Ría de Huelva.

So now you know the first place to have a drink in Huelva, the Monajuana. It is located on the estuary promenade next to the new Fuente de las Naciones and in front of the Recre stadium, specifically here (link to google maps). Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

2. The Port Canteen

Well, the same thing that happened with MonaJuana happened with La Cantina a few years ago, specifically a few months before the happy COVID-19. It is a place that since then and until now is very fashionable in Huelva for a drink on its Lounge terrace also located next to the estuary. Of the three places that I mention in this post, it is the one that younger people go to.

Where to have a drink in Huelva
The Port Canteen

Although I recommend La Cantina for a drink (the subject of this post), you should know that it also has a restaurant whose food, according to them, “is a new concept in the gastronomic universe, from Huelva’s recipe book, more seafood, where fish and the freshly caught shellfish are the real stars”.

La Cantina del Puerto is very close to the Aqualon shopping center, specifically here (enlace a Google maps).

3. Mandala, the oldest place to have a drink in Huelva

The Mandala is one of the most popular sites where to have a drink in Huelva. Everyone knows it since it opened its doors back in 2007. I like this site so much that I included it in the post what to do in Huelva. I love going there with the last light of sunset! Its Mediterranean-style decoration with oriental influences will envelop you in a most exotic atmosphere.

Mandala to have a drink in huelva
An afternoon at the Mandala

Its location is privileged, specifically it is located in the highest part of the city, in the area called El Conquero, here (link to google maps). From there, the sunsets over the Odiel river marshes are exclusive.

You should know that there are also lively concerts and other performances that liven up the atmosphere. There are also monologues at certain times of the year, like this summer that we have just entered.

Where to sleep in Huelva

Huelva is a small city, not too touristy, so the hotel offer is fair. A good option can be stay at the Tartessos hotel for its good location. Another good option is NH Luz Huelva.

Do you know any of these three bars to have a drink in Huelva?

If you have been or plan to visit them, leave us a comment and tell us about your experience or expectations in Huelva. Thank you!

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