Taking care of the budget on a vacation does not have to be so difficult, find here options of “What can you do in Acapulco with little money?“, you’ll be surprised…

Acapulco is one of the classics to visit during vacation times, its location near large cities and its development in tourist services, make it a destination with a large influx of visitors.

But, how expensive is it to visit this beautiful city on the Mexican Pacific? Is it possible for a large family not to have to spend so much on their visit to Acapulco? How much fun can you have in Acapulco with little money? These are some of the questions we will try to answer.

What to do in Acapulco on a low budget?

La Quebrada and its Divers

La Quebrada is a cliff just over 40 meters high from where intrepid divers jump, an emblematic place in Acapulco that should be on your agenda of What can you do in Acapulco with little money?

The good thing about this activity is that it has several options when it comes to costs, so you can choose the one that suits you best according to your budget and interest.

There are those who choose to see the divers from the sea and pay for a tour to have the best views; the access alternative to the area closest to the cliff has a moderate cost of $100 for adults and $50 for children from 5 to 10 years old.

For those who cannot pay, it is a good option to find the best view from the bridge, on the road that goes to the Sinfonía del Mar Amphitheater.

What can you do in Acapulco with little money?

Traditional Zone, Pocket and Cathedral

A tour of Acapulco can accommodate any budget, a nice walk through the traditional area is always a good way to enjoy the charms of this beautiful city without having to spend more.

In the evening, the zócalo summons many tourists who walk around the place, there are several snack stalls, you can buy a drink and, if you are lucky, enjoy a show by street artists.

Before it gets too late, visit the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, considered a jewel of architecture, where different styles are combined that are reflected in the imposing interior, its dome and a façade that you will fall in love with.

Nearby, a few steps from the Acamar hotel, you will find the market, a highly recommended place to eat delicious food, buy sweets and find the most beautiful souvenirs of your trip, at a good price.

Discover Pie de la Cuesta

As part of this list of What can you do in Acapulco with little money? you have to add a visit to Pie de la Cuesta, located less than 20 minutes from the Acapulco zócalo.

You can rent a car or ask for the means of transport that take you there, your reward will be to enjoy an incredible day by the sea, on a beach with wide sandbanks from where you can admire the most beautiful sunsets.

The sea can be somewhat rough, ideal for surfers.

The good thing about this area is that it is quite quiet and you can relax at ease; You will also find beach clubs, ski centers that offer different water activities, some with swimming pools and other services to make the most of your day.

Be sure to visit the Lighthouse and go to the Coyuca Lagoon, where you can take a boat ride and learn why this area is known as Barra de Coyuca, you will love it.

What can you do in Acapulco with little money?

Visit Isla de La Roqueta

Although you may believe that it is an expensive activity, the truth is that it is not; The cost of going by boat to this beautiful island is approximately 50 pesos per person and they are really worth it.

For 100 pesos, round trip, it is a place that you will love; Another option is to get on the glass-bottom yacht that already costs a little more, around $200 pesos.

On La Roqueta island you can practice snorkeling and discover the beauty of the species that inhabit the sea; likewise, take time to discover the island and visit the museum that has no cost, just ask for voluntary collaboration and you will love it.

Going to the beach in Acapulco

Visiting Acapulco and going to the beach go hand in hand, it is an activity that is enjoyed and you do not necessarily have to spend a lot, you can manage to reduce your costs to what seems appropriate to you.

If the budget is very tight and you have a large family, the idea of ​​buying an umbrella and your cooler is not a bad idea, even if you have to carry a little, you can stock up on what you need to enjoy a whole day at the beach.

Likewise, even if you don’t do it every day, renting some lounge chairs and a palita next to the sea, a cost that is often returned to you in food and/or beverage consumption, is a pleasure that you can treat yourself to.

Here the trick is to analyze the areas of Acapulco, some will have beaches with slightly higher prices.

To give you an idea, some examples of prices are, in Playa Hornos the cost of renting a chair with an umbrella can be 100 or 200 pesos, depending on the location and number of people, but in Playa Hermosa the price goes up to 250 pesos per table and chairs rental

To have fun, on Majagua beach you can find the kayak and paddle board ride for approximately 600 pesos or you may be interested in the banana ride at a cost of 120 pesos per person.

It is worth clarifying that the prices mentioned are according to information based on data from the first half of the year 2023, they may vary by place and season.

What can you do in Acapulco with little money?

Tips to enjoy Acapulco without spending more

We add to this post “What can be done in Acapulco with little money?” some ideas that can be useful to take care of your travel budget in Acapulco.

We recommend you read our post about free activities to do in Acapulco, with many good proposals to get to know this beautiful destination with a cost of zero pesos.

On the other hand, the post about the areas of Acapulco is also good to consider, there you will have some recommendations of places to visit and what you will find in the different parts of the city, so you can organize yourself and decide which places you would like to visit .

We also have a post about what clothes to take to Acapulco, it may be interesting if you want to save on what you are going to spend for your suitcase.

And if you are going out at night, ask the local people what fun and low-cost options you could find, ask for different opinions, they will surely have a good proposal to have fun without spending so much.

Finally, keep in mind that the attitude and predisposition to enjoy and have a good time is the most important thing, Acapulco is an incredible destination and you will surely have thousands of things to do and enjoy regardless of whether you have a lot or little money.

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