10 essential places to see in Ibiza

In this article about what to see in Ibiza I will show you why it is one of the most visited islands in the Mediterranean. The fact that it has paradisiacal beaches and coves, good gastronomy, bucolic sunsets and a lively nightlife has made it famous throughout the world.

among the many essential places to see in Ibiza I recommend the following 10.

1. Dalt Vila, one of the best places to see in Ibiza

Yes, it is mandatory to visit the best coves and beaches in Ibiza and get to know its lively nightlife, but don’t even think about leaving Ibiza without visiting Dalt Vila, the historic center of Ibiza. Dalt Vila is an architectural treasure located in the mountains Puig de Vila from Ibiza.

10 essential places to see in Ibiza10 essential places to see in Ibiza

When you come to visit it, bring comfortable shoes as there are many steep slopes present in the place. Also bring plenty of water if you come in summer because the heat is overwhelming and above all, come wanting to enjoy the rich architectural heritage of the place. Don’t leave it to the last minute and come!

Maybe you can reserve one guided tour of Ibiza so as not to miss a single detail, or this Free Tour Gratis.

2. Beaches and coves of Ibiza, another of the 10 essential places to see in Ibiza

Las paradisiacal beaches and coves White sand and turquoise waters are the main presentation of this little piece of the Balearic Islands, where thousands of people from all over the world come every year. From among the best beaches and coves of Ibiza To visit I recommend the following and you can see them in the link.

  • The popular Salt Creek.
  • The secret Cala Saladeta.
  • Shocking Cala D´Hort.
  • By the color of its waters Cala Bassa.
  • For its romantic sunsets Cala Benirrás.
Cala Bassa, IbizaCala Bassa, Ibiza

3. Ibiza sunset

In Ibiza the sunsets are like a movie. To do this, it is best to go to some of its coves to see the sunset, among them, as I have mentioned previously, Cala Benirrás. It is without a doubt one of the 10 essential places what to see in Ibiza.

Sunset in Cala BenirrásSunset in Cala Benirrás

In Benirrás cove the natural environment is simply amazing, without a doubt, one of the best on the island of Ibiza. Here, an hour before sunset, especially on Sundays, the hippie drum rhythms as the sun sets behindthe finger of god“, as it is popularly known Head Bernard (the islet located in front of the shore).

If you have time and want to go to another cove on another day to also see the sunset, I recommend it. Cala D´Hort, another of the best beaches and coves in Ibiza. Cala D’Hort is a beach of about 200 meters that stands out for the exotic environment in which it is located, especially because in front of it are located the islets of Es Vedra y Es Vedranell.

10 essential places to see in Ibiza10 essential places to see in Ibiza

If you visit Ibiza on a romantic getaway to Ibiza You will love any of the beaches and coves you choose.

4. Visit a hippy market in Ibiza

Visit in Ibiza a Hippy Market It is something quite common. Las Dalias is one of the best known and therefore one of the most recommended. It is an oasis of color, peace, music… and flavor, since it has a couple of good places to eat. We ate here a delicious paella dish and a delicious sweet potato salad.

10 essential places to see in Ibiza10 essential places to see in Ibiza

Ah! Remember that here at the Las Dalias market you can buy that gift or detail to take home or give to your loved ones. Visit the official website to know the exact schedules and if you want you can book this trip to the hippie market picking you up at your own hotel.

5. Puig de Missa in Santa Eularia, a must-see in Ibiza

Although a visit to the town itself is recommended, the highlight of the coastal town of Santa Eularia is Es Puig de Massa, an area made up of the church, the cemetery, typically Ibizan houses and several museums. The fact that it is elevated on a hill gives great beauty to the entire landscape.

Puig Mass in Santa EulariaPuig Mass in Santa Eularia

Although Mass is another of the 10 essential places to see in Ibiza, you can also come and visit the town of Santa Eularia itself, especially its promenade, which is quite pleasant with its dozens of terraces. We stopped at one of them to have that beer we had been dreaming of a few hours ago, and it tasted great! You can reserve this free tour of Santa Eularia so as not to lose details of the town.

Puig Mass in Santa EulariaPuig Mass in Santa Eularia

6. Boat trip around Ibiza

One of the best ways to get to know the island of Ibiza, especially its coves and beaches, is through a boat trip, a very popular activity and therefore, one of the 10 essential things to do in Ibiza.

Ibiza boat tripIbiza boat trip

Among the most popular excursions in Ibiza are the boat rental without license, boat trip through the coves of Ibiza and the catamaran ride at sunset.

7. Partying in Ibiza

As I have already told you in each of the Ibiza articles, go partying It is one of the 10 essential things to do in Ibiza. I couldn’t recommend the best nightclubs or the best pubs, but I’m sure that a good handful of venues scattered throughout the city will delight those who want to party. It is said that among the most popular discos and party venues are Amnesia, Pachá, Privilege, Usuahia and Hï Ibiza.

Party in IbizaParty in Ibiza

8. Es Cubells, one of the essential things to see in Ibiza

Visit It’s Cubells It is another of our recommendations what to see in Ibiza. It is a small town in the south of the island that, as it is located on the cliff, the views of the sea are magnificent.

Es Cubells, IbizaEs Cubells, Ibiza

The entire life of the town revolved around one nice church whitewashed that preserves the traditional style of Ibizan architecture and is therefore the main monument that houses the town. Next to the church there are a couple of bars/restaurants and a park.

9. Approach Sant Antoni de Portmany in Ibiza

Sant Antoni de Portmany It is one of the main tourist centers what to see in Ibiza for their incredible sunsets (in it Sea Coffee sunsets are very popular) and for its parties (mainly on Calle de Santa Agnes) to which many come in costume.

Sant Antoni de Portmany, IbizaSant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza

Beyond the jaunty festivities, one of the essential places to visit in San Antonio is its endless promenade, quite a nice place to walk. There is located Colo’s Eggn, a monument in honor of the discovery of America. Another interesting place to visit in Sant Antoni de Portmany is the Paseo de Ses Fonts since most of the town’s shops and restaurants are concentrated there.

10. Visit the Ibiza Botanical Biotechnology (BIBO PARK)

It is a place that presents the ecosystems of Ibiza and Formentera in a unique and singular way. It is a new leisure and free time offer that adds to the portfolio of tourist products that Ibiza offers to its visitors, and that aims to raise awareness in a playful way about the need to conserve the endemic nature and ecological wealth of the island.

Ibiza Botanical BiotechnologyIbiza Botanical Biotechnology
Ibiza Botanical Biotechnology

The Ibiza Botanical Biotechnology is a multifunctional space dedicated to caring for the environment and disseminating biotechnology. It offers free guided tours in small groups adapted to the language of the visitors. In it, attention is drawn to the FIRST VEGETABLE PIANO IN THE WORLD capable of producing light and sound through interaction with humans. You can also walk through the salt flats and learn how they work, explore the flora of the different habitats of our islands, learn how a biological battery works and even relax in Plato’s corner.

11. Excursion to Formentera Island from Ibiza

Our last recommendation for what to see in Ibiza is curiously to visit a place that is not on the island. It is about going to the island of Formentera from Ibiza to see some of the beaches and coves that are understood by its 69 kilometers of coastline of surprising beauty, among them, Cala Saona or Ses Illetes. To do this, it is recommended that you have at least 4 days on your trip. If you have 3 days, the ideal is to stay in Ibiza to get to know the Ibizan universe well.

To go to Formentera from Ibiza you can opt for the following excursions:

How to get around to visit the 11 essential places to see in Ibiza

To visit Ibiza the best is rent a car. That way you can move at your leisure to get closer to its magnificent coves and beaches in search of its turquoise waters and the best sunsets. But also to get to know some of its hippie markets and small charming towns.

10 essential places to see in Ibiza10 essential places to see in Ibiza

Map with places to see in Ibiza

In the following map I indicate each of the places to see in Ibiza and that I mention in this article.

The best excursions in Ibiza

Where to sleep in Ibiza

Sleeping in Ibiza is not complicated at all because the hotel offer is very wide. If you want to sleep in Dalt Vila you can book the Eurostars Ibiza with fantastic views of the sea, the port and the city or the THB Los Molinos Adults Only which is on the beachfront. If you are looking for economical options take a look at the Hotel Torre del Mar, with an excellent quality-price ratio. And if you want to stay in the center of the island (like we did) you can stay in Can Vistabella Boutique Resortwhich you can reserve at this link.

Can Vistabella Boutique ResortCan Vistabella Boutique Resort

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