Going on a trip is an excellent way to get rid of all the stress of the week. However, traveling far is not always possible for reasons of time, money or logistics.

Taking a tour of a museum in your city or exploring nearby places is an excellent opportunity to be a local traveler. If the weather allows it, one of the best plans to enjoy with friends and family is to organize a picnic.

Ready? If you have decided to spend some time outdoors, enjoying the sun, good food and company, we share some things that you should not miss when organizing a picnic.

Where to go?

Unless the sky is falling with torrential rain that forces you to have your picnic at home or indoors, the ideal is to find a nearby park, forest or place with green areas (and that allows the entry of food).

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What to bring to a field day?

The clothes and shoes will be the best outfit in your outdoor adventure.

Health first. Whether near or far, sunny or cloudy, one of the main things to take care of is your skin, don’t forget the sunscreen! It is also important to carry some band-aids, in case you cut yourself.

Similarly, to protect yourself from the sun, a good spot would be under the shade of a tree or bring an umbrella.

To have better control of your space, a rug, tablecloth or blanket can be used to avoid sitting directly on the grass and protect the integrity of the food. You can also add a couple of cushions for more comfort.

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Gather your food and drinks in one place, a picnic basket will give you a more classic look.

Bring plenty of fluids and stay hydrated. Be careful, in some countries like Mexico you cannot drink alcoholic beverages in the streets.

Although the sky is the limit when thinking of an ideal meal for a picnic, the important thing is to bring simple foods, easy to transport and that are not greatly affected by heat, to avoid spoilage.

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Some snacks, sandwiches, fresh fruits, different types of cheeses, cold meats, cookies, popcorn, breads and cakes are an excellent menu for outdoor dining.

To have fun and hang out, they can bring a book, board games and even a ball to play with.

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