Uummannaq icegolf

The World Ice Golf Championship all started in Uummannaq, Greenland and the championship has been held there since 1997 in years with perfect ice conditions.

Set in one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes 600 km. north of the Arctic Circle golfers from across the globe travel to a hard and extreme tournament for the coveted title of The World Ice Golf Championship.

Uummannaq icegolf

Freezing glaciers and huge icebergs frame the course and continue to move slowly all year round – even in March the “green” is cut literally days before the event.


Playing golf on a frozen seascape is not the only task at hand. Coping with extreme temperatures, which can fall to minus 50º C with the wind-chill factor, challenges players both physically and mentally. Special kit is absolute essential. Other factors to consider are that the ‘green’ is white, the ball is fluorescent orange and there is the unlikely risk of losing a ball to a polar bear.

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