Whether because of its historical wealth, the grandeur of nature or its capacity for relaxation, there are several points on the planet that attract a large number of visitors.

How to choose a tourist destination? It’s a big question facing all fearless travelers, whether they’re those who embrace the adventurous spirit or those who will fly as a family for another kind of rest.

The choice becomes a complex resolution company, based on the huge variety of places, cities and natural environments available on the planet. Of course, one of the main motivations is to get to know these big cities, full of historical connotations and of current importance.

A large number of studies coincided in specific points that attract the greatest number of visitors, those places that receive thousands of tourists every year, who launch themselves into the wonderful activity of visiting and discovering must-see destinations.

Bora Bora, Society Islands

Bora Bora, Society Islands

French Polynesia is considered one of the most exclusive destinations in the world, one of those places that everyone wants to know, but its remoteness implies a large investment in transport and accommodation.

But that doesn’t mean that this island of Bora Bora brutally erupts in the brain for its beauty, with that mixture of mountainous topography and immense beaches, full of corals and that provoke a water so, but so crystal clear that it doesn’t seem possible or real. But this is.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

An explosive combination of white sands and the vast history of the Mayan people. In Playa del Carmen, these two divine factors combine, as you can play in the sun, swim for hours in the warm waters of the sea and also dive into the jungle to visit temples of this archaic civilization.

Claro que, como se tudo isso não bastasse, esta cidade, que se originou como uma vila de pescadores longe das luzes dos enormes hotéis all-inclusive, também oferece a possibilidade de tomar banho nos cenotes, aqueles poços de água naturais que são criados por a infiltração de rochas, cavernas e rios. 

San Martín Island

San Martín Island

Who has never heard the name of Saint Martin? This unconscious publicity derives from a real Eden. Another one of the islands in the Caribbean Sea, but not just any one, but one that captivates with its natural majesty.

In addition, this 87km piece of land has a fantastic legend. It turns out that one part has French influence and the other Dutch. They say that in the dispute between soldiers from these nations they agreed to settle each other’s area with a physical test, which consisted of running in opposite directions along the coast until they met in the middle. The most impressive thing about the fable is that the French had lured the Dutch representative with a feast the night before and so the Gallic portion is longer.


Located in mainland Central America, this magical country of Belize stands out, close to Mexico, but with many beauties that make it a spectacular destination. One of its islands, known as Ambergris Caye, has a wonder, the blue hole.

This rock formation on an immense coral generates a completely bluish surface, with more than a hundred meters of marine life, which attracts travelers from all over the world to practice scuba diving.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offer hundreds of attractions for travelers, mainly because of the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. This country consists of three islands, there is one that stands out, Grand Cayman, the largest island and very close to Cuba and Jamaica.

The transatlantic crossings religiously interrupt their march in that terrain so that tourists rush to the electronics stores. Of course, a few kilometers beyond the center there are huge beaches, where you can swim among stingrays and snorkel to see the corals.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Immersed in the center of Morocco, comes the city of Marrakech, which managed to surpass the country’s capital, Rabat, in interest and movement. The incessant bustle of its streets and the outlet in the immense Yamma el Fna square are enough stimuli to immerse yourself in this city.

The craft fair, which also features noisy street art, attracts visitors, who spend long hours strolling through the stalls marveling at fabrics, products and street food. In addition to the range of colors of its buildings, which builds a beautiful landscape.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Who doesn’t know Rio de Janeiro? Probably the most famous city in all of South America, it acquired enormous relevance due to its characteristics, and practically all Europeans, Asians and North Americans want to visit these beaches someday, and especially experience the wonderful carnivals in person.

Brazilian joy is perceived at every step and provides a perfect environment. Not to mention the well-known beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. The statue of Christ the Redeemer, over the years, has become one of the most viralized postcards on the planet. All this has Rio de Janeiro, which motivated, for example, Disney to make an animated film with its name, with an emotional story set in its territory.

Roatán, Honduras

The beaches are one of the main stimuli for tourists, most of them wanting a vacation in this natural environment, where the sea and sand create a perfect context for relaxation.

In this sense, all countries with access to the Caribbean Sea take the lead, and there is the island of Roatán, which is part of an archipelago of cayos in Honduras. One of the strengths of this paradise is linked to its reefs and marine life, which invites you to dive several meters into the water to enjoy all that beauty.

Orlando, United States

What kid doesn’t want to have fun at Walt Disney World? The immensity of the theme parks and their magical entertainment proposals make the city of Orlando a recurring destination.

Flights from a large number of countries land constantly to open the doors to this wonderful world, to the point that it is necessary to plan the visit several months in advance to guarantee entry to all parks.

Beijing, China

Another of the unavoidable places to walk in line with the points that receive the most visitors per year is China. Of course, this immense country, which has an extension of practically a continent, has several attractions such as the Great Wall, which is an impressive work.

Also in the Far East shines and dazzles the Forbidden City, that imperial palace located in the center of Beijing, which was part of the Qing dynasty. This wonderful architectural picture, which contains a mythical story, is made up of 980 buildings, nothing more, nothing less. The museum at this point houses millions of travelers a year.


The Caribbean, always the Caribbean. This region of Central America attracts tourists, due to its identity, the overwhelming power of the clearer and warmer sea, the white sands, the palm trees on the beaches.

The island of Jamaica has all those attributes that make it a popular tourist destination and is also spiced up by the magical story of Bob Marley and the birth of reggae, that musical style that conquered the world, its African roots and an exclamation of a lifestyle.

Dubai, UAE

Incredible from any point of view, this city is literally an integral creation of man, a consensual planning, an architectural and technological projection. This city was created on a desert, it seems, where there was a kilometer of sand and desolation, a metropolis rose, but not just any, but the most modern and eccentric in the world.

In these parts, travelers will find the tallest building on Earth, as well as the only seven-star hotel on the planet. All based on absurd investments. There they not only defeated the desert, they also defeated the sea and created a large number of artificial islands to create a bay in the Persian Gulf.

Istanbul, Turkey


Living, latent history, smelled at every step. Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures and, to top it off, is the only city in the world that is located in both Europe and Asia. The most famous city in Turkey has its territory divided by the Bosphorus Strait, which is the natural resource that was determined to divide the two continents.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Istanbul has the characteristic of having been the capital of four empires (Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman), that’s why it was known as Byzantium and also as Constantinople. Walking through its streets opens an imaginary portal between ancient times and today.

Cuzco, Peru

How wonderful! In the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains, the mysterious Machu Picchu appears, epicenter of the Inca civilization, hanging in the mountains. A hidden destiny, which contains an aura of enigma, and above all, a powerful energy. Of course, access to these ruins requires an effort, due to the inclement altitude and the winding and complex road.

Cuzco is the gateway to get close to all this majestic Inca culture, and it is the city to stay, and from there take excursions to enter the Sacred Valley, among other attractions. On the other hand, in the city center there are also many stimuli such as local markets and the cuisine so typical of those landscapes.

Phuket, Thailand

Another gateway to greatness in Asia is Thailand, a beautiful country to look to and with hundreds of attributes. And, especially, you have to book the island of Phuket, the largest in the country, which dazzles with its kilometers of beaches, which give the feeling of being practically perfect.

In addition to the emerald waters, this city offers a very vigorous center, with a varied gastronomic and commercial offer. In the Chalong area, there is an exquisite attraction, a giant Buddha measuring 25 meters, which stands out from the natural immensity and offers an unmissable viewpoint of all that magical environment.

Venice, Italy

Hundreds of thousands of images portray Venice, with its peculiarities, with those infinite canals and that unique essence of being a city set literally on water. That’s how hundreds of bridges that connect everything seem to be, making it a must to walk through all those alleys.

Not to mention taking a gondola, pushed by the arms of the locals, to take in that romantic air. As if that wasn’t enough, history is present at every step, with many places that date back to antiquity, with even traces of the passage of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Southeast Asia continues to attract fans, it is no exception, as this entire region generates enormous attraction, probably due to that gene of wonderful beaches and remnants of ancient civilizations. As well as the tranquility that floats in the atmosphere.

In Cambodia there is a very attractive city, Siem Reap, which in its bowels has ancient ruins submerged in dense jungles. In addition to the incredible Tonlé Sap lake, where the natives live in those improbable houseboats, which look like something out of a fairy tale.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona awakens passions, a real frenzy, to the point that they ensure that those who visit it are enchanted, stunned and fall into a kind of spell that pushes them to return, and even to settle down. The Catalan city contains endless stimuli, such as the most absolute modernity and an enviable historic center.

Architecture is a decisive factor, all of Gaudí’s buildings distinguish it, such as the impressive Sagrada Familia. Not to mention the offer of entertainment, with huge gastronomic spaces and the opening to the Mediterranean Sea, with a wonderful walk along the coast. Culture, outdoors, giant parks, art and many other qualities make this an essential destination.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Although it seems an odd course, this country has become a popular destination for travelers. Among its attributes, the coastal city of Hoi An stands out, which for years was the most important port in that nation. The colors that are everywhere, whether in the houses or in the ornamentation of the streets, distinguish it.

The epicenter of this city contains so many beauties and a mixture of cultures that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site, a differential that exemplifies the beauties of this corner of the world. A striking fact is part of the tradition of every 14th of each month, in which the public road is lit with lanterns instead of electricity lines.

Crete, Greece

It is impossible to resist the beauty of this island, with its delightful beaches, but above all because in these same lands Greek mythology was also born, which, incidentally, was the home of the god Zeus. This amalgamation of a heavenly destination to relax in the sun and its historical connotation make Crete an essential place.

Immersed in the fascinating Mediterranean Sea, this city has many attractions, such as those buildings that cling to the rugged terrain, with those houses so similar with a uniform but beautiful facade. In the early days of civilization, it was popularized as the island of olive trees, which are still valid in every corner.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Mystical, attractive and mysterious. Kathmandu captures with its stimuli, that crazy rhythm of society, which moves at an impressive speed in traffic with that swarm of bicycles, cars and motorcycles that seem to generate a whirlpool that engulfs passersby.

In these remote latitudes, travelers are encouraged to walk these streets and interact with the locals, who are overflowing with kindness and friendliness. But the proximity to the highest mountains on the planet also draws attention, as around the city there are eight imposing mountains over eight thousand meters high, with Everest as the main attraction.

New York, United States

What about the most famous city on the entire planet? It doesn’t take much detail to understand why New York is awash with tourists. Its lights, its technology, its cosmopolitan flair, its invasive advertising in hundreds of movies and especially the Statue of Liberty form an explosive combo.

This crossover of cultures, with the different neighborhoods specific to each country, also attracts and encourages you to walk these streets. Not to mention the well-known Central Park, with its length of kilometers. As well as the imposing buildings, which seem to struggle year after year to reach higher and caress the clouds. Even the least enamored of American idiosyncrasy yearns to land in this unique and overwhelming metropolis, which is considered the center of the world.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia has always been an attractive destination, since its genesis as the largest country in the world, to the point that its size represents 11% of the planet’s land. Furthermore, for all its qualities, such a different culture and an idiosyncrasy opposite to that of most countries.

St. Petersburg has some qualities that make it a much friendlier city, unlike Moscow, which is even more closed, with greater difficulty for visitors. The architecture provokes admiration, with those colorful temples and an admirable majesty. Furthermore, the link with the times of the tsars generates longings to live this experience.

Prague, Czech Republic

Every tour of the Old Continent has one item on the inevitable list, a magical city: Prague. In this city, the atmosphere of buildings from another era remains latent, but maintains an impressive cleanliness. It is thought that there is a possibility of finding a knight from the past centuries.

The narrow streets, with spontaneous layout, provide a mandatory walk, which leads to the central square of the capital of the Czech Republic. In this heart of the city shines the famous astronomical clock, an amazing work of art and at the same time a spectacular technological advance. In this place the term Bohemios was created, which derives from the Celtic people Boios.

Bali, Indonesia

Of course, it’s not all about Europe and its vast history, where modern civilization practically originated. Hundreds of wonderful corners crowd the planet to complete a journey of other characteristics.

The island of Bali stands out as one of the most chosen destinations across the planet. Those beaches with sand so white that its shine dazzles are one of its main attributes. But its dense jungles, with temples as old as they are precious, are also cravings. In addition, on that portion of land there are also volcanoes and rice fields and even lakes. All in the same place.

Rome Italy

Traffic chaos that mixes with dazzling buildings, with real vestiges of civilization. Traditional dishes, and extremely tasty, that intertwine with a city that shines.

Rome has all the attributes to generate a flood of travelers, who plunge into its recesses eager to experience the glory of the Roman Empire. Undoubtedly, the Coliseum stands out as a monument worth visiting and feeling that time has existed for hundreds of years. And not to mention St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, nothing more, nothing less, another site of hundreds of landmarks of humanity.

Giza, Egypt

Imposing and enigmatic. The human mind continues to delve into theories to explain such a work, of sidereal size, which dates back to more than two thousand years before Christ. The Great Pyramid of Giza will never lose its charm, that special condition for the inhabitants of the world to travel thousands of kilometers to live the experience of living it firsthand.

The construction in pure rock, almost 150 meters high, magnetizes, not only for its beauty at first sight, but above all for the secrets it keeps in its bowels. That’s why Cairo is home to millions of tourists a year who travel to Giza to immerse themselves in a trance at the foot of the pyramid.

Paris, France

Synonymous with love, romance, an atmosphere of pure feeling that encourages couples to entwine their souls. Paris is an icon of the planet, this emblematic European capital is known in every corner of the world.

Any human being who muster their savings considers this city an uncontrollable place, a destination to be visited. Of course, its gigantic offer makes it a very attractive place, or that it involves giving you several days of travel. Wouldn’t I like to climb the Eiffel Tower? Or the most famous monument on Earth. Not to mention Notre Dame or the impressive Louvre museum. Of course, this airport fires with flights that land on that runway.

London, England

One of the most transcendent capitals in the world, both for its importance in major decisions and for its extreme beauty. The streets of London fall in love with this variety of stimuli ranging from old buildings to hypermodern skyscrapers.

The peculiarity of the cars that circulate on the left or those double-decker public buses, and the angry red ones, or those very spacious and old-fashioned black taxis generate admiration in visitors. Plus all the historic spice, like Big Ben, not to mention Buckingham Palace and those tall-hatted guards guarding the entrance.

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