Pozole is a typical Mexican dish and very popular to eat during the national holidays, although it can also be eaten at any time of the year.

So on this occasion, we share some curious facts about this delicious Mexican dish.

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It is a pre-Hispanic dish, it was created by the Mexicas between 1325 and 1521.

The word pozole comes from the Nahuatl pozolli which derives from potzonalli y apotzontli which mean frothy or frothy.

For the Mexicas, it was a ceremonial dish dedicated to religious festivities.

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It is prepared with cacahuacintle corn, which resembles a cocoa bean.

Cacahuacintle comes from the Nahuatl cacahuacintli, which is made up of cacahuatl, which means cocoa, and centli, which means corn.

The Mexicas ate it with the meat of the defeated warriors during the ceremonies in honor of the god Xipe Tótec.

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Today it is eaten with pork, chicken, seafood, fish, or beef.

There are three classic styles: red, white and green.

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