Exactly in 1939 the Smirnoff vodka company was in a complicated situation, about to declare bankruptcy, when Mr. John Martin, bought the rights to the company, in order to profit from the distribution of the drink of Russian origin.

In parallel, his friend Jack Morgan, who owned a pub called Cok ’n’ Bull, which was located in Hollywood, pursued the goal of launching his own ginger beer.

Both Martin and Morgan were struggling to sell their products. Morgan already had a large supply of ginger ale in his pub and wasn’t quite sure what to do about it.

Meanwhile Martin was called insane for trying to sell a product of Russian origin on American soil. Since the context at the time was not favorable due to the Cold War.

Perhaps now you are asking yourself, “How was this issue resolved?”

Remember that at the beginning of this article we said that this story had a touch of luck? So, this is when a woman comes into the picture and makes all the difference. Her name is Sophie Berezinski.

She was responsible for creating the design that made the Moscow Mule even more famous. The name of the drink was chosen precisely because of its Russian origin.

Miss Berezinski was the heiress of a copper factory in Russia, where beautiful copper mugs were produced. However, despite having a quality product, sales were going from bad to worse.

That’s when Sophie’s father – convinced that the United States was a land of endless opportunities – decided to send his daughter to the country, taking 2,000 units of copper mug with him, so that she could sell them.

In the beginning, Americans were not interested in copper mugs at all, Sophie had great difficulty selling her wares. Her house was filled with mug boxes, so full that her husband threatened to throw them away in case Sophie couldn’t sell them quickly.

Stubborn, believing she could make her sales, Miss Berezinski knocked on every door in Los Angeles in order to find people interested in her copper mugs.

On one of her walks around town, she ended up knocking on the door of Cock’n’Bul and luckily, on the very day Morgan and Martin were discussing the direction they would take to solve the problem of selling their drinks.

From this meeting, exactly in 1941, Jack, John and Sophie joined forces to create what we know today as Moscow Mule, a drink full of taste and history. This trio managed to make the perfect union. Vodka, ginger beer and the copper mug that allows the drink to stay cold longer.

Let’s go to the recipe now!

Moscow Mule Cocktail

Recipe by caion


Prep time


Cooking timeminutes

To make your Moscow Mule Cocktail, you will need only 3 ingredients. Follow the preparation instructions.


  • Vodka

  • Ginger beer

  • Lime


  • Squeeze the lime into a tall glass – or copper mug – then drop the it into the bottom of the glass.lime in glass
  • Fill the glass with ice then add 1 shot of vodka.shot of vodka
  • Now grab your favorite ginger beer and fill to the top of the glass.ginger beer
  • Your Moscow Mule Cocktail is ready!Moscow Mule

Recipe Video

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