For most visitors, Kangerlussuaq is their first encounter with Greenland. Kangerlussuaq is surrounded by scenic landscapes and an abundant, distinctive animal life. On “safaris”, you have an opportunity to see some of the 3,500 musk oxen that live in the region, and with luck you may also see arctic foxes, polar hares, reindeer, gerfalcons and other beautiful birds.


Kangerlussuaq offers you options not found in many other places in Greenland, like an indoor public swimming pool, a sauna, whirlpool, sunbed, 18-hole golf course and mini-golf – there is no denying that Kangerlussuaq was once a US military base. The recreational activities are well-organised, and you can rent cycles, mopeds, horses and cars.

Kangerlussuaq city

Fishing trips by helicopter are among the unusual offers in Kangerlussuaq. You can also take a jeep or helicopter trip to the inland ice cap and experience how it ends in a 40 to 50 metre vertical wall of ice – a rare, magnificent sight. The region is a good place to search for precious stones and also offers an excursion to a beautiful waterfall. If you only have time to visit one place in Greenland, you can probably experience more at Kangerlussuaq than anywhere else.

Kangerlussuaq Airport
Kangerlussuaq Airport

Today, Kangerlussuaq has Greenland’s busiest airport and is more an area of transit than a conventional Greenlandic town. Therefore, it goes without saying that domestic flights are also available here. Sisimiut and Ilulissat are not far away, and a trip to Nuuk is easy to arrange.

Calender for Kangerlussuaq:

 Midnight sun           
 Dog sled trips        
 Sea travel        
 Helicopter flights 
 Skiing trips        
 Whale safari 
 Aver. temp.-24-25-18-113101283-7-8-17


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