French Interior Minister Gérald Dermanin announced that free tickets to attend the opening of the Paris Olympic Games can only be obtained through an invitation from the French State, public authorities or the organizing committee.

During his hearing before the Senate Law Commission, Dermanin pointed out that “plan b” will be implemented for the opening of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which means that the 222,000 free places that will be on the Seine River will be available at through an invitation and not through registration, as previously planned.

This change is made for security reasons, noted Gérald Dermanin.

In fact, this is not the first change that has been made for the inauguration, since originally the attendance of 600,000 people had been planned, it was later reduced to 326,000, of which 104,000 would be paid places and 222,000 in free places with prior registration.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the election of the invited people will be delegated to “trusted third parties”, such as the State, the Region, the departments and the cities of Île-de-France hosting the Olympic Games, in addition to the Organizing Committee .

Those selected will have a QR code that they must present on the day of the event to enter, as well as an identification.

Without a doubt, this news is not very good for those who were planning to look for a ticket for the inauguration, since the organizing committee had planned for this event to be open to everyone, although according to Gérald Dermanin, this action was done to guarantee the safety of attendees.

Furthermore, the official assured that this change is not to punish travelers and locals, and that the games remain open to everyone.


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