The Greek salad (in Greek: χωριάτικη σαλάτα) is a salad made in Greece with the characteristic ingredients of this country.

The original salad is made from tomato, cucumber, pepper and red onion, all with salt, black pepper and oregano and dressed with olive oil. To all this are added pieces of feta cheese, capers and kalamata olives. Lettuce, despite what most people think, is very rare in Greek salad. There is a variant of salad called μαρούλι, “lettuce”, instead of salad and it is very different. It consists of lettuce, spring onion and fresh dill, all dressed with olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice.

Learn how to make your Greek Salad with this simple and easy recipe!

Greek Salad

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A staple in Greek cuisine, this recipe is probably one of the most well known outside Greece.
There are many variation of this recipe as there are Greek islands.
In Greece, the salads are always freshly prepared, so they don’t lose their vitamins.
Also, they are usually served in a large bowl where everyone can stick their own fork in order to pick their favourite item.


  • Olive oil

  • Red wine vinegar

  • Dry or fresh oregano

  • Kalamata olives

  • Chopped parsley

  • Goat feta

  • Sliced blanched carrots

  • Diced green bell peppers

  • Diced tomatoes

  • Seeded and diced cucumber

  • Diced red onions

  • Diced fennel


  • Place the diced, blanched fennel in a large bowl.
  • Add cucumber, the white or red onions- diced, the sliced blanched carrots, the green bell peppers-seeded, the diced tomatoes- without the core, the herbs-oregano and parsley, the olives.
  • Add Olive oil, the red wine vinegar.
  • Season with salt, not too much because the goat feta is pretty salted, so be careful.
  • Add Pepper, quite a bit though.
  • Add the goat feta. Break it into pieces, crumble it.goat feta
  • Toss together.toss
  • Reserve the salad refrigerated until you serve it.
  • Your Greek Salad is ready!Greek Salad

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