The margarita is a cocktail made up of tequila, triple sec, and lime or lemon juice. It is often served with salt on the rim of the glass. The drink is served shaking the ice (with ice), mixed with ice (frozen margarita), or without ice (side up). Although it has become acceptable to serve a margarita in a wide variety of glass containers, ranging from cocktails and wine glasses and even large schooners, the drink is traditionally served in the margarita glass of the same name, a stepped diameter variant of A cocktail glass or flute of champagne, something like an inverted hat.

Check out a Frozen Margarita recipe that is great!

Frozen Margarita

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Today I’m sharing a recipe with you for one of my favourite drinks, a frozen margarita.
It’s a very refreshing cocktail and really easy to make at home, you just need a blender.


  • 60ml / 2 oz Tequila

  • 30ml / 1 oz Triple Sec

  • 90ml / 3 oz Lime Juice

  • Ice


  • Cut the lime in half and either squeeze it by hand of use a citrus juicer.
  • Pour some of the lime juice into a bowl wide enough to fit the rim of your glass.
  • In another bowl add salt of your choice.
  • Take your margarita glass and place it into the lime juice. Twist it around to make sure the top of the rime is completely covered.margarita glass
  • Drain the glass by lifting is up until no more drips fall.
  • Without turning the glass over place it into the bowl with the salt. The salt should stick very easily, just twist the glass around to make sure it is evenly covered.margarita glass at salt
  • In a blender add a handful of ice. At this point less is more because you can always add more at the end to change the consistency of the margarita.
  • Choose your favourite tequila and add two parts to the blender.
  • Add one part triple sec which is an orange flavoured liqueur.
  • And lastly three parts lime juice.
  • Place the lid of the blender and turn it on until the ice is blended. At this point you can check the consistency. If the margarita isn’t as frozen as you like, just add more ice.blender
  • To garnish the margarita I am using a slice of lime. Slice it down the middle and twist.
  • Fill your glass with your frozen margarita, garnish with the lime twist and enjoy.
  • Your Frozen Margarita is ready!Frozen Margarita

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