The baklava, baklawa or baclava is a cake made with a paste of crushed pistachios or walnuts, distributed in a filo dough and bathed in syrup or honey syrup. There are several varieties that incorporate hazelnuts and almonds, among other nuts.

It was one of the most popular sweets in Ottoman gastronomy, it can be found under different names in Turkish, Iranian and Arab gastronomy, as well as in other countries of the Levant, the Maghreb, Greece, the Indian Subcontinent and the Balkans.

Learn how to make a great Baklava recipe!

Baklava (cake with walnuts)

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To make your Baklava perfect, use these ingredients from the list and follow the step-by-step preparation mode.


  • 1kg (10 cups) walnuts

  • 400g (1 3/4 cup) sugar

  • 6 tbsp bread crumbs

  • 1 kg (35oz) phyllo dough

  • 500 (2 1/4 cup) melted butter

  • 800g (4 cups) sugar

  • 800ml (3 1/3 cups) water

  • 1/2 lemon


  • Chop 1kg of walnuts;chopped walnuts
  • Add 400g sugar;
  • Add 6 tbsp bread crumbs;
  • Mix;mixed walnuts
  • Brush melted butter into a mold;brushing butter
  • Add 1 phyllo dough;
  • Brush melted butter;brushed phyllo dough
  • Repeat this process with 2 more phyllo dough;
  • Cut the side remnants;side remnants
  • Spread walnuts onto every 3rd sheet;
  • Add melted butter;Add melted butter to walnuts
  • Repeat the process;
  • Finish off with 3 sheets;
  • Cut before baking;cutting
  • Bake it 1h and 20 min in preheated oven at 180℃ / 350℉, or until tops are golden brown;
  • In a pan on the fire, add 800g sugar;
  • Add 800ml water;
  • When it boils, take it off the heat;boiling
  • Add few lemon slices to the syrup;lemon slices
  • Slowly pour cool syrup over hot baklava;
  • Let baklava sit 4-6 hours or overnight at room temperature for the syrup to penetrate and soften the layers;sugar, water and lemon
  • Your Baklava is ready!Baklava

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