A new season of our Hello World podcast begins… and there are seven. As always, we change the format and turn everything upside down. On this occasion, we are going to take a very sensory journey based on the sound maps of the places and moments that we find ourselves.

What does Stockholm sound like? How do you hear the noisy silence of a Norwegian forest? How do the bars in Hamburg sound?

Although there is some resemblance to the fifth season, it has nothing to do with it. In that one it was a sound travel diary in which we told you about our trip by van to Slovenia from the inside, on this occasion, we are spectators. We tell you what we see and we bring you and draw the sounds so that you can imagine yourself there.

We start with Amsterdam. A city for which we have had to make two programs because in one, we did not fit so much sound. This first would be “the typical visit” of four days. We’ll get into…

  • Amsterdam Central
  • Canals and 9 streets
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Museo Van Gogh
  • Flower market
  • canal cruise
  • Albert Cuyp Flea Market
  • The Red Light District and Coffee Shops
  • Anne Frank House

here the podcast

Listen to “Amsterdam and its Sound Maps (Part One) – 1×7” on Spreaker.

here the vpodcast

We hope that this new format touches you deeply and that you feel like you are traveling in each program. That’s the idea. If you like it, share and give word of mouth. Don’t stay with the desire and subscribe on your favorite platform: subscribe on your favorite platform: apple podcast, ivoox, spotify, castbox, google podcast or YouTube. You really help us to continue doing it more than you think.

canals amsterdam

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amsterdam something to remember

If you are still there reading, it is because “you want more”. Perhaps you may also be interested in seeing some of our traveling short films and documentaries:

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Oh, we have several traveling books: “Something to remember traveling with a backpack”, “Something to remember traveling with a baby” and Traveling Silly.

Until the next show!


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