In practically all the countries of the world, renting a vehicle for local transportation, and even between countries, is quite popular. It is a more comfortable way to get to some places, where other forms of transportation are scarce, and it gives you the freedom to move as you please.

For every traveler, however, it is quite a challenge to acquire the necessary documentation to be able to drive in the foreign country in which you are, since local driving licenses normally carry a protocol that includes driving studies, fees, times waiting and other types of documentation that it is not convenient to obtain if you are only traveling for tourism or business.

Don’t worry! Now you can obtain an international driving permit, which gives you the opportunity to save hundreds of paperwork and be able to drive your vehicle or rental vehicle, regardless of borders.

What is an international driving permit?

The International Driving Permit, also called PIC, allows you to legally drive a vehicle in 150 different countries around the world, thanks to its international character and existing agreements with the United Nations.

The permit is a document that contains your name, photo and other relevant data that you have to drive a vehicle, which are translated into 12 languages. It is valid for one to three years and its approval is instantaneous, with which you can drive your vehicle freely and without barriers wherever you are.

How to process the permit?

driving permit

Obtaining the document is not difficult, and you can do it online from any computer or cell phone. First you must go to the official website of the International Drivers Association and follow the following steps to carry out your procedure:

  • Complete the requested forms, together with your driver’s license and the address to which your PIC should be delivered.
  • Have a valid identity document, which you must attach as an image with your driver’s license.
  • Wait for the approval of the system and ready, the approval of your PIC will be immediate.
  • Cover the necessary fees for the issuance of the license.

Obeying local traffic laws

international driver's licenseinternational driver's license

As you could see in the previous point, it is very easy to obtain the license, however you must follow the local traffic regulations of the place where you are, this means that you must meet the requirements of age, safety, speed limits, the driving style, etc.

A basic example is that in the United States the minimum age to drive a car is 16 years, while in Mexico it is 18 years. However, in this two united, one can rent a car until the age of 21. Therefore, you should investigate the local traffic regulations, regardless of having your international driving license.

Within the same web page, it gives you a guide on the local driving regulations that exist for the various countries in which the international driving license applies, as well as the regulations that apply.

Countries in which the PIC applies

There are many countries in which you can access an international driving permit, that is, approximately 3/4 of the member countries of the United Nations Organization. Among which are practically all the countries of Europe, Oceania, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. If you have any questions to see if the country to which you are going to travel is a valid international driving permit, you can communicate via chat on the site.


Through the use of a PIC, you will be able to drive a vehicle in practically any country in the world, so that you can move and travel to the destinations you want, as well as meet your tourism or business expectations. You can also rent various vehicles around the world and not worry about the administrative paperwork on driving, since you have a valid license that guarantees your ability to drive. So you can travel and drive freely to the place you need and spend time on your business.


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