Eat cheap in Frankfurt it’s not complicated. Although you don’t eat as well and cheaply as in Spain, it is possible to find good and cheap restaurants. Frankfurt is a super modern city where you will find places that serve dishes from all the cuisines of the world. So basically, you can eat whatever you want. In this post we tell you 8 restaurants where eat well and cheap in Frankfurt.

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1. Vapiano, our favorite option for cheap eats in Frankfurt

In any big city in the world, especially in Germany, you can never miss a Vapiano. If you have ever read us, you will know that we love this chain of restaurants in Italian cuisine. It was precisely born in the Germanic country at the beginning of the century and thanks to its delicious pasta dishes He has opened more than 200 restaurants around the world.

We love it because it works pizzas and pasta dishes for €10 or less. Plus they prepare them right in front of you. You choose the type of pasta, the sauce and you personalize it. In Frankfurt there are two stores, both well located. Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants where eat cheap in frankfurt.

Vapiano, a great option for cheap eats in Frankfurt

2. Frittenwerk Frankfurt

Do you like fries? So, in one of their locations you will find your little paradise. Frittenwerk is a small franchise with locations in the main cities of Germany. In Frankfurt there are two, both super well located, one of them in the Central Station.

How could it not be otherwise, Their specialty is French fries.. They have a lot of variety; Depending on the accessories you add, the price is one or the other. You can find combinations from €6.90 and up to just over €9. But they are very forceful!

It is clear that it is a highly recommended option where to eat cheap in Frankfurt. But not everyday! Apart from fries, they also have some salads and other starters, although they are not their strong suit.

3. Mutter Ernst, a good place to eat well and cheaply in Frankfurt

Evidently, You can’t leave Frankfurt without trying its traditional food. Germanic gastronomy is somewhat copious, but we really like eating from time to time. In this restaurant you can eat some of the local specialties at relatively affordable prices. Definitely, German food with very good prices.

As in most local restaurants, They have a wide variety of sausages and beers. Also, don’t be surprised if they make you share tables with strangers. It’s almost always full! Definitely, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Frankfurt.

4. Pizzeria 7 Nice

But if we talk about eat cheap in frankfurt, it is forbidden not to mention this pizzeria. It is one of the best in the city. And the strongest thing is that Their pizzas barely cost €5. Yes, you read it right. €5! It is an unbeatable price. And just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are of poor quality, quite the opposite.

They also have pasta dishes, lasagnas and salads for really affordable prices. You can tell that the owners are Italian! The only downside is that the place is small and almost always full, so it is common that you have to share a table with other diners. Still, it’s totally worth it!

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5. ThaiTime, a good Thai to eat cheap in Frankfurt

If you are looking to save, visit a restaurant Thai food It is a fantastic option. In this restaurant you can eat a lot of different dishes: from its famous Pad Thai to curry rice to delicious salads. And all these options at really affordable prices!

So that you have a reference, almost all their dishes cost less than €10. A real achievement considering that we are talking about Frankfurt! In addition, the portions are abundant and it is located very close to the central station. Do not miss it!

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6. Pizzeria Paolo, a good alternative to eat cheaply in Frankfurt

If you search eat cheap in frankfurt, we have another pizzeria that may be for you. A good Italian restaurant is always a great ally when you are traveling. But this one exceeded any expectations! In the establishment you will find salads, pizzas, pasta dishes and other starters. The quality of the products is very good, so it is a highly recommended option if you want to try Italian cuisine.

The dishes are quite abundant and the price is right. The Most pizzas start at €9 and plastic plates have a similar cost. It surely won’t disappoint you! In addition, they have very complete salads from €7. Highly recommended.

eat cheap in frankfurteat cheap in frankfurt
One of their delicious pasta dishes | Paolo

7. The Fat Bull

Do you feel like a good burger? In Frankfurt you will have no problem. At their location you can eat one of the best burgers in the city. Most have a price between €9.90 and €10.90, although they also have other more expensive specialty ones. They are quite large and the meat is of very good quality. If you look closely, it’s almost always full of people. And that’s a sign that you eat well!

Even if you think that in Frankfurt you are going to eat good frankfurters, you also have the possibility of enjoying a good burger. And this place is one of the best for eat cheap in Frankfurt. Quality fast food, once a year doesn’t hurt!

eat cheap in frankfurteat cheap in frankfurt
A paradise for burger lovers

8. Best Worsch in Town, one of the best options for cheap food in Frankfurt

And finally, to finish this article on the best restaurants to eat cheap in Frankfurt, We couldn’t forget to mention this famous fast food chain. If you like sausages, this place will not disappoint you. They have combos that include sausages, potatoes, bread and a drink for only €10.90. Given! Don’t leave without trying their curryworscht, their specialty.

skyline Frankfurtskyline Frankfurt
Frankfurt skyscrapers from the Maintower


In the following interactive map you can see the restaurants where to eat in Frankfurt well and cheap mentioned above.


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