Are you looking for where to eat cheap in Munich? Don’t worry, it’s not an impossible mission! Although Germany has the reputation of being an expensive country, it really is not. In reality, you will find quite a few options to eat at good prices. Even so, we propose a selection of the 10 best restaurants to eat cheap in Munich. You will be able to enjoy good food without making your pocket suffer too much!

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1. Hofbrauhaus, the most famous place to eat cheap in Munich

This restaurant is an institution in Munich. It is known worldwide for its beer and also for its traditional food. We dare not say that receives more visits than Marienplatz! It is a very bustling place, tourist and the portions are not hugebut it is eaten well.

To give you an idea of ​​the price, a typical German dish and a beer cost about 13€. For us, it is one of The best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Munich. It is also very central. Besides, It is part of the history of the city.

A historic place, perfect for cheap eats in Munich

2. Bergwolf Restaurant

Do you feel like eating the best currywurst from Munich? This typical street food is very famous in Germany, so you can’t miss it. It’s also a great option to save! In this place you can eat its delicious currywurst from only €4. And if you want to add fries and a drink, you won’t spend more than €10 either. Who said eating cheap in Munich was complicated?

3. Munchner Suppenkuche, ideal if you want to eat cheap in Munich

This restaurant is one of the locals’ favorites. It is located in Viktualienmarkt and offer some Spectacular soups from only €5.50. Couldn’t be better! Plus, the atmosphere is fantastic. Perhaps the only negative point about this restaurant is that it is almost always full, but this is an unmistakable sign that the food is great. Without a doubt, a great option for cheap eats in Munich.

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4. Pasta and Enough

Leaving aside German gastronomy for a bit, we believe that a good Italian cannot be missing from this list of restaurants where to eat cheap in Munich! If you search pasta dishes and pizzas for approximately €10.50Pasta e Basta is a great place.

The food is good and the portions are quite large. The menu is very extensive and the service is very pleasant.. You can’t ask for more for the price!

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5. Dean and David, an ideal option to eat cheap (and healthy) in Munich

Dean and David es an ideal franchise for healthy eating in Munich. The specialty of the franchise is its salads with a lot of ingredients. You can choose them from the menu or make them completely to your liking and they will cost you between €10 and €13. Very reasonable prices considering its quality!

Additionally, you have the option of eating in or ordering them to go. Something very common in Munich! Either way, it is a great option to escape from the fast food and also for those tourists who do not eat meat.

6. Vapiano, one of our favorite places to eat cheap in Munich

In Munich there are several restaurants of the German chain Vapiano, offering Italian food at a good price. There you can eat a plate of pasta, pizzas and salads for about €9. The peculiarity is that you cook the dishes in front of you. The premises are beautiful and spacious. Our favorite is Theatinerstrasse. Without a doubt, a good option for cheap food in Munich.

Eat cheap in MunichEat cheap in Munich
An example of the dishes served at Vapiano. In this case, campanelle carbonara

7. Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant to eat cheap in Munich

If you feel like something different, you can try this Vietnamese restaurant. Pho serves typical dishes from the Asian country: rice noodles, soups, wok vegetables… The portions are very generous, with the medium size you will be full. All medium dishes cost only €11. And they are delicious! We came back in love with our route through Vietnam and their food.

Typical Vietnamese food: the dishes you must try!

8. Ruff’s Burger

Do you feel like eating a good hamburger? An American food restaurant cannot be missing from our proposals to fill your stomach in Munich. Do not miss their burgers, they are spectacular. Besides, very good price. Just a little more expensive than McDonald’s but with infinitely higher quality. Furthermore, another positive aspect is that they have a lot of stores both in the city and in the country.

You can eat hamburgers from only €7.90. Plus, they also have vegetarian and vegan options. Other good alternative with vegan burgers to eat cheap in Munich is Hamburgereiright next to Königsplatz.

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9. Steinheil 16, if you want to eat a good schnitzel in Munich

This restaurant is another of the classics where to eat in Munich. Especially if you fancy a good schnitzel! This dish is usually quite expensive, but in this restaurant you will find it for €15.90 and of very good quality. Even if you are not very hungry, you can share it. It’s huge! Apart from schnitzelthe restaurant also has other options such as salads, currywurst and other specialties.

10. Mr.Pancake

To finish with the best places to eat cheap in Munichwe recommend this excellent pancake restaurant. We recommend trying the el de sausage, the star dish of the house.

One of their full portions of pancake will cost you about €10.50, but they are tremendous. Without a doubt, a good option to consider during your stay in Munich. The place is a little small but the service is great!

Another positive aspect is that the place is cerca de Königsplatz, so don’t forget to schedule a stop when visiting this tourist attraction.


On the following map you will find the location of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Munich.


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