By: Monica Vallejo

We saw in Alan’s video around the world that it was possible to visit Westminster Hall but when we traveled to London, (April 2022) it was too late to get tickets.

After visiting the abbey we passed through the entrance to Westminster Hall. I approached the guard at the entrance and asked if they sold tickets there… he told me no.

– Where they are? She asked us

– From Ecuador, we responded.

– “They come from so far away… wait a moment.”

We thought you would give us a schedule or some information for purchasing tickets online. But he came back with some green plastic cards and tells us:

– At this moment a group from a university in the USA enters, join them as the visit includes entry to the session of the House of Commons. Welcome

You can’t imagine the emotion!!

We entered with the group through the ultra-security zone, and there we were, in the enormous room of Westminster Hall, witness to royal coronations, solemn parties where kings and politicians were present, as well as the site of royal wakes.

We had more than 30 minutes for photos, admiring that medieval wooden ceiling that seems straight out of a story, walking around it seeing the marked stones where illustrious Englishmen from centuries ago were!! Awesome.

Then they took us up about four flights to the back entrance of the House of Commons. We were welcomed by elegant concierges in tails and the royal seals of Queen Elizabeth II on their lapels. They kept the belongings of all the visitors in an attached room.

They did not allow photos within the camera session. There in the center of the room was the principal secretary who gave the floor to the polite English politicians, everything so solemn, everything so unreal!!

The microphones hung from the ceiling and turned on as the speaker gave the floor!! We were there for about 20 minutes and they took us to the corridor that connects the lower house with the House of Lords. Uohhh, we came across people who entered the session in their best clothes and who passed under the gaze of a large carving of Churchill in white marble, which seemed to judge all of us who were there. They stopped us so that the politicians could go into the great hall, since it is not allowed for visitors, much less for tourists. Only for your eyes and your memory as it is the most formal and majestic area of ​​the entire place.

We left with a smile from ear to ear, we have longed to visit this city for years, all our days of visit the sky was blue (incredible), days before the, already restored, Big Ben had been inaugurated and welcomed us with all its splendor , everything was perfect, but not even in our wildest dreams was it possible to live this experience: being in a session of the English Parliament!!


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