Tired of the heat of Mexico City, Alan’s team around the world decided to take a few days of relaxation and escape from the capital; the chosen destination, Yucatan. I know, to a warmer place, but you had to find an excuse to travel, right?

To start with everything on the first day, we flew the night of the previous day, so we landed in the capital of Yucatán and went straight to our hotel to rest, Kahal Boutique Meridalocated very close to the center.

Photo: Itzel Navarrete
Photo: Itzel Navarrete

It should be noted that the hotel was born from a restored historic house in the heart of the city with the aim of offering travelers a cozy stay that mixes contemporary with history.

Day 1. In contact with the Mayan culture

The first day we got up early, had breakfast and headed towards Chichen Itzá, but first we made a stop at the cenote Tsukánwhere they welcomed us with a Mayan ceremony, at the Healing Tree, then we took a tour of the complex where we saw a Mayan house, which was built in a traditional way.

Photo: Itzel Navarrete
Photo: Miriam Rivera

Later we went to another Mayan house and there was a lady making tortillas by hand, which by the way we were able to taste with a little salt and habanero sauce, delicious!

Photo: Miriam Rivera

After those tastes we went to the Yucatán Flavor Workshop, where they told us about the Yucatecan recado, which is a mixture of plants, beans and seeds for the creation of pigments that in the past were used for aesthetic purposes, and are currently essential for Yucatecan cuisine.

Photo: Miriam Rivera
Photo: Karla Campos

Finally, after our walk around the site, we arrived at the cenote, where we swam and cooled off for a while. If you plan to go, keep in mind that you should rinse before entering and not lie down. blocker, nor insect repellent. You can wear water shoes so you don’t slip, since you have to go down several steps to get to it.

Photo: Itzel Navarrete

After our refreshment, we went to Chichen Itzá, one of the Wonders of the Modern World. At this time of day, the sun was very strong, so hats, sunglasses and sunscreen They were very helpful.

Photo: Itzel Navarrete
Our friends at La Roche-Posay helped us take care of our skin on the trip. Photo: Johan Villalvazo

Lunch time arrived and we went to Mayaland Chichen, from where we could see a nice view of the Chichen Itzá Observatory.

We were welcomed with a tamarind margarita, which became everyone’s favorite on the trip.

Photo: Miriam Rivera

We met chef Misael Canché who told us about Yucatecan food. We ate kibi de cochinita, lime soup, beef in pipián and a papaya dessert.

Finishing eating, we took a short walk through Mayaland Chichen, but the rain started to do its thing and we had to get in the truck and return to Mérida.

Photo: Miriam Rivera

We arrived at the hotel to rest a little, take a shower and get ready to go to dinner, because in Yucatán the food is always very good, Jessica, from the traveling line, would say.

Photo: Juan Manuel Flores

We went to dinner at featheredour table was on the terrace and we were able to enjoy a nice view of Paseo Montejo, especially the Monument to the Homeland.

We had feathered guacamole, beef carpaccio, picaña aguachile, sausage croquettes, rib eye cheeks with cheese crust and green ceviche for dinner.

The party mood arrived and we went to Bernadette, a show bar where actors and drag performers dance and sing pop musical hits in English and Spanish. If you are fans of Natalia Sosa, you should go because she performs in the show. In addition, the show is interactive and the actors make you spend a very enjoyable evening.

Photo: Johan Villalvazo

After enjoying a show of approximately two hours and a few drinks, we returned to the hotel to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Day 2. At the entrance to Xilbaba

The second day was dedicated to continuing getting to know some of the hundreds of cenotes in Yucatán; The chosen place was Hacienda Mucuychéa place that is home to three impressive cenotes.

As soon as we arrived at the hacienda we got ready to go directly to the cenotes. Remember, before getting in it is important to rinse, and if you like you can get in with Water shoes.

You always have to support Mexican products and that’s how we find Xels and its models for water activities. Photo: Itzel Navarrete

We entered the cenotes with a guide, who told us that the cenotes were of great importance for the Mayans and also meant the beginning of the road to Xilbaba. It should be noted that the Xilbaba is not only a state or place through which the souls of the deceased pass, but it is also an interior dimension that entails entering certain states of consciousness.

Photo: Johan Villalvazo

The guide also explained to us that these cenotes had been visited by Empress Carlota, who was impressed by them.

We enter the first cenote, called Carlota cenote, which is semi-open and has a depth of up to 7 meters.

We swam towards El Canal, which connects the Carlota cenote with the Azul Maya Cenote. Along the way we explored and took some photos.

Photo: Itzel Navarrete

At the end of El Canal, we left through some stairs and followed a path on foot, which took us into a cave until we reached the Cenote Azul Maya.

The Cenote Azul Maya is a cavern-type cenote and is truly impressive. Although it is inside a cave, it has a lighting system that helps travelers better guide themselves. In this cenote you can clearly see the stalactites and stalagmites, and if you pay attention to the depth, you can see that a path continues downwards; They are underground rivers that, according to the guide, have not yet been explored.

Photo: Johan Villalvazo

Right in one part of this cenote, our guide asked us to float face up, close our eyes and relax, to feel that essence of Xilbaba. I have to say that it was an incredible experience, personally I felt a little stressed when I closed my eyes, but I tried to relax and it was incredible.

After this experience we left the cenote and headed towards the hacienda pool, to continue enjoying this trip. We swam for a while and then went to eat. This time we tried papadzules, panuchos and some cheese empanadas with chaya. Dessert was not lacking and since there was a choice, some of us ate Neapolitan flan and others coconut custard.

We had planned to tour the hacienda, but between the after-dinner meal and the fatigue, we couldn’t do it anymore. But if you have the opportunity, do it! The place is very impressive and photogenic.

It was time to return to the hotel to rest for a while and go to dinner. Itzel, Karla and I went to the terrace to relax in the jacuzzi and watch the sunset.

Photo: Jessica Campos

Dinner time, we went to the restaurant Holoch. The name means corn husk, which the Mayans saw as the protector of corn, since without it it could not grow because they needed its protection to prevent it from being eaten by birds or damaged by the sun and rain.

Holoch is a smoke cuisine, so many of its dishes and drinks have smoky flavors. For this dinner, they gave us dishes in the center and everyone ate whatever caught their attention the most. We ate a little bit of everything, pizza, aguachile, esquites, aguachile, chamorro, roasted cauliflower, among others.

Photo: Itzel Navarrete

After a tremendous dinner, Itzel, Violeta, Duva, Johan and I decided to walk towards the center to buy a sorbet from the traditional Sorbetería Colón, but since we arrived very quickly we agreed that it was too early to eat ice cream, so we decided to go to the Paseo Montejo branch, which was also on the way to the hotel, to eat dinner a little.

Photo: Miriam Rivera

After a short walk, we arrived at the sorbet shop and everyone ordered one, before returning to rest.

Day 3. Practicing contemplation in Sisal

The third day was total relaxation, we went to Sisal, specifically to the beach to the beach club “El Palmar”, where we sat on the seashore, under a palapa with chairs, a table and lounge chairs. By the way, this place is pet friendly, we even saw several dogs and even a cat.

We spent a good time at the sea, then Karla and I went to the pool, and came back to eat, here everyone ordered different dishes, I had tuna poke, as well as a slice of margherita pizza; We also ordered lobster pizza, but I couldn’t try it anymore because that poke was too filling.

Photo: Itzel Navarrete

After staying all day, we returned to the hotel to prepare to go to dinner; It would be the last dinner of the trip, so we went to Nakuh.

Got it It is a culinary experience that takes the diner on a trip to the Cuisine of the Mayan Jungle, it is inspired by the spiritual richness of the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Mayans. This restaurant is located in a mansion that houses more than 100 years of stories that can be seen from the decoration, architecture and the very essence of the aromas and flavors.

Here we also ate a little of everything, venison chicharrón, panuchos, poc chuc, lime soup, venison dzic, tatemado xtatik chiles, ibes empanadas; and for dessert, fritters and coconut cream.

At the end of dinner, we separated again, some went to the hotel and others went for a walk and had a last drink to say goodbye to our last night in Yucatan.

Day 4. Recharging energy in Progreso

The last day was also a rest day, we went to the beach, but this time we had to go to Progreso, where we were in The Cake House, a restaurant that also has palapas, chairs, tables and lounge chairs to relax on the beach, as well as bathrooms and showers.

Photo: Itzel Navarrete

We spent the whole day in this place, swimming in the sea, taking photos and eating.

He Meteorite Museum It is next to the restaurant, and although it was closed because it was Monday (they close on Mondays), Duva and Jessica went to see it from the outside because at the entrance there are several dinosaurs that you can take photos with.

Photo: Jessica Campos

It was time to say goodbye to the beach and we headed to our hotel to get ready, grab our suitcases, have dinner, check out and go to the airport.

We checked out and said goodbye to the hotel staff, who always treated us very friendly. The hotel is pet friendly, so you can come with your four-legged best friend; I’m going to start planning that trip because I realized that several places in the state are pet-friendly.

Definitely, Yucatan It is one of my favorite states in the country, or I could even say that my favorite, since I was a child I have had a special affection for it and every time I return I have a great time, it has given me incredible experiences and this trip with my coworkers is not was the exception. And as the name of the hotel where we stayed says, Kahal (which in Mayan “K’a’ajal” which means “return to” or “remember”), you always return to Yucatán and remember it with affection.

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