Tempeh is a food product from the controlled natural fermentation of soy that is presented in the form of a cake. It is a product originating in Indonesia, where it is very popular, especially on the island of Java, where it is considered a food. Simple that provides protein to the normal diet, it is also possible to find it in other cuisines of Southeast Asia.

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Like tōfu, tempeh is made from soybeans, however tempeh has other nutritional and texture characteristics. The fermentation process of soybeans retains all the proteins, has more fiber and vitamins compared to tofu, as well as a firmer texture and strong flavor. Because of its nutritional value, it is often used in vegetarian diets as a source of protein.


  • 500 grams of soybean

  • 36 grams of Tempeh starter

  • Oil


  • Weigh 500 grams of soybean;
  • Soak them in the water for a night;
  • Steam them for 20 minutes;steam the soy
  • Remove the skins;
  • Stir dry them;
  • Weigh them again;
  • Add 36 grams of Tempeh starter;tempeh starter
  • Stir;
  • After done mixing them, add them into the banana leaves or ziplock plastic bag;
  • Make several holes to the ziplock plastic bag;
  • Keep them under 30 degrees for the fermentation process for a day or one and a half day period. (fermentation process could occur under room temperature too);tempeh 30 degrees
  • After a day of fermentation, then, put them into the fridge to be stored and at the same time to stop the fermentation process;
  • Take them out from the fridge when you are ready to consume the them;
  • Slice them;slice tempeh
  • Fry the Tempeh;frying the tempeh
  • Your Tempeh is read!Tempeh

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