Cream cheese is a type of spreadable cheese that is obtained by curdling a mixture of milk and cream by means of lactic ferments. This type of cheese is normally consumed with bread, and it is common to use it on toast.

It is a white cream, distributed in containers similar to those of margarine or butter. It is consumed in breakfasts and desserts. Likewise, it is the main ingredient in some cheesecakes.

Learn how to make the homemade version of your cream cheese!

Philadelphia Homemade Cream Cheese

Recipe by caion


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In order for your cream cheese to look very similar to the Philadelphia original, use the following ingredients and follow the instructions for how to prepare.


  • sour cream – 900 gr.

  • natural yoghurt – 250 gr.

  • salt – 2 tsp.


  • In a bowl, add sour cream – 900 gr.
  • Add natural yoghurt – 250 gr.
  • Add salt – 2 tsp.
  • Mix well until smooth.mixing cream cheese
  • Transfer to a colander with piece of fabric.cream over the fabric
  • Press to release the serum.serum
  • Set in the fridge overnight.cream
  • Your Philadelphia Homemade Cream Cheese is ready!Philadelphia Homemade Cream Cheese

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