By: Lety Parada

Hello Alan, hello world travelers!

I tell you that I am about to finish a trip that I had dreamed of for a long time and until 3 weeks ago it came true, of course with work, discipline and support from my family I was able to achieve it.

My trip started in Turkey, new for me, I loved Istanbul, it was only 1 full day because I took advantage of the airline’s stopover offer with a free hotel; I didn’t hesitate and I will definitely return.

Then I flew to Bangkok, there I met another girl from Mexico and, super curious, we coincided a lot on dates and plans to visit cities. We became friends instantly and the trip that was planned to be done alone turned out to be much more fun doing it together.

We visited a bar on the roof of a building, “tichuca bar”, very cool, not to be missed.

We visited the Floating Market, the Grand Palace, Chinatown and rode the subway. The transportation service is wonderful, since the city is huge and the traffic wastes a lot of time.

From Bangkok we flew to Chiang Rai to visit the White Temple and Blue Temple, as well as the very cute little cafe, already famous “Lalita cafe” don’t forget to go!

From Chiang Rai we took a bus at night to Chiang Mai. It is close, cheap and the service is efficient.

The next day we visited the “Doi Inthanon elephant sanctuary”.

A cool one! Additionally, the guides took us to a waterfall (sorry, I don’t remember the name). But it was still very cool.

That same day at night we flew to Krabi, we already wanted the beach! and we stayed at Railay Bay, we loved it!

We enjoyed the beach that day, we rented a small boat to visit the 4 nearby islands, we snorkeled, we visited the little boats in Railay Bay to see almost all of them and the next day we took the ferry to get to Phi Phi.

Everything is wonderful, the people are very friendly. Thailand stayed in my heart, at night we had dinner at the Grotto restaurant, a delight and the view of the sunset, spectacular. We stayed in Krabi for 3 days, and with that we fell in love.

The next day we traveled to Singapore. “Total, we were already close” Our goal was to visit Gardens by the bay and the majestic Marina Bay Sands hotel, as well as its shopping center and the entire Marina area. It is a true gem, a clean, orderly, safe city and you can see that its people are doing well.

A day later we packed our bags again and the destination was Bali, we stayed in the Ubud area, super nice!

We visited the Lempuyang temple and we couldn’t miss our photo at the famous “Gates to heaven” with our Balinese clothing.

The next day we started the Bali Jungle Swing. Famous and super beautiful place, the photos are the most beautiful, the experience of swinging on the edge of the mountain in the jungle is priceless.

We walked through the center of Ubud and its temples, we also did a bit of Balinese dance, we ended up enchanted.

We had the part of the beach in Kuta left.

I chose that one to be closer to the airport and thus not suffer so much because the traffic is heavy. You always have to prevent.

The beach is very beautiful but since it is so, so visited I had to see it a little dirty; How sad, I wish people didn’t throw so much trash on the beaches. But even so, my stay there was very very nice.

And so we finished 16 days of wandering, of making new friends, of being amazed by so many beautiful places and the best, receiving the treatment of the host people in the four countries that I visited and the nine cities that I visited, absolutely all the people She was always kind and respectful, I would do it again without thinking about it.

Alan, you inspired me a lot to make the decision to travel like this, alone at first but the coolest thing is that you meet many people along the way, now I have several of them in different parts of the world.

Right now I’m in Frankfurt waiting for the flight back to America.

Tired, sleepless, spent, broke haha ​​but the money returns, the body returns to its schedules at home and the experiences that enrich the soul, those, stay “forever”.

“Oh by the way, the trip was my birthday gift from me to me, a month late haha ​​but it doesn’t matter! Lived to the fullest.

The post My dream trip to Thailand and Indonesia first appeared on Alan x el Mundo.

The post My dream trip to Thailand and Indonesia appeared first on Alan x el Mundo.


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