Yautepec, 5 attractions that will fascinate you“, is an invitation to discover a little more of the beauty of the towns of central Mexico.

In the state of Morelos, famous for its number of spas, a welcoming climate and surprising natural beauty, Yautepec is a beautiful destination to meet and enjoy a pleasant vacation.

With heat like this since spring began, there is no doubt that choosing a city with many options to cool off is very wise…

Let’s see what Yautepec has for you…

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5 must-see attractions in Yautepec, Morelos

Tour the center of Yautepec

To know a destination you must take a few hours to walk through the streets of the city; In Yautepec, you will find a nice main square with its kiosk and a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Very close to there, the Museum of Los Chinelos is an almost obligatory visit, a place to learn about those characters so representative of the Morelos carnival season, who surprise each year with their costumes and dances.

The Municipal Market and the surrounding restaurants will be perfect hosts for you to try some of the exquisite local cuisine; Ash tamales, red turkey mole, a cecina with cheese or broad bean tlacoyos, all delicious delicacies that will delight you.

A visit to the Asunción de María parish, founded by Fray Lorenzo de la Asunción between 1554 and 1567, and to the 18th-century chapel of the Barrio de Santiago, is highly recommended.

Another site that you can visit is the small archaeological zone located a few streets from the center, well preserved, it is an important part of the cultural legacy of the state.

On the other hand, if you go with little ones, you will like to know that there is a children’s playground, with ample spaces to share with the family.


Photo: Government of Mexico

Photo: Government of Yautepec

Visit the Ex Haciendas in the municipality

Also write down on your list of places to visit the Ex-Cane Grinding Estates, an important example of colonial life, with their ancestral buildings and outstanding architecture.

They are located on the outskirts of the city, but a few minutes.

Some are just abandoned ruins, but others still retain their charm and receive constant maintenance as they are used as hotels, spaces for events or simply for tourists to visit.

Among them we have the former hacienda of Oacalco, Apanquetzalco, Atlihuayan, Xochimancas.

Special mention has Cocoyoc, a former hacienda that was converted into a luxury hotel with a spa and golf course, it also has large green spaces, swimming pools and other services and amenities to please its guests.

The former San Carlos Borromeo hacienda is another fascinating site, used for different types of events, weddings, etc. It has very beautiful facilities and locations.

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Enjoy a day in Oaxtepec

With a more than pleasant climate all year round, and not to mention the summer heat, it is very necessary to plan a getaway to a spa and this is where the beautiful Oaxtepec appears, 20 minutes from the center of Yautepec.

One of its main attractions are the water parks, among them we find the El Bosque Spa with its blue pool, the IMSS Oaxtepec Vacation Center with its Geodesic Dome and the Six Flag Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec Water Park, three excellent options to enjoy entertaining activities .

On the other hand, you can dare to ride the cable car and enjoy incredible views of the beautiful landscapes that this destination has.


Live the Carnival celebration in Yautepec

Carnival celebrations are part of the tradition of this municipality and as such, the dedication and commitment of its inhabitants to have everything ready for those dates is undeniable.

The Dance of the Chinelos is the most anticipated of the event, everything happens when a group of disguised people begins their dance to the rhythm of the town’s music band.

The suits they wear are a spectacle, with velvet, sequins, embroidery, rhinestones, feathers and lots of color details; add to that the impressive masks, a true work of art.

You can also enjoy the coronation of the Carnival Queen, the parade of widows of Juan Carnaval and the different artistic proposals at the Teatro del Pueblo, all part of a great event that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

It is your opportunity to learn the “jump of the chinelo”, a dance that has been maintained for more than a century; you can not lose this.


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Ecotourism in Yautepec

The great beauty of this area makes it an ideal place to enjoy activities in contact with nature.

The municipality has several spas such as Vista del Sol, Los Ciruelos, Los Delfines, Los Robles, Los Arcos, each one with very fun proposals to enjoy with large green spaces, water parks, some offer spaces for camping or have cabins .

In the Jagüey El Caracol Recreational Park you have options for hiking, riding a trajinera, you can also ride a horse.

Las Estacas, just over 30 minutes from the center of Yautepec, is another very good alternative to spend it as you like, it has the option of camping, glamping, hotel, there is even a hotel for dogs.

Among the activities you can do there you will find zip lines, diving and snorkeling tours, rafting, paddle boarding, spa and many other entertaining proposals.

And if you are looking for something else, you will love the Agua Hedionda Spa, about 40 minutes away in the neighboring municipality of Cuautla, with its hot springs and variety of services.

Discover other alternatives, there are many, and they all have something that will surprise you.

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