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The last few years have been difficult and a significant change in our ways of life. The world shrank to four walls overnight and little by little we have started to take to the streets, with some finding the perfect balance between working from home and going to the office.

At Alan por el Mundo we work with nine people, each one with a specific function. and despite having a good work environment among all, the pandemic and the home office that we continue to maintain most of the week, it distanced us a bit. This is how Marthita Carrillo, our Commercial Director, planned a lightning integration trip to the Riviera Nayarit.

Almost 3 years ago, we had had an adventure in the Riviera Maya and now we had to experience the fantastic climate of the west of the country, in the middle of the mountains and just a few minutes from paradisiacal beaches.

Destiny: Hotel Delta Marriott Riviera Nayaritin the Cross of Huanacaxtle.

Starring: Marthita Carrillo (Commercial Director), Miriam Rivera (content and social networks), Johan Romero (animation), Jéssica Campos (traveling line), Manuel León (Online store) and myself, Karla Campos (content and social networks).

Our flight was leaving from Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport, where we stopped at Chilim Balam for some sweets for the trip. When we arrived at the Puerto Vallarta Airport, the closest one, a van was already waiting for us to take us to the Delta Hotel, the first all-inclusive Marriott hotel in Mexico.

The objective was very clear: rest and get to know each other a little better, outside the work environment, and the location of our lodging in the middle of the mountain was ideal for this purpose.

The first day we took advantage of it to go to their beach club, called Tonati, and have an incredible welcome in the best style of Fudis around the World with a special menu (thanks to chef Diego Cortes for taking into consideration our allergies and food restrictions) with all the flavor of the coast, which we will tell you about in detail in another post about food in the area.

After a few photos, we couldn’t go into the sea because hours before there had been a tsunami alert due to the tremor of September 19, we decided to go back to the hotel to get ready for a dinner with Asian flavors at the Komorebi restaurant.

The 3-course menu was also a show by Armando, who cooked for us on his tepanyaki griddle, a great experience!

The next day, we would take the opportunity to visit the Higuera Golf Club, where after knowing the impressive views of its 18 holes, we had the opportunity to learn to hit the ball (not so badly) in its practice area.

In addition to having a great responsibility with the species of the area, the golf club is visited by experienced golfers and beginners who are passionate about this Scottish sport (the next day, it was El Canelo). Its name and logo are inspired by a hundreds of years old fig tree that is found in its territory.

If you want to test your swing and spend a pleasant afternoon outdoors, in the official club page You can make your reservation to play the 18 holes (around 4 thousand pesos), with food and drinks included.

Upon returning, a moment of relaxation awaited us at the Tzicuri Spa, one of the best spots to forget about the outside world and pamper yourself. Its facilities include shower areas in the middle of nature, lockers, steam room, sauna, a small swimming pool full of peace, a store with care and beauty products and of course, a catalog of massages that will not leave you indifferent.

At the end, we had dinner at the Huichol restaurant, a very complete Italian buffet, a great way to end the day!

Our third day began with a getaway to the beach club, which has cocktails, beers, drinks and snacks included with the reservation. After our dose of vitamin D, we return to the hotel pool to talk, continue eating (you can’t be on a diet on vacation) and relax.

Before dinner, we had a pulque tasting, did you know what cocktails can do with this important Mexican drink? This fermented drink of pre-Hispanic origin was an excellent prelude to a special farewell dinner by chef Cristian Mendoza, to die for!

After a restful sleep, it was time to say goodbye, we spent the last hours in the pool (when you travel, do not forget to ask your hotel about the possibility of a late check out) and we got ready to return to our beloved Mexico City.

The cocktail service is first class and Luis was a crack

This integration trip brought us closer together and reminded us that despite the differences and different points of view that we may have, there are more things that unite us and a trip is the best way to find them.

The losses we had in the pandemic are irreparable. We lost loved ones and time cannot recover, but without a doubt the journey is always more important than the destination and in this adventure of life, it is an honor to meet Alan and all my colleagues in this project. Thanks.

  • A thousand thanks to the entire team at Delta Marriott Riviera Nayarit, especially Dani and Paty.

  • We miss you Alan, Violeta, Itzel and Fran.

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