choose a good area Where to stay in San Andres is very important when planning your trip to this paradisiacal island of Colombia. It is a small island, but peculiar in many aspects. So you should sleep in a good area to enjoy its incredible beaches! In the following article we analyze the best areas and hotels to stay in San Andrés so that you can enjoy your visit to the island to the fullest. It has some of the best beaches in Colombia!

Our hotel in San Andres

During our stay in San Andrés we stayed at the WH Hotel. And we hit! We were a 2 minute walk from the most beautiful beach on the island and close to loads of restaurants. Highly recommend!

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1. Downtown and Spratt Bight Beach, the best area to stay in San Andrés

If we have to stay with only one zone Where to sleep in San Andréswe would definitely keep this one. Spratt Bight is one of the best beaches in San Andrés. Well, for us the best by far! It is located in the extreme north of San Andres and it has everything to make you fall in love: crystal clear waters, white sand and beautiful views of Jhonny Cay.

We imagine that on your trip to San Andrés you will want to enjoy the beachso there is nothing better than sleeping near Spratt Bight beach to enjoy this little piece of paradise every day. The positive aspect is that in its surroundings there are a lot of hotels and restaurants, being the most comfortable area to stay in San Andrés.

Although you will find options for all budgets, It must be recognized that it is the most expensive area to sleep in San Andrés. Comfort is paid! In addition, staying in San Andrés is slightly more expensive than in the main cities of Colombia such as BogotaMedellin or Cartagena de Indias. We pay €85 per night

We recommend sleeping in Spratt Bight because we found it to be the most beautiful beach in San Andrés, in addition to having a lot of facilities nearby. You can even walk to the airport! You can see the rest of the island’s attractions in one day by renting a car or hiring a tour (which will pick you up at your hotel).

In fact, It is the best area to stay in San Andrés for excursions. Most of them start from the center, so sleeping there will make your life easier. From other parts of the islands, you will also have tours, although not as cheap.

Besides, it is a paradise for shoppers. In the center of San Andrés you will find a lot of Duty Free shops to buy without taxes.

The island is not so big as to distribute the nights in different areas; so we recommend establishing your headquarters in Spratt Bight. Without a doubt, the best area to stay in San Andrés.

The best hotels near Spratt Bight Beach:

Spratt Bight Beach is the best area to stay in San Andrés for:

✅ Being next to the best beach in San Andrés

✅ Having the best restaurants on the island and facilities at your side

❌ It is the most expensive area to sleep in San Andrés

stay in san andres
Spratt Bight, the best beach in San Andrés

2. San Luis (Cocoplum Beach), ideal for families

If you come to San Andrés in search of its paradisiacal beaches (like the vast majority), sleep in San Luis, especially around Cocoplum Beach, can be a great alternative to the center. This beach seemed to us the second most beautiful on the island, only behind Spratt Bight.

If we compare both areas, sleeping in Cocoplum has some advantages, but also drawbacks. The first advantage is the price. Despite the fact that there is less hotel offer, Accommodations in St. Louis are much cheaper than in Spratt Bight. But everything has a reason!

Note that there are not so many facilities; in fact, the offer of restaurants and nightlife is much more limited. And honestly, we didn’t find the restaurants very good. In the center there is much more (and more good) to choose from. In San Luis it is more difficult to distract yourself beyond the beach.

Another advantage of sleeping in San Luis is your peace of mind. We believe that it is the best area to stay in San Andrés for families. There are several resorts on the beach and very spacious apartments where you can enjoy your stay on the island. In addition, Cocoplum beach is very long, calm, shallow and with very soft sand, ideal for the little ones! And as if that were not enough, you will be close to puddles beachthe best on the island for children.

If you like snorkeling, right in front of the beach you will have Rocky Cay, one of the best places to see the interesting marine fauna of San Andrés. However, despite being closer to Haynes Cay and the Aquarium, tour prices are not as competitive as in the center. In short, despite the fact that we stayed with Spratt Bight, San Luis is one of the most interesting areas to stay in San Andrés.

Good accommodations in Cocoplum:

Cocoplum is the best area to stay in San Andrés if:

✅ You travel with your family, you are looking for tranquility and you want to go on excursions

✅ You are looking for cheaper accommodation on a beautiful beach

❌ The offer of restaurants and nightlife is quite limited, there is little to do beyond the beach

stay in san andres
The beautiful Playa Cocoplum, one of the best areas to stay in San Andrés

3. Sarie Bay

Sarie Bay is also located in the north of the island. In fact, it is separated from the Spratt Bight area by the San Andrés airport. In recent years it has grown a lot and now there is an attractive hotel offer that competes with many accommodations in the center. More than anything, because they are much cheaper!

However, you should keep in mind that from Sarie Bay it’s about a 20 minute walk to Spratt Bight and most restaurants. So it can be exhausting to do that tour every day in the hellish Sun!

Another thing we didn’t like about Sarie Bay is that it’s right next to the airport. And although it does not receive many flights, they are heard a lot. Even from some hotels in Spratt Bight! So if you prioritize silence, it is probably not the best area to stay in San Andrés.

In Sarie Bay there are not many restaurants, but you will be relatively close to the center. We recommend sleeping there if you want to be close to Spratt Bight Beach and find a cheap hotel.

Recommended accommodations in Sarie Bay:

Sarie Bay is the best area to stay in San Andrés for:

✅ Find a cheap hotel near Spratt Bight and downtown

❌ The noise of the planes and the “little life” that the area has

4. Cove Bay

And finally, to finish this post about the best areas and hotels to stay in San AndrésWe didn’t want to forget to mention Cove Bay. This area is located in the western part of the island and It is quite an interesting destination in San Andrés, especially for diving lovers.

In fact, It is the area with the deepest waters on the island, which is why most of the courses and dives are carried out there.. So If you travel to the island to dive (or to learn) it is the best area to stay in San Andrés.

Also, out of curiosity, in the Bay of the Cove is where the cruise ships that arrive at the island dock. More than anything because of the depth of the waters and the absence of keys! Apart from diving, In the surroundings of Bahía del Cove you can visit places as interesting as La Piscinita and its incredible sunsets. From there you will have an unbeatable panoramic view of the Caribbean and you will be able to see the best sunsets on the island. We recommend you go to Bobby Rock. Incredible!

However, you should keep in mind that in the western part of the island it is open sea and there are no beaches. So if you are looking to be close to the beach, it will not be the best option for you. You’ll rely on public or private transportation to get to Cocoplum (10 minutes) or Spratt Bight (25 minutes).

Also, keep in mind that the restaurant offer is quite limited in the area. However, If you want to learn to dive or are looking for a cheap hotel, in El Cove you can find oil.

The best places to stay in The Cove:

Bahía del Cove is the best area to stay in San Andrés if:

✅ You travel to San Andrés to dive (or to learn to dive)

✅ If you are looking for cheap hotels and you don’t mind using transportation to go to the beach

❌ It does not have direct access to beaches and few restaurants nearby

stay in san andres
La Piscinita, one of the main attractions of the area


On the following map you will find marked the best areas and hotels to stay in San Andrés. From green to orange, from most to least recommended.


Next, we will answer a few questions as a summary to try to resolve any doubt quickly.

How much does it cost to sleep in San Andres?

Sleeping in San Andrés is much more expensive than in other destinations in Colombia like Bogota, Medellin or Cartagena. We pay €80 per night to sleep in San Andrés. We stayed in the WH Hotel, in Spratt Bight. It was the most expensive hotel on our route through Colombia! However, you can find accommodation from €30 per night, although in Spratt Bight it is more complicated.

What is the cheapest area to stay in San Andres?

If you are looking to save, we recommend you look in the south of the island, since this is where the cheapest hotels in San Andrés are located. However, if you want to be close to everything, sleeping in Sarie Bay is a smart and cheap option.

What is the best area to stay in San Andrés for those looking to party?

Spratt Bight and surroundings is the best area to stay in San Andrés to party. Although we didn’t find its nightlife to be anything special, that’s where you’ll find most of the bars and clubs where you can go out at night. It is the only lively area of ​​San Andrés!

What is the best area to stay in San Andres for families?

If you travel with your family, we believe that San Luis is the best area to stay in San Andrés. First, for your peace of mind. Second, because its beaches are longer and less crowded, as well as being shallow. There is also a good variety of hotels designed for those who travel with the little ones.

Where to sleep in San Andrés to go shopping?

If you want to go shopping, the center is the best area to stay in San Andréssince it houses most of the shops on the island.


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