Staying in RomeAt least a couple of nights is essential to fall in love with the capital of Italy. It is a destination that offers a large number of accommodations. And despite being one of the most beautiful cities in EuropeThe prices are not that high. Of course, you are going to walk a lot, so it is very important to choose a good area. In this post we will analyze the best areas and hotels to stay in Rome, the eternal city so you can plan your visit. Enjoy Rome!

45 things to see and do in Rome

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During our stay in Rome we stayed at Sophie Terrace Hotel. Close to Termini, we could walk anywhere. It cost us around €90 per night. We would go back!

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1. Historic center of Rome, the most comfortable option

If you are looking for comfort, there is nothing like sleeping in the heart of the historic center of Rome. In the surroundings of the Pantheon and Piazza Navona you will find a good number of hotels. It is without a doubt the best option to stay in Romealthough it is also the mask.

It is true that sometimes it is worth paying a little more for comfort, but the capital of Lazio is a beautiful city where it is worth walking. So if you have the hotel a little further from the center, nothing happens.

What is the best thing about sleeping in this area? That you can walk to the main attractions of Rome. To reach the Colosseum, the Vatican or the Trevi Fountain, it won’t take more than 20 minutes on foot. So you won’t have the need to use public transport! Besides, You will find a lot of restaurants where you can enjoy Italian gastronomy. If you travel with children or with the elderly, you will minimize the distances, and at the same time you will be very well connected by metro.

In no other area of ​​Rome will you find as many facilities as in its historic center. There you can enjoy many of the best restaurants to eat cheap in Rome and much more. It’s like an open-air museum!

Hotels with very good value for money in the historic center of Rome:

The historic center is the best area to stay in Rome for…

✅ Being close to the main monuments and walking everywhere

✅ Those looking to sleep in the most picturesque and beautiful area of ​​Rome

❌ It is probably the most expensive area to sleep in Rome

stay in Rome
The surroundings of the Pantheon, one of the best areas to stay in Rome

2. Spanish Steps, ideal for special estancias

The Piazza di Spagna is one of the best-known squares in Rome. Its location is also very central, although not as much as the surroundings of the Pantheon. However, It is the ideal place to stay in Rome if you are looking for luxury hotels or apartments. In its surroundings you will also find some of the most exclusive restaurants in the Italian capital and Via Condotti, one of the most famous shopping streets in the world. A paradise for fashion lovers!

At the level of attractions, sleeping in the surroundings of Piazza di Spagna you will be close to the Trevi Fountain or the beautiful gardens of Villa Borghese. Despite the fact that it is also a very busy area, you can always go to the Villa Borghese gardens to disconnect. The Piazza di Spagna area is ideal for getting around on foot and also has two Metro stops, Spagna and Barberini, which will take you anywhere in Rome. So it is one of the best areas to stay in Rome for families.

Recommended hotels in the Spanish Steps:

The Piazza di Spagna is the best area to stay in Rome if…

✅ You are looking for a luxury hotel for a special stay

✅ You travel with your family and want to be centrally located

❌ It is an area with a lot of hustle and bustle and there are not many cheap options

stay in Rome
The Trevi Fountain, near the Spanish Steps

3. Termini Station, a practical area to stay in Rome

Termini is the main station of Rome. Although not too friendly staff gather at the stations during the day, nor at night, there will be no problem staying in their surroundings. In fact, that is where a large part of the city’s hotels are concentrated. Of course, you have to be careful with pickpockets and not get lost.

Staying at Termini has two basic advantages: you can sleep cheap in the center and you have most of the monuments two steps away. If you don’t walk a lot, you have the main station next door that will connect you to any point in the city. Definitely, one of the smartest areas to stay in Rome. It’s not particularly pretty, but it’s practical.

Itinerary to see the best of Rome in one day

Some hotels near Termini station:

Termini is the best area to sleep in Rome if…

✅ You are looking for an affordable and central hotel

✅ Being close to the train and metro station

❌ You have to be careful with pickpockets (although it is safe)

4. The Vatican – Prati, a cheap option to sleep in Rome

Although many would pay to sleep inside the Vatican, this is not possible. Yes indeed, Its surroundings present quite modern hotels and at a very good price where to stay in Rome. The surroundings of the Vatican are one of the areas that best represent the tourist boom in Rome, just like Trastevere. In the historic center of the city there have always been hotels; many of them quite dated, by the way.

The main advantage of the Vatican area is that most of its accommodations are very modern, almost new. In addition, there are many aparthotels with very good prices. Perhaps the main reason for its low price compared to other areas is because falls a bit far from the center (about 50 minutes walk). But it’s not drama! Walking through Rome is a pleasure.

Just like getting up and appreciating each day the Basilica of Saint Peter priceless. Don’t miss a visit to the Vatican! we give you a lot of Tips to skip the queues. Without a doubt, one of the best areas to stay in Rome.

Some hotels around the Vatican:

The Vatican is the best area to stay in Rome for…

✅ Being close to the Vatican

✅ It is an area with very cheap hotels and restaurants and quieter than the historic center

❌ You will not feel the picturesque atmosphere of the center of Rome

stay in Rome
The Vatican at night

5. Trastevere, a great neighborhood to stay in Rome for couples

In Rome, B&Bs (Bed and Breakfast) are popular. The picturesque neighborhood of Trastevere houses many of them. This concept arose in England quite a few years ago and it was the main competition to hotels. Normally they are owners who, by not using most of the space in the house, set up several rooms and offer breakfast to their clients.

Now, in the 21st century, the concept has been modernized and several companies have bought premises to enable the service. Trastevere is a great option to stay in Rome, since you can find some B&B with breakfast at really interesting prices.

Trastevere is a monument in itself: a very lively neighbourhood, with a medieval atmosphere and narrow streets. It’s super romantic! Also, it is not far from the center and in just over half an hour on foot you are in the center. If you prefer public transport, you have to know that the nearest Metro stop (Piramide) is a 30-minute walk away. Not very practical! However, there are buses that will take you to the historic center.

In addition, walking there is a free pleasure. However, one of Trastevere’s strong points are its restaurants and bars. You will find some of the best in the city! Definitely, one of the best areas to stay in Rome.

Our recommendations in Trastevere:

Trastevere is the best area to stay in Rome for…

✅ Romantic stays with your partner

✅ Travelers who want to save and also enjoy its lively nightlife

❌ There is no good connection by metro, so you will have to walk to get to the historic center or go by bus

6. Aurelio, if you want to save

Finally to end the best areas and hotels to stay in Rome We didn’t want to forget to mention Aurelio. It is located west of the Vatican. The hotel offer is quite wide in this area, although it falls far from the center. However, there are really cheap B&Bs with very tempting prices.

This area lacks tourist attractions and is not well connected to the city center. Normally you have to add a bus ride to get to the hotel. Finding cheap accommodation in Rome is not complicatedso our advice is that if you can invest a little more, do so, since you will gain in comfort.

Good accommodations in Aurelio:

Aurelio is the best area to stay in Rome for…

✅ Find good and cheap hotels

❌ You depend on the bus to get to the historic center (30 minutes)


Below we will briefly answer a few questions as a summary to try to resolve any questions quickly.

What is the best area to stay in Rome for my first time?

The historic center is the best area to stay in Rome for the first time. Basically because you will have most of the main attractions of Rome such as the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona or the Colosseum within a very short walking distance. In addition, the Vatican will not be far away either.

What is the cheapest area to stay in Rome?

If you are looking to save, we would choose to find a hotel in Termini and surroundings. The area is not the most beautiful in Rome, but Yes, it is one of the cheapest places to sleep in Rome.

What is the best area to stay in Rome for those looking to party?

If you like nightlife, we would opt for Trastevere. It is a very lively neighborhood where you can enjoy cocktails and a good atmosphere in one of its bars. It is a very special area!

What is the best area to stay in Rome for families?

The best area to stay in Rome for families would be Piazza di Spagna and its surroundings. You will find large, comfortable hotels and many facilities. However, it is not a very cheap option. Another alternative would be the historic center. In both, you won’t have to be overwhelmed to get on the subway with the little ones and you’ll get to almost anywhere on foot.

Best area to stay in Rome for special stays or honeymoons?

The surroundings of Piazza di Spagna. Without a doubt, it is the best area to stay in Rome for special stays since there are some of the most beautiful hotels in the city and it is a very picturesque area. Has it all!


On the map you will find the location of the best areas and hotels to stay in Rome. So you can choose more easily to be close to the places that interest you most.


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