Mumbai is the most expensive city in India to find accommodation. So Finding a cheap hotel to stay in Bombay is not easy! Especially in the south of the city, its most touristy area. So if you are traveling to Mumbai for tourism, we highly recommend sleeping in the south, it seems like another city! In addition, it is where you will find the main tourist attractions. If you sleep in another area, keep in mind that traffic in Mumbai is terrible. In this post we tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Mumbai so you can prepare your visit.

Our hotel in Mumbai

During our stay in Bombay we stayed at the Residency Hotel Fort and our experience was very positive. The rooms were super comfortable, the breakfast was complete, and the staff was the best on our entire route through India.

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1. Colaba, the best area to stay in Mumbai

If we have to stay with only one area to stay in Bombay, we definitely stayed with Colaba. It is the most tourist area of ​​the city and also the most practical for sleeping. If you decide to sleep in Colaba, almost everything will be within walking distance. In this historical part, you can visit the Gate of India, the Taj Mahal Palace, go shopping along the famous Colaba Causeway or have a coffee in one of its historic cafes.

What we liked most about Colaba was its architecture. You’ll find Lots of historic buildings, the vast majority built during the British Raj. It’s a really picturesque area! Furthermore, unlike other areas, It is very prepared for tourists: It is the cleanest and houses a wide variety of restaurants to eat in Bombay of all the cuisines you can imagine. Plus you can walk!

Regarding security, sleeping in Colaba is a good option. You will see a lot of police everywhere (and many are in plainclothes). However, you should not get lost, especially around the Puerta de la India, where pickpockets frequent, especially at night.

However, It is the most expensive area to stay in Mumbai. Finding a hotel for less than €100 per night is practically impossible. And that is very surprising in India! And the other bad thing is that if you decide to sleep there, you better calculate that it will take you two hours to get to the airport. Traffic in Mumbai is terrible!

Best Hotels in Colaba:

Colaba is the best area to stay in Mumbai for…

✅ Being close to the main tourist attractions of Bombay
✅ Sleep in the most practical, safe area with a wide variety of restaurants
❌ It is the most expensive area to sleep in Bombay and it is far from the airport

Colaba, the best area to stay in Mumbai

2. Fort, a smart option

If the prices in Colaba seemed too expensive for you, you can try sleeping in Fort. That’s what we did! This colorful neighborhood It is located just 15 minutes walk from Colaba. And yes, unlike other areas further north, between Fort and Colaba you can walk safely and calmly. Sidewalks exist!

Fort is known as the art district of Mumbai. It is a very interesting neighborhood full of world-class cafes, restaurants, art galleries and museums. And it’s not as touristy as Colaba! As a curiosity, the British colonialists settled in this area called Fort George, although the defensive fort no longer exists.

Along with Colaba, it is the area with the most attractions to see in Bombay. In Fort you can visit jewels from the British era such as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya museum, the old Victoria train station (one of the most beautiful in the world) or Big Ben in Bombay. You will not get bored!

Fort is one of the smartest areas to stay in Mumbai because you will be close to everything and the prices are a little lower than in Colaba. And not only in hotels! In Fort you will also find a wide variety of restaurants and they are cheaper than in the neighboring district.

On the negative side, highlight that some areas are busier than Colaba and that is also very far from the airport. Better leave early!

Good accommodations in Fort:

Fort is the best area to sleep in Bombay if…

✅ You want to be close to everything but are looking for a cheaper hotel
✅ You are interested in cultural visits such as art galleries or museums
❌ It is not as orderly and quiet as Colaba and the airport is far away

3. Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), if you are traveling for business

Bombay is the financial capital of India, so many people go to travel for business. If this is your case, sleeping in Bandra Kurla Complex is the best option. In this case, we are no longer talking about South Bombay, but the center. But that has other advantages!

During the day, it is one of the city’s main financial districts along with Nariman Point and Cuffe Parade, both in the south. At the BKC you will find some of the most important commercial buildings in Mumbai, including the Jio World Convention Centre, the most prominent convention center in the country. So If you are traveling for business, you will likely have to move around the area.

However, unlike many business districts, when night falls it doesn’t get boring. That is why, apart from being a business area, it can also be of interest to tourists. In BKC you can enjoy a lot of restaurants, bars and clubs where you can have fun. Yes indeed, Most hotels are luxury, so don’t expect to find cheap prices.

But the main advantage is that it is very close to the airport. It will only take you 20 minutes without traffic! So It is the best area to stay in Mumbai for business trips or for single-night stays.

If you are already considering sleeping more than one night in Bombay, keep in mind that BKC will be more than an hour’s drive from South Mumbaiwhere its main tourist attractions are located.

Best Hotels in Bandra Kurla:

Bandra Kurla is the best area to stay in Mumbai if…

✅ Are you traveling for business or just spending one night in Mumbai?
✅ You are looking to be close to the airport and in a safe area
❌ Far from tourist attractions and quite expensive

4. Marine Drive, one of the most interesting areas to sleep in Bombay

Returning to South Bombay, Marine Drive is the most famous promenade in the city. It borders the Arabian Sea and is super well maintained. So if you want to sleep near the sea, there is no better area! As a curiosity, Marine Drive was built on land reclaimed from the sea approximately 100 years ago. It is nicknamed the “queen’s necklace” because at night, when all the lights are on, it looks like a shiny necklace due to its curved shape.

Marine Drive is a fairly exclusive area to sleep in Mumbai. In fact, the Governor has his residence there. However, you can also find cheaper options, although one of the best tips for traveling to India is that it is the worst country to skimp on expenses.

The most interesting thing about Marine Drive are its beautiful Art Deco buildings. In fact, it has the second largest collection only behind Miami. Walking around breathing the Arabian breeze while contemplating these jewels is one of the best things to do in mumbai. And what’s more, you will be just a stone’s throw from Colaba and Fort, where you will find the rest of Bombay’s attractions.

It is also a very touristy area, with wide variety of restaurants (although most expensive). Additionally, you can visit the famous Chowpatty beach, although it is not suitable for bathing. It is a pity! However, no one can take away the luxury of sleeping near the sea…

Recommended accommodations on Marine Drive:

Marine Drive is the best area to stay in Mumbai for…

✅ Those tourists who want to sleep near the beach
✅ Being close to Colaba and Fort, where you will find the tourist attractions
❌ It is not as practical to sleep on Marine Drive as in Colaba and/or Fort

stay in Mumbaistay in Mumbai
Marine Drive, an exclusive area to stay in Mumbai

5. Bandra West, the cheapest area to stay in Mumbai

And finally, to finish this article on the best areas to stay in mumbaiwe couldn’t forget Bandra West. If you are looking for a hotel with great value for money, you should look in this area. You will find them for about €50!

Bandra West is located in central Mumbai, west of the BKC and across the famous Bandra Worli Sea Link Bridge. In this area you will find good hotels and cheaper than in the areas mentioned above. So if your budget is not very high, you can look at Bandra West!

In terms of tourist attractions, it does not have many. And the main drawback is that It will take you more than an hour and a half to reach Colaba. (unless you travel during really quiet times). If your stay is short, sleeping in Bandra West may be smart, but if you have to go south for more than a day, it is not a practical area.

Speaking of practicality, we liked the area because In addition to good and cheap hotels, it has a wide variety of restaurants and shopping centers. So it is ready for the tourist! AND To get to the airport, it should not take more than 30 minutes. Definitely, one of the smartest areas to stay in Mumbai.

Our recommendations in Bandra West:

Bandra West is the best area to stay in Mumbai for…

✅ Find nice and cheap hotels
✅ One night stays, with facilities and the airport nearby
❌ Far from the tourist attractions of Bombay


On the following map you will find the location of the best areas and hotels to stay in Bombay. From green to orange, from most to least recommended, respectively.


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