Stay in Langkawi for at least three nights It is essential to know all the attractions of this archipelago north of Malaysia. Its crystalline water beaches, tropical vegetation and mountainous landscapes will win you over. There is a lot of things to see and do in langkawi! Also has accommodation options for all types of travelers: from luxury hotels with all kinds of services to make you feel in paradise to very cheap hostels for backpackers.

We recommend the Best areas to stay in Langkawias well as our recommended hotels in each part of the island. At the end of the article you will find a map with the location of all areas and accommodation to stay in Langkawi to help you plan your trip πŸ™‚

Our hotel in Langkawi

During our visit to the island, we stayed at Aloft Langkawi Pantai Tengah. Very practical and quiet location next to the beach with good service, comfortable rooms and a very cool pool. Totally recommended!


1. Pantai Tengah, the best area to stay in Langkawi with a beach and a good atmosphere

You want to be a touch from the beach, close to restaurants but without an extremely touristy atmosphere? Pantai Tengah has great balance. It is just south of Pantai Cenang, the most touristy beach area on the island. In fact, it can be reached on foot in about 10-15 minutes. Tengah beach has kilometers of fine sand with stands where you can hire various activities very reasonably priced (and you can always haggle!) and some great restaurants. There is delimited areas for the bathroom perfect for cooling off from the sweltering heat with views of beautiful green islets.

There is quite a variety of accommodation, most 4-star hotels with prices around €100 per night. There’s also cheap options like hostels or homestays. In both cases, you will find accommodation on the seafront and, if not, you will be able to stand on the sand just by crossing the main road. Along the road there are several restaurants, spas, shops to buy the basics and even laundromats. In other words, everything you need for a great stay without a crowded atmosphere!

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Recommended Hotels and Villas in Pantai Tengah:

We recommend sleeping at Pantai Tengah if…

βœ… Being close to a quiet beach but with restaurants, shops and water activities

βœ… Being able to walk quietly without crowds

❌ Prices are higher than in Pantai Cenang

where to stay in langkawi
Pantai Tengah, an amazing beach to stay in Langkawi

2. Pantai Cenang, the most touristic beach area to stay in Langkawi

If you want to be in the center of the action, Pantai Cenang is for you. It’s about the liveliest beach in langkawiwhere there are people at all hours enjoying the good views of the Andaman sea. It is a very extensive beach, about 2 kilometers long, perfect for walking, sunbathing, bathing or practicing water sports. You also see some amazing sunsets and there are some restaurants with tables on the sand where to dine with a great panoramic view.

The streets of Pantai Cenang are lined with tourist-oriented restaurants and shops. You will find both local food and big western chains like McDonald’s or Starbucks. There too most of the hotels to stay in Langkawi are concentrated. There is a huge offer, especially cheap accommodation. As you move further from the beach, there are quieter streets full of local life. with many homestay and super cheap hostels.

Personally, it seemed like a Too busy area to stay in Langkawi. Tengah beach is practically the same (in fact, it is the continuation of Cenang) but with a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Good hotels in Pantai Cenang:

Stay in Pantai Cenang for…

βœ… Discover the most touristic and lively area of ​​Langkawi with all kinds of services

βœ… Find very cheap accommodation

❌ There are enough people at all hours

where to stay in langkawi
The streets of Pantai Cenang are the liveliest on the island

3. Pantai Kok, one of the best beach areas to stay in Langkawi

We continue with more cool beaches to sleep in Langkawi! Pantai Kok is ideal if you are looking for quiet accommodation on the seafront. There are the most luxury hotels on the island, with private beaches where to sunbathe on comfortable loungers. They also have multiple bars and restaurants.

The good news if you want to save is that there is life beyond private beaches! You can stay in a cheaper hotel and access the Pantai Kok public beach. Usually fairly quiet except on weekends, when local families visit. Of course, it does not have restaurants or services.

It is an area where you can enjoy luxury and tranquility. But at the same time, It has a very good location just 15 minutes from the airport and close to the cable car that goes up to the SkyBridge, an essential activity to do on the island to see incredible landscapes. In addition, you will be touching the telaga port. From there they leave boats to the beautiful Thai island of Koh Lipe without having to transfer to the busy port of Kuah.

Top hotels in Pantai Kok:

We recommend staying at Pantai Kok if…

βœ… You are looking for a quiet beach with first class hotels

βœ… You want to be close to the SkyBridge, Telaga airport and port

❌ You are looking for a super lively area with many services

where to stay in langkawi
The beautiful bay of Pantai Kok, seen from the SkyCab cable car

4. Tanjung Rhu and its incredible beach, one of the best areas to sleep in Langkawi

To the extreme northwest of the island lies the beautiful Tanjung Rhu. It is one of the best beaches in Langkawi and the good news is that it has public access (unlike others we share in this article). In addition to sunbathing and swimming in the sea, you will be able to see beautiful sunsets from there. We also recommend you rent some kayaks and paddle to the nearby karst islands, there you will find dreamy deserted beaches!

If you are looking for some relaxing vacation by the sea without spending a lot of money in a luxury hotelTanjung Rhu is the best area to stay in langkawi. Despite not being a highly developed area, there are some restaurants: both luxurious on the beach and stalls where you can try the local food.

Hay accommodation for all budgets, from small beachside casitas run by locals to large luxury resorts with incredible pools overlooking the sea. From Tanjung Rhu, Quickly reach the starting point of the mangrove tour at Kilim Geoforest Park. It was one of our activities to enjoy the landscapes of Langkawi and you should not miss it πŸ˜‰

Our recommendations in Tanjung Rhu:

Tanjung Rhu is a great area to stay if…

βœ… You want a relaxing beach vacation without overcrowding

βœ… Ideal for visiting the north of the island

❌ It is not close to urban centers

Tanjung Rhu is an ideal beach to relax and explore the nearby islands

5. Teluk Datai, the most exclusive beach in Langkawi

Datai Bay is ideal if you are looking for a 5-star experience with a spectacular beach. there is only three resorts that share private beach access with white sand and crystal clear water. Teluk Datai is 1.5 kilometers long and relatively small compared to other Langkawi beaches. But tranquility reigns there because only resort guests can access it. The beach is oriented to the west, so you can enjoy incredible sunsets in an idyllic setting. Is he best place to stay in langkawi for honeymoon most romantic.

There are no services beyond what the resorts offer, including an exclusive golf course. If you are one of those who loves to try a lot of restaurants and walk through new streets every day during your vacation, Datai Bay is not the best area. where to stay in langkawi. Instead, you will love this place if you are looking to relax and unwind.

He high price of the stay is the main negative point to take into account. Although in reality, the rates are very reasonable for the excellent service offered by these luxury resorts when compared to other similar accommodations in other parts of the world. If you want to treat yourself, Langkawi is an ideal destination!

Best hotels to stay in Datai Bay:

Datai is a perfect area to stay in Langkawi for…

βœ… A luxury vacation with access to an exclusive beach

βœ… Enjoy the tranquility

❌ There are only three accommodations (two of them quite expensive) and there are no services outside of those establishments

where to stay in langkawi
The most exclusive bay to sleep in Langkawi

6. Kuah, the city with the main port of Langkawi

Kuah is the the capital of Langkawi. You can stroll through the huge Legenda Park and, of course, photograph the giant brown eagle statue so iconic to Langkawi. Beyond that, It does not have many tourist attractions nor does it have direct access to the beach from the center. It is simply a city where the commercial life of the island is concentrated.

Choosing a hotel in Kuah to stay in Langkawi is a good idea if you arrive by boat in the afternoon and feel like resting near the port before changing hotels to another area of ​​the island with more attractions. Similarly, also it is smart to sleep in Kuah the last night of your stay if you are leaving by boat first thing in the morning. This way you’ll gain some sleep by being next to the port πŸ˜‰ In any case, We do NOT recommend staying in Kuah for more than one night.

Recommended accommodations in Kuah:

Kuah is a good area to stay in Langkawi if…

βœ… You arrive or leave Langkawi by boat

βœ… Do you want to surround yourself with a local atmosphere?

❌ The best beaches in Langkawi are far from Kuah

Kuah’s most famous eagle

7. Padang Matsirat, the best area to stay in Langkawi near the airport

Do you land late at night or leave on a flight first thing in the morning? If you don’t want to waste time in transportation, you can stay one night in a hotel close to the airport Langkawi International. The island is not very big and it will take you 40 minutes at most to go from one end to the other. But staying next to the airport can save you a good early start on the way to your next destination.

Also, in Padang Matsirat there are a couple of interesting places to visit. you can see a batik art village, a technique for dyeing fabric that creates incredible designs. There’s also historical tombs and a monument to remember all the burned rice fields when, during a battle against Siam, they wanted to prevent the enemies from having access to the crops.

Best Hotels Near Langkawi Airport:

We recommend staying at Padang Matsirat in case…

βœ… Land very late at night or take off very early in the morning

βœ… You want to visit little-known attractions on the island

❌ It is not worth staying more than one night



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