By: Vane Villalva

One always returns to where one was happy; the first time I went to Yucatan a long time ago I thought it was a place for elderly ladies, very quiet, peaceful, where the most that can happen to you is that an old man throws his teeth at you… And I was not wrong… Yes it is! But it also has nightlife; if you are young, you like going out and you fancy spending a few days in this beautiful city, I will tell you some options to have a great time.

When I came to Yucatan, especially to Merida, I remember arriving on a Wednesday and wanting to go out at night to vandalize, I came to a place that I wish I could forget and erase the memory; I will not say what place it was because I do not want complaints, it does not even exist on Google.

I won’t say that I had a bad time, on the contrary, it was a very authentic and different experience… You know how? I don’t know if it has happened to you that you have one of those experiences in which your mind can’t conceive how you ended up there but you keep it with great affection… Well, like what happens to you with exes? Well, like that.

I recently returned and this time they promised to take me to top places to remedy the irreparable damage, they certainly succeeded.


A very pretty building, cabaret style and in very good taste, in short, I don’t know if you understand that I’m telling you not to go there with your flip-flops and your esquites-stained T-shirt.

A show with drags, live singers, lots of atmosphere, beautiful people like you, what are you reading? There are women who go to pilates and people who could be the children of those women.

The truth is, I knew very few songs and I only pretended that I knew them so I wouldn’t be disappointed. It doesn’t matter if the songs they play aren’t from your genre or your time, I can truly promise you that you’ll enjoy it a lot; the production, the music, the lighting, the dancers, the costumes, everything is very well thought out. I don’t know who came up with such an idea but I thought it was amazing. I took out the forbidden ones, I screamed, I applauded, I fell in love, I got divorced, I was ghosted.

I give it 10 shots, very top, an excellent show. Please, you have to go.

  • Located at P.º de Montejo 312, Paseo Montejo area, Downtown.
  • Entry fee: 700-800 Mexican pesos plus whatever you consume
  • Opening hours: Open from Thursday to Saturday.
Ten Bar

It just happened to be the second anniversary and it was a super famous drag queen; people went crazy when they saw her, I just said I don’t know who you are and la chesse (she was a gringa) and I didn’t stop to applaud her and I didn’t give a damn.

I loved seeing so many people from the LGBT+ community supporting the competitors. A kid in the audience started singing Taylor Swift songs. I heard some applause, some whistling, and some crickets, but it’s a start.

I was too distracted with the competitors, one of those times when you even forget to applaud because you are so immersed in the show.

Lots of stretching, her splits, her acrobatics, her twerking, method actresses.

It’s a 100% drag show alternating with Latin dance music. We ended up dancing to Selena songs, cumbias, reggaeton.

This place, unlike Bernardette, is a much more youthful atmosphere. I only saw a lady in a corner, hunched over. Oh no! It was my friend who was clapping while dancing. Sorry, I didn’t remember.

Accessible, fun place, with a good atmosphere and that is open on Wednesdays. Applause!

  • Located at C. 53 495, Santa Lucia Park, Downtown.
  • Entry cost: from 100 Mexican pesos or depends on who shows up.
  • Hours: Open Wednesday through Sunday from 8:00 pm to 2:30 am.

Yucatan is not just cenotes, spectacular beaches, great restaurants, pyramids; you can also live at night and very well, I don’t usually recommend places unless I really know they are worth it. If you go, let me know, you won’t regret it, believe me.


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