We are in full season to taste some delicious chiles en nogada, a dish that is representative of Mexico and originates from the state of Puebla.

Thanks to its popularity, we can find it in various parts of the country, so we took on the task of looking for some places in Mexico City where you can enjoy this dish.

The Panchos

In Los Panchos you can taste traditional Mexican food, where carnitas and pork rinds stand out; however, during the months of August and September, its menu offers the traditional chile en nogada.

The Los Panchos chile en nogada is a recipe created by grandmother Carolina Rodríguez, founder of the restaurant, and who achieves the perfect balance of ingredients to delight diners.

This chili is stuffed with ground beef and pork, almonds, pine nuts, Creole apple, raisins, perón and plantain. It is covered by the nogada, made with walnuts, milk and a touch of cheese, decorated with pomegranate and parsley.

And although the recipe is completely traditional, its flavor is unique, and the nogada has a special touch that makes it stand out from others that have been tried.

The price of the dish is 340 pesos and includes a shot of tequila. They can also accompany it with a craft beer from the house or any other drink of your choice.

The Panchos It is located at Tolstoi 9, in the Anzures neighborhood.

Carmela and Salt

Carmela y Sal is a place that offers an edible concert to its guests, each dish tells a story and invites one to be part of it.

During this season, chef Gaby Ruiz presents her chili en nogada, a recipe that challenged her and helped her overcome her fears, a recipe that she built in her own way and of which she is proud.

“Life is a recipe that everyone builds in their own way, and it’s delicious because I made it,” says the chef.

This chile en nogada can be accompanied with a rosé wine, a sparkling wine or a Tequila Volcán de mi Tierra.

The dish is priced at 449 pesos and you can already enjoy it at Carmela and Saltwhich is located at Pedregal 24, Torre Virreyes.


Amici restaurant is the ideal place to go with friends or family, regardless of your tastes and gastronomic restrictions, as this place offers four different options of chiles en nogada and all of them are delicious.

You will find the Traditional Chile, which is coated with egg whites, stuffed with sweet mincemeat and bathed in a walnut and goat cheese sauce, red pomegranate and fresh parsley.

The second option is the Chile Undressed, which is the chile en nogada without weathering, stuffed with sweet mincemeat, bathed in a sauce of walnuts and goat cheese, red pomegranate and fresh parsley.

For those who do not eat meat, there is the option of the Vegetarian Chile, which is stuffed with vegan mincemeat based on peas and beets, bathed in a sauce of walnuts, red pomegranate and fresh parsley.

Without a doubt, the Vegetarian Chile is an excellent option, the taste is good and recommended for those vegetarian travelers who do not want to miss this season.

If you want to get out of the traditional recipe and venture to try something different, there is the Chile Hojaldrado, which is stuffed with sweet mincemeat, baked with puff pastry, bathed in a walnut and goat cheese sauce, red pomegranate and fresh parsley. .

The Chile Puff pastry may seem a bit strange, but the fusion of the puff pastry with the nogada and the rest of the ingredients gives it a special flavor.

The recipe for these chiles en nogada is the creation of chef Julio Gómez, who has worked over time modifying some details to perfect it until it achieves an exceptional flavor.

In addition, on the recommendation of the sommelier, the chiles en nogada can be accompanied by a rosé wine or sangria.

The price of each dish is 449 pesos and can be found at the restaurante Amiciat the Sheraton Maria Isabel hotel, throughout the month of September from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The poblanita of Tacubaya

La Poblanita de Tacubaya is a restaurant recognized for its Mexican food, which stands out for its dedication to preserving Mexican recipes and giving its guests a unique experience.

During this season you can enjoy the traditional chili en nogada, which is stuffed with ground beef, pine nuts, walnuts, apples, pears, raisins, bathed in nogada, pomegranate and parsley. It is also accompanied by white rice with fried plantain.

You can taste the chili with your favorite drink, such as horchata water, tamarind, or a drink.

The recommendation is that you go with an appetite to taste this dish since its portion is very filling.

The price of chile en nogada is 396 pesos, although they can also have half a chile for 255 pesos.

The Poblanita of Tacubaya It is located at Luis G. Vieyra 14, in Colonia San Miguel Chapultepec.

Do you like chiles en nogada? What other places in Mexico City do you recommend?

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