When is Hot Travel 2022?” is a post for you who are looking for those good prices that guarantee your next trip…

Whether you are a travel lover or just an occasional traveler, the excitement of getting good prices to give yourself that little taste of visiting one of the destinations you had scheduled or simply discovering the one that comes along, is always welcome.

Luckily, there are several times of the year when there are opportunities to get good prices, some of the most recognized to do so are the Hot Sale, the Good End, Cyber ​​Monday, Black Friday, etc.

And, for a few years, Hot Travel has been added to that list, an event that you are going to love; Next, we tell you why?

Drum roll, we present you a very good information so that you can buy that trip to Cancun for the end of the year, or that romantic getaway to San Miguel de Allende for the next long weekend, or why not, a few days of peace in some magical town, all are fantastic options.

After this boast, we want to tell you that in a few days the Hot Travel begins, the most important online sales campaign for the travel industry in Mexico.

The interesting thing about this event is that the best brands in the industry participate, who will be offering their customers incredible and exclusive discounts and promotions on products and/or services.

You’re already excited, right? Take a deep breath and we’ll tell you more…

When is Hot Travel 2022?

This year the fourth edition of Hot Travel will be held and it will take place over five days.

The dates of Hot Travel 2022 will be from 00:00 on October 13 to 23:59 on October 17.

What will you find in the next Hot Travel 2022?

In the same way that you write important family dates and your work appointments in your agenda, it is well worth giving a place to the 5 days of hot travel, it will be like a reminder to pamper yourself.

Data from the 2021 edition reveals that more than 40 travel companies participated, issuing more than 150,000 purchase orders at surprising prices.

Travel agencies, airlines, hotel chains, car rental companies, insurance companies, are part of the large number of companies committed to offering the best prices.

Without a doubt, you can not let it go.

Hot Travel

Tips to take advantage of Hot Travel

The idea of ​​accessing very good prices to make that trip that you have been waiting for is exciting and as such deserves that you be prepared to find it.

For that, it may be useful to take into account some recommendations so that your purchase is the success you expected:

In principle, it is good to be clear about which destinations you would like to visit, surely there is one that weighs more than others, but try to make a list that is not so exclusive and analyze a possible plan B.

If it makes you calmer, you can start quoting flights, hotels, packages, etc., so that when analyzing the offers of those days of Hot Travel, you can really identify which one is the right one.

It is a good idea to have a notebook where you write down package prices (hotel and flight), separate prices for the flight and the hotel for the chosen dates and alternative dates, and in this way you evaluate which one is best for you to buy.

If you already have a previous investigation carried out and you get a good price, with discounts that are really noticeable, do not keep waiting for a better one in the following days. Take advantage of!

It is a good opportunity to book your trips in advance and you may find very good offers for specific dates, but be careful, analyze your availability of time to make the trip without impediments. If you are not sure, check the date change and/or cancellation policies.

Hot Travel

Before finishing…

Finally, a tip that always applies to everything you buy online, read the conditions of what you buy very well and ask for it in writing.

For example, if you buy a flight to Cancun, make sure which airport it leaves from, the dates, if it includes luggage, if the airport tax is paid or not, etc.

Likewise, if you contract accommodation in a hotel, ensure the conditions of accommodation such as type of room, view, whether it includes food or not, etc.

Good luck!

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