Thinking about your next trip? Perhaps you already have the perfect destination but you are waiting for that opportunity to find a good price… Do not miss this post “When is Hot Sale 2022?“, it may interest you.

When we intend to travel and we want to make the most of our money, we look forward to the announcement of the dates of special discounts, Hot Sale, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, the Good End, they should all be on the agenda of a frequent traveler…

Even if we have a budget available, taking advantage of a good price never hurts, if you save on the one hand, you can give yourself another little extra taste, two trips for one can be an option if you know how to spend your money…

Can you already imagine where to go? Some beach in Cancun, a walk through the beautiful Mexico City, visiting a beautiful magical town, also a getaway to Los Cabos sounds attractive, there are many options.

Are you excited don’t you? Without further ado, let’s see what this Hot Sale has in store for us.

Ecommerce in Mexico is promoted by the Mexican Association of Online Sales and for several years it has established itself as an alternative of great value for sellers and buyers who take advantage of the virtual market.

In this context, in 2014 the now famous Hot Sale emerged, a virtual event that has been held every year since then and promotes the trade of products and services through virtual platforms.

Among the advantages of this sales scheme is the possibility for consumers to easily access information on the products they are interested in, being able to compare prices between different sellers without having to go to a branch.

Likewise, the meeting of so many companies in this virtual market somehow “forces” them to offer good prices and for consumers it is a good opportunity to take advantage of them.

What can you find in the Hot Sale?

When browsing between the available web pages and apps, you will find a huge list of products and services; beauty, home, cars, travel, garden, clothing and footwear, toys, books, pets, among many other items that will have countless products to choose from.

Many discounts, special promotions, flash offers, discount coupons, are part of what you will find.

More than 500 commercial brands come together to offer thousands of products, you can see a preview on the Hot Sale website here.

When is Hot Sale 2022?

Prepare your agenda that the Mexican Association of Online Sales, AMVO, confirmed a few weeks ago that the Hot Sale 2022 will take place from Monday, May 23 to Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

If you think about it, it is an ideal date since you have some time to save and it is just a good chance to take advantage of a good discount for the next summer vacation 2022, a getaway on a long weekend, etc.

hot sale 2022

Tips to buy in the Hot Sale

Buying at the 2022 Hot Sale is quite an experience, you must be attentive and smart when making your purchases. Search, compare, save, enjoy, in that order…

Here are some tips to achieve an excellent investment when booking for your next trip:

Quality, price and conditions of sale, everything is important. Do not get carried away by the impulse to buy, you must analyze.

If your idea is to take advantage of discounts on flights, you will surely find several options, but you should check what is included in what you pay, for example if the TUA (airport tax) is included or not, how many kilos of luggage, the possibility of changing the date, etc.

If you are not sure if you have free dates on which you choose to travel, consider booking your plane tickets, hotel, tours, with flexible dates, that is, that allows you to change dates. Check the costs you will have to do it.

Whenever you hire a service, ask for everything they offer you in writing, that way you avoid misunderstandings when validating your purchase.

It may happen that you choose a destination and you do not find the desired accommodation, for example a hotel on the beach, in that case go ahead and discover new options, look for a hostel, glamping, rent a vacation home, etc., you may be surprised.

As in the previous case, if you have a destination in mind and it seems to you that it does not have good prices, do not hesitate to find another alternative. Mexico has many beautiful places, if you don’t know which one, check our blog and find many proposals.

hot sale

Also keep in mind these…

Evaluate the means of payment enabled, it usually happens that each credit card has a different option and can be more profitable in terms of number of installments, time to make the first payment, interest, etc.

The number of products that you will find is impressive, compare the alternatives, take note and take advantage of the one that best suits your tastes and your pocket.

Monitor the prices of the destinations beforehand, so you can see if you really get a good discount in the Hot Sale 2022.

Finally, make sure you buy from a reliable travel agency, check out our post here; Do not forget that we are here to help you, any questions you can find us at this link.


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