Imagine a beach in the northeast, vast, jagged, framed by endless coconut groves and protected by coral reefs, but with white sand and turquoise Caribbean Sea. Welcome to Punta Cana. Punta Cana, on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, borders the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. The region is known for its 32 kilometers of beaches and clear waters. The Bavaro area and Punta Cana it is linked to the so-called Costa del Coco, an area of ​​luxury resorts with an all-inclusive system. The area is very popular for activities such as zip lining, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing.

There are at least 40 resorts in this part of the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. The bill can reach 60, considering that some Punta Cana complexes have up to five hotels under a single banner. None of them have buildings bigger than coconut trees. And they all work with the all-inclusive system, which includes all meals, snacks and drinks – and you’re not afraid to close your account. It is not a place for many walks, but a place to enjoy the great sea and the mega-infrastructure of your hotel.

A paradise destination full of all-inclusive resorts, with daily facilities and activities. You can choose to stay just at the hotel, alternating between swimming pools, a great beach and good drinks…but if you want to go out and learn a little about the city, there are great opportunities for tours to Punta Cana that are offered, usually at the hotel itself. But let’s cut to the chase, do you want to know what to do and our tips for Punta Cana? Check out our selection of places and tours in Punta Cana.

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swim with the dolphins

This is truly one of the most popular activities for tourists, not just in Punta Cana, but also in places like Cancun. In Punta Cana there are some parks that do this activity, such as Dolphin Explorer, Dolphin Discovery, Dolphin Island Park and others. The values ​​depend on the park and the floor you choose, just give the dolphin a hug and kiss until you are pulled or lifted from them.

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Discover Hoyo Azul

If you are one of those who prefer a part-time tour, where you must leave early but still have time to return to your hotel for lunch, visiting Hoyo Azul is one of the most recommended tours in Punta Cana.

This cenote is located in the Juanillo region, in a park called Scape Park. At around 7:30 am a van will pick you up from your hotel and at 8:30 am you will be at the park, whose main attraction is the same Hoyo Azul. After a short walk you will reach a cave with crystal clear water. Take the opportunity to dive, photograph and relax.

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Cap Cana VIP

This tour takes you to the beautiful beach of Juanillo, which is accessed by the luxurious and imposing Cap Cana condominium.

The beach is cinematic, with white sand, breathtaking Caribbean sea, coconut trees, lounge chairs, hammocks. At a certain part of the tour you visit the beautiful marina of the resort and then you can enjoy the impeccable lunch.

After lunch, we will sail to a beautiful snorkeling spot. A visit to Hoyo Azul is included in this tour.

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Visit Saona Island

Imagine an island whose sea is even more beautiful than Punta Cana…that is, Isla Saona. This is one of the most important and perhaps the most popular tours in the region.

The tour lasts a full day and starts with a 1h30 bus ride to Baiahybe, where you board a lively catamaran with music until you reach the island. There is a stop for diving at La Palmilla, a beautiful natural pool. Lunch and drinks included on this tour are served around 1:00 pm on Isla Saona. Some complain that the tour is exhausting, but the 3 hours spent on this paradise island make the experience unforgettable.

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Manati Park

Manati Park is a park where tourists have contact with nature, local culture and can still observe various species of animals. It is possible to swim with dolphins for an additional fee.

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Take a tour of Santo Domingo

Capital of the Dominican Republic, the city of Santo Domingo presents many things to the tourist. You can walk through Zona Colonial and Parque Colón, a place named after Christopher Columbus. In Santo Domingo you can visit several squares, churches and museums and even an Alcázar, the palace of Columbus’ brother.

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Coco Bongo

The newly opened Coco Bongo is located in downtown Punta Cana and is already becoming the most popular nightclub in the Dominican Republic. The house, with branches in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, carries with it the tradition of fun and overproduced parties.

If you want to enjoy a completely different night with performances, shows, music and entertainment, it is well worth booking a day to enjoy the fun at Coco Bongo. Tickets can be purchased online or at the resort itself (most of them advertise the venue and sell tickets).

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This is one of the great Punta Cana tips for those who want to do a part-time tour. The attraction begins with a very lively catamaran, where you will have at your disposal a structure in the sea, with the right to dive among sharks and rays.

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Ride a buggy on Playa Macao

The Buggy Tour is one of the most enjoyable tours in Punta Cana. The tour begins with visits to the typical fields and villages of the region. Afterwards, visitors participate in the cultivation and production of coffee, tobacco and cocoa and taste a typical drink from the Dominican Republic, Mamajuana. The visit includes a dip in a cave and ends in Playa Macau, with time for tourists to rest and enjoy the scenery.

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Explore a Isla Catalina

Isla Catalina is a small island in the southeast of the Dominican Republic, in a protected natural park area, without the presence of human constructions.

Protected from the wind, the island has a sea as calm as a swimming pool. The island has three large beaches with long white sand beaches, but being a protected area, only one of them is used by visitors. The rest of the island’s coast is made up of incredible cliffs covered with vegetation, near which you can dive and better observe the marine flora and fauna.

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