Turkey is a country that spans two continents: Europe and Asia, providing an impressive mix of culture and history that amazes travelers who visit it.

From the impressive monuments of Istanbul that bear witness to the greatness of past civilizations, to the magical landscapes of Cappadocia, where hot air balloons float over unique rock formations, Turkey offers a unique travel experience.

With a delicious gastronomy that fuses flavors of the East and the West, paradisiacal beaches, ancient ruins and the hospitality of its people, Turkey is a destination that awakens the curiosity and amazement of those who visit it.

If you are planning a trip to Turkey, we share 10 classic experiences to do in this country:

Marvel at Istanbul

Istanbul, the majestic metropolis that links Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus, is a city that dazzles with its rich historical heritage and contemporary vitality. Walking through its cobbled streets is like walking through the pages of a living history book, with the iconic Hagia Sophia, the impressive Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace evoking the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire.

At the same time, Istanbul bustles with energy with colorful markets, vibrant bars and restaurants, and the mix of cultures that makes it unique. The delicious aromas of street food and the charm of its hidden corners make Istanbul a destination that captivates all the senses.

Balloon flight in Cappadocia

Cappadocia, with its fairytale landscape of unique rock formations, is a magical corner of Turkey that seems straight out of a fantasy world. In the region of CappadociaGoing up in a hot air balloon at dawn is an unforgettable experience.

Hot air balloons rise at first light, revealing a scene of whimsical fairy chimneys, underground cities and ancient rock-cut monasteries.

This region is a journey through time, where history and nature combine to create an amazing landscape that transports you to a dream world.

Relax and take a swim in Pamukkale

Pamukkale, known as the “Cotton Castle,” is a natural treasure of Turkey. The white travertine terraces, formed by mineral-rich hot springs flowing down the mountain slopes, create a unique and dazzling visual spectacle.

This magical place invites you to walk barefoot through the thermal pools, where you can immerse yourself and relax in warm, crystal-clear waters. The experience of contemplating the white glow of Pamukkale and the opportunity to take a dip in their pools will leave you with a feeling of wonder and rejuvenation.

Discover the ancient City of Troy

Troy, the legendary city of ancient times, is an archaeological site of immense historical value in Turkey. This is the place where the events narrated in the famous “Trojan War” of Greek mythology took place.

Exploring the ruins of Troy, which would have been located on Hisarlik Hill, will transport you to an epic past, where ancient walls, fortifications and the famous Trojan Horse tell stories of heroes and legends. This site evokes a deep sense of admiration for the connection between historical reality and the myths that have endured throughout the centuries.

Visit the ruins of Ephesus

One of the best preserved ancient cities in the world, Ephesus is an archaeological treasure in Turkey that immerses you in the grandeur of antiquity. Walking through its marble streets is like traveling back in time, where the ruins of imposing temples, monuments, libraries and amphitheaters bring to life the grandeur of a bygone civilization.

The Library of Celsus and the Grand Theater are just two of the impressive vestiges that will leave you speechless. Ephesus is a tangible testament to the engineering and culture of ancient Rome, and visiting it is a fascinating experience that will connect you with the splendor of the past.

Fall in love with Izmir

Izmir, a port city on Turkey’s Aegean coast, is a destination that charmingly combines history and modernity. Its old town, with cobblestone streets and historic buildings, will transport you to the past, while its lively promenade and vibrant nightlife will immerse you in contemporary culture.

Izmir, also known as İzmir, is a place where the flavors of the sea and the authenticity of Turkish coastal life mix. Here, you can enjoy fresh fish at local restaurants, explore bustling markets, and get lost among neoclassical architecture. This city offers a unique experience that combines historical richness and modern vitality on the Turkish Aegean coast.

Go shopping in its Bazaars

Türkiye’s bazaars are legendary. In Istanbul, don’t miss the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar, where you can find unique carpets, ceramics, spices and jewelry.

Tour the Bosphorus and Cross Between Continents

A boat ride on the Bosphorus will take you from one continent to another, offering you stunning views of Istanbul. See Ottoman palaces, historic mansions and forts along the way.

Admire and rest on its beaches

Turkey’s beaches are authentic coastal paradises that hug the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. With crystal clear and warm waters, golden sands and impressive landscapes, these beaches are a refuge for lovers of the sun and the sea.

From the beaches of Bodrum to those of Antalya, every corner of the Turkish coast offers a unique experience. Whether relaxing in the sun, practicing water sports or exploring hidden coves, Turkey’s beaches invite you to enjoy tranquility, natural beauty and Turkish hospitality in an unparalleled setting.

Enjoy its delicious cuisine

Turkey’s cuisine is a delicious fusion of flavors and traditions that reflect the country’s rich history and cultural diversity. From irresistible kebabs, made with grilled meat and aromatic spices, to baklava, a sweet and sticky dessert layered with nuts and honey, Turkish food is a pleasure for the palate.

Mezes, a variety of appetizers including tabbouleh, hummus and stuffed peppers, are a vital part of the Turkish culinary experience. Additionally, Turkish coffee, uniquely prepared and served in small cups, is a delicacy not to be missed. Food in Turkey not only satisfies the appetite, but also celebrates the hospitality and culture that make this country an exceptional gastronomic destination.

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