Visiting Baja California is immersing yourself in a land of fascinating contrasts. From the crystal-clear waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez to the vast arid expanses of the Vizcaíno Desert, this Mexican peninsula offers a unique experience.

Beach lovers can enjoy the charms of destinations like Rosarito and Ensenada, with relaxing beaches and a vibrant food scene. For the adventurous, Valle de Guadalupe, known as the “Mexican Napa,” offers a wine lover’s delight with its vineyards and wineries.

If you are planning a trip to Baja California, which this year celebrates 72 years as a Free State, these are some must-see places:


The state capital invites adventurers to experience the unique thrill of sandboarding in the dunes that dot its surroundings.

The city is proud of its rich Chinese heritage, manifested through vibrant festivals, distinctive architecture and a gastronomic offering that combines the traditional with the contemporary.

With cultural events and festivals throughout the year, Mexicali stands as a destination that harmonizes the essence of its traditional roots, vibrant modernity and the fascinating Chinese influence that enriches its identity.

Tecate, Magic Town

Designated as a Magic Town in 2012, Tecate stands out as the only town with this distinction located on a border, becoming an essential destination for multiple reasons.

Primarily recognized as the starting point of the famous Wine Route, Tecate is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious wineries in the state. In addition to being the birthplace of the renowned Tecate Beer, the town is distinguished for offering the most exquisite sweet and savory breads in the region.

With more than 50 ranches and spas, Tecate has become an idyllic place for those seeking rest and has one of the natural wonders of Baja California: La Rumorosa, a place that attracts mountaineers and lovers of unique landscapes alike.

Saint Quentin

A municipality that embraces the ocean, valleys, deserts, bays and mountains, presents a diversity of captivating attractions, with San Quintín Bay and its intricate water snakes being the most surprising.

Known as the La Bahía wetlands, they occupy an area of ​​5,438 hectares of lush green vegetation, where freshwater lagoons form in the shape of snakes or curved labyrinths. This natural wonder is not only one of the seven wetlands that enrich Baja California, but also a welcoming home to more than 20,000 exotic birds that add a touch of color and life to this unique ecosystem.

Rosarito Beaches

Rosarito Beach stands as a beach destination par excellence, offering various water activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaks and tours to the Coronado Islands. In addition to being a paradise for national and foreign surfers, it is a place where gastronomy based on fish and seafood, with lobster as the protagonist, delights visitors.


When talking about Baja California, it is impossible to overlook Tijuana, a cosmopolitan city that bustles with dynamism and offers a vibrant nightlife. Its rise in the gastronomic, cultural and artistic fields positions it as one of the most outstanding destinations to visit with family, as a couple or with friends.

Exploring the Historic Center of the city is entering a world of gastronomic and cultural options. The iconic Avenida Revolución is a feast for the senses, from the refined flavors of international cuisine to authentic Mexican dishes, without forgetting the renowned craft beer tap rooms that have made Tijuana famous worldwide.

In Playas de Tijuana, you can contemplate the Mexican Pacific, see Coronado Island and even glimpse the lights of the city of San Diego on the horizon.


Ensenada, with its intense fishing activity and as a port of call for cruise ships, attracts thousands of visitors in search of its natural charms and its notable presence in the wine scene. However, it is its distinguished gastronomy that stands as its main attraction, offering the opportunity to delight in exquisite delicacies such as governor tacos, breaded fish tacos, ceviches and seafood cocktails.

This coastal city is also home to another of the natural wonders of Baja California: “La Bufadora”, a marine geyser whose water columns reach up to 18 meters high, accompanied by impressive sounds. La Bufadora has a tourist corridor that provides a complete experience, with craft shops, restaurants and places to buy unique souvenirs.

San Felipe

San Felipe, with its warm waters of the Gulf of California, invites you to immerse yourself in a fusion of sun, beach and exciting adventure activities. With its off-road scene, this destination is ideal for those looking to explore in off-road vehicles, also offering quiet beaches for moments of total relaxation.

Wine tourism

The Wine Route has become a must-see when visiting Baja California. With seven wine valleys, more than 150 wineries offer tastings, gastronomic tastings and tours of cellars and vineyards, all framed by a Mediterranean climate that is conducive to the production of red, white and rosé wines.

Baja California invites travelers to enjoy holistic experiences in its boutique hotels, making a visit to the state unforgettable at any time of the year.


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