Located on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, Alexandria presents itself as a melting pot of history, culture and coastal beauty. Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC, the city has witnessed the rise and fall of empires, housing a wealth of archaeological treasures that tell its fascinating story.

From the renowned Library of Alexandria to the enchanting promenades, let’s discover the magic surrounding this city that has captivated travelers and scholars throughout the centuries.

Library of Alexandria: Resurrection of a Lost Legacy

The Library of Alexandria, a former beacon of knowledge, stood as an emblematic monument of wisdom and scholarship in the heart of the ancient city. Founded by Ptolemy II in the 3rd century BC, this majestic institution housed an unrivaled collection of manuscripts, maps and treatises spanning various disciplines.

Known as the intellectual epicenter of the ancient world, the Library of Alexandria was more than just an accumulation of scrolls; It represented the human ambition to understand the universe and preserve the legacy of human thought.

Although the fate of the original library remains shrouded in mystery, the modern Library of Alexandria stands as a tribute to its glorious past, serving as a contemporary beacon of learning and cultural exchange in the same location that once housed the lost wonder of the antiquity.

Lighthouses and Fortresses: Guardians of the Mediterranean Sea

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, dominated the coastal skyline of the ancient Egyptian city with its imposing presence. Built during the reign of Ptolemy II in the 3rd century BC, this architectural colossus stood more than 100 meters high and served as both a lighthouse and a monument.

Its truncated conical structure, crowned by a statue of Zeus or Poseidon according to various sources, highlighted the mastery of the engineers of the time. Equipped with a flame on its top to guide sailors through the waters of the Mediterranean, the Alexandria Lighthouse symbolized the union between knowledge, navigation and cultural greatness.

Although the original lighthouse lies in the past, the Qaitbay and Montaza fortresses highlight the strategic importance of Alexandria over the centuries, offering panoramic views and a tangible connection to its maritime past.

The charm of the Old City

The labyrinthine streets of the Old City of Alexandria tell silent stories among their worn cobblestones. Walking through this intricate urban network, a cultural mosaic is revealed, where colonial architecture mixes with the authenticity of daily life.

The bustling markets, bursting with colors and aromas, offer a unique sensory experience. From exotic spices and local crafts to the constant bustle of sellers and buyers, every corner of these markets is a reflection of the rich mix of cultural influences that have left their mark on Alexandria over the centuries.

The serenity of the Montaza Gardens

The Montaza Gardens, formerly a royal palace, offer an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the urban hustle and bustle. This lush oasis, formerly part of a royal palace, stretches along the Mediterranean coast, inviting visitors to lose themselves among its manicured gardens and shady paths.

With gently swaying palm trees, dancing fountains and fragrant flowers, the gardens create a charming and relaxing atmosphere. The panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea add a touch of majesty to this green corner.

A paradise for Fudis around the world

The Mediterranean coast influences the cuisine of Alexandria, which stands out for its fresh seafood and unique flavors.

From fried fish in the harbor to restaurants serving authentic local dishes, Alexandria’s culinary scene delights palates with its freshness and authenticity.

The post What to do in the historic city of Alexandria? first appeared on Alan x the World.

The post What to do in the historic city of Alexandria? appeared first on Alan x the World.

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