My two children wanting to take a good dip in Macarelleta

In this article I am going to talk to you about some plans that you can do in Menorca with children. I will show you both the classic activities such as getting on a boat touring some of its paradisiacal coves and other unusual ones such as going to a restaurant to eat a paella that you will have to cook beforehand. Sounds good right? Well come on, let’s start.

1. Visit Cala en Brut, the most fun plan in Menorca with children

One of the funniest plans What can you do in Menorca with children? is a visit to one of its coves. from among the best coves in Menorca that we recommend visiting we suggest you go to Cala en Brut. The reason is very simple, because it is one of the most fun places on the entire island of Menorca.

Menorca with children
A brave man jumps from the top of one of the platforms in Cala en Brut

Cala en Brut is one of the most peculiar coves on the island of Menorca, since you can bathe there by jumping into its transparent and deep waters from some of the enabled platforms. An unforgettable experience for the little ones!

2. Visit Cala Macarelleta

Cala Macarelleta is a beach that you have to go to on your trip to Menorca with children. The reason for visiting it is simply because it is a cove of infinite beauty, possibly the most beautiful in Menorca and therefore, worthy of “gifting” it to your children.

Menorca with children
Raúl contemplating the beauty of Macarelleta

It is a cove of about 45 meters that stands out for its turquoise waters and the beauty of the environment in which it is located. To access Cala Macarelleta you must park in Cala Galdana and walk for about 40 minutes along the track called Camí de Cavalls, which I will tell you about below.

3. Walk some section of the Camí de Cavalls

During your trip to Menorca with children It is highly recommended to walk some sections of the Camí de Cavalls to discover some of the paradisiacal coves of Menorca. This route basically runs along the coast of Menorca, which favors seeing some of the most captivating coastal landscapes while being in permanent contact with nature.

Camino de Cavalls in Menorca
Route along Camí de Cavalls to reach Cala Trebalúger

It has 20 sections and each of them is full of surprises and is an excellent excuse to explore the environmental values ​​that make Menorca such an exceptional place to travel with children. We did several sections of the south of the Horse path to reach Cala Macarella and Macarelleta, as well as other coves such as Mitjana, Trebalúger and Fustam.

4. Take a boat trip around Menorca with children

One of the most fun and exciting activities to do in Menorca with children is to reserve a place on a boat to visit some of its idyllic coves. You generally have two options:

Menorca with children
Jumps during the boat trip through the coves of northern Menorca

1) Rent a boat without a license (without a license, to understand each other) just for you and your children that allows you to go to different coves. The equipment of the boat has an awning, refrigerator and solarium mats that will make the experience more comfortable. If you like the idea you can book it here.

2) Join an excursion with other tourists to go on an excursion to the north or south of Menorca. This excursion can be for a few hours (during the day or in the afternoon to watch the sunset) or the whole day and stop to dive in some coves. we join this three-hour boat ride in Fornells through the northern coves which was supposed to be a success since it allowed us to visit several coves in the north that are difficult to access and snorkel in two of them. In this post we tell you about the experience of the boat trip through the coves of northern Menorca.

If what you want is to take a boat ride through the coves of the south, join this tour of the southern coves from Cala Galdana.

5. Visit some lighthouses in Menorca with children

Menorca has several lighthouses scattered throughout the island. Of all of them, Cavalleria and Favàritx, both in the north, are very popular. Already in the south are those of Cap d’Artrutx, that of Punta San Carlos and that of S’illa de l’aire. We saw the one in Cavallería from the boat in which we toured the north of Menorca.

6. Snorkeling with children

We love to dive into the transparent waters of Menorca to snorkel. In practically all the coves we visited we snorkelled because we love to see the seabed with those little fish of a thousand colors.

Menorca with children
Snorkelling in Menorca

If you plan to travel to Menorca with children Do not forget to bring your glasses, although if you are going on a boat excursion you should know that the crew itself will provide you with one. If you want to buy them I recommend are 180º with panoramic vision.

7. Visit Ciudadela and Mahón with children

A trip to Menorca with children It would be incomplete without knowing one of its two main cities, Ciutadella and Mahón. As children love to hear mysterious stories, it is advisable to join the free guided tours to get to know the best of each city. The visit to these two cities is included in our post about what to see in Menorca.

Menorca with children

In the case of Ciudadela, it is recommended that free tour of Ciudadela and in the case of Mahón this other free tour of Mahon. Don’t forget that both are FREE!

8. Eat an ice cream at the De la Crem de Menorca ice cream parlor

What child does not like to eat a good ice cream? I don’t know any, and you? If you are going to travel to Menorca with children Go ahead and buy an ice cream at the De la Crem ice cream parlor located in the Municipal Market of Ciudadela.

Menorca with children
La Crem ice cream parlor

Heladeria de la Crem is the only ice cream parlor in Menorca that has five stars in Google comments, and there are few of those in the world. Its handmade ice creams (very rich by the way) will be to blame for this.

9. Make a paella with the children to eat at the Cuk-Cuk restaurant

This activity can be the most curious on your trip to Menorca with children. Here you can cook some of the delicious dishes of Mediterranean gastronomy on their stoves, such as stew, fideuá, soupy rice, etc. to eat it next in the restaurant located there.

Menorca with children
making a valencian paella

Of course, reserve in time by calling 971 380 703 if you do not want to run out of space as it happened to us.

10. Visit a water park in Menorca with children

What kid doesn’t like spending a day at a water park? My children love to ride their fast slides and Ferris wheels, have fun in their well-kept pools and discover each of their other attractions.

Menorca with children
Water park

In Menorca there are several parks. Among the most popular are Aquarock (in Ciudadela), Splash Sur Menorca (in Sant Lluis) and Aqua Center (in Ciudadela). Visit their websites and decide which one to go to to spend a fun day in Menorca with children.

How to organize your trip to Menorca with children

To travel to Menorca with children, you basically have to look for flights, find a suitable hotel for them, rent a car to get around and decide what activities to do with them. children in Menorca. Let’s go in parts.

Ryanair flight
Getting on the plane that would take us to Menorca
  • Menorca Airport (IATA: MAH, ICAO: LEMH) or Mahón Airport is the airport on the island of Menorca to which you will have to fly. You can find flights in this link with the best options.
  • The best option to get around Menorca with children is by car. The ideal is to rent it on arrival at Menorca airport. In this link you can rent it. If you do not want to rent a vehicle at the airport, you may want to book in advance this transfer from the airport to your hotel.
RVHotels Sea Clube
RVHotels Sea Clube, our selected hotel in Menorca
  • During our trip to Menorca with children we stayed in Ciudadela, specifically in RVHotels Sea Clube Menorca that you can book here. You should know that all reservations at this hotel include breakfast and dinner, which is ideal for traveling with children.

Travel insurance to travel to Menorca with children

Do not forget to take out TRAVEL INSURANCE before leaving for Menorca with children. We always hire Mondo. If you hire it from the following link you will get a 5% discount for being a reader of

Have you been in Menorca with children? Do you recommend any specific activity?

Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience.


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