Hey bandage, on my most recent trip to the European continent (June 2023) I had the opportunity to visit Hamburg. It is the second largest city in Germany, and thanks to its many canals that connect to the North Sea, it is known as one of the northern “Venices”.

Unfortunately, I was only able to stay for 2 days, but for that very reason, here I share what to do in Hamburg in 48 hours. For more information you can visit these two pages: https://www.hamburg-tourism.de/ and https://cometohamburg.com/

1. Tour Hafencity -or the Port City. Walk through the Speicherstadt neighborhood and its old warehouses with neo-Gothic brick facades. Here is one of the most photographed places in the city, the Wasserschloss; which used to be a servants’ house at the beginning of the 20th century and currently has a tea shop and cafeteria. I couldn’t help it and I went to have a beer on their terrace.

2. Get to know the Elbphilharmonie (Elbphilharmonie) one of the most advanced and beautiful acoustic complexes in the world. Controversial but undoubtedly beautiful, it is now an architectural symbol of the city. If you cannot attend a concert, you can visit its Plaza for free. It has a terrace on the 37th floor with a 360º viewpoint of the city, which will give you a unique view of its industrial buildings, its docks and its Gothic towers. You can book online or arrive directly on the day: https://www.elbphilharmonie.de/en/

3. Explore the quays in the St. Pauli area, between the lower harbor and the Fischmarkt (fish market), on the banks of the Elbe River. Here you can grab the boat ride that runs through the main industrial buildings. I had a guide in German so I didn’t understand anything hahaha, but I had a few beers and enjoyed the tour. When I finished I went to eat Bruecke 10 some delicious fish cakes! and then I went for a few drinks to Strand Pauli which is ideal for spending the afternoon with friends in the summer.

4. Visit the most important area of ​​museums in the city: El Art Hall. In the oldest building, in its gallery you can see “traditional” paintings ranging from German Romanticism to European Impressionism. The architecture is also beautiful and worth a visit by itself. In the building across the street, more modern, is the gallery dedicated to contemporary art, which I didn’t love, but if you really like this artistic movement, I recommend you visit it.

5. Make a circuit of 10 kilometers through the center of the city. If you are runners, good walkers or get a bike, I recommend this route that covers the Hafencity quays with beautiful buildings such as the Wasserschloss house, also the Church of Saint Catherine and the impressive city philharmonic. The Große Wallanlagen state park, with some interesting ponds, fountains and buildings, and then on to another park, the Kleiner Park, which has an incredible view of the Binnenalster inland lake and two historic towers: the Town Hall (or Rathaus) and the Church of St. Nicholas. Finally the Kunsthalle area and the central train station.

Where to Stay?

At the Moxy Hotel. It is a chain of hotels that I love for its design and its good vibes, and this is the one in Hamburg, Germany. The reception is in the bar, so after your check-in you can sit down and have a local beer. The entire space in the lobby and the dining room is super cool, it’s a cool and relaxed space to spend time, with a lot of sharpness, see? The room is minimalist, with a super comfortable bed and little details that make you smile. In the mornings there is a breakfast bar with many delicious things to start your tour with a full belly and a happy heart. Finally at night, when they have returned from walking around the city, they can have a drink and some delicious wings. The hotel is very close to the metro and the central station of Hamburg. The cost per night is about 115 euros or you can pay with your Marriott Bonvoy points. I loved it!

Where to eat?

I already mentioned the fish cakes at Bruecke 10, also the Strand Pauli with its different bars and restaurants. I really liked the hamburgers Burgerlich and the coffee of Public Coffee Roasters.

Some Extras

There were certain places that I wanted to visit but no longer had time. For example, entering its Cathedral or one of its other Gothic churches. Also visit the Town Hall or Rathaus; take the red tourist bus around the city, and finally, enter the Miniatur Wunderland, a museum with miniature scenes of popular buildings and landscapes from around the world.

I lacked many things but it will be for my next time in the city. I will miss you always, Hamburg.

Source: https://alanxelmundo.com/que-hacer-en-hamburgo-en-48-horas/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=que-hacer-en-hamburgo-en-48-horas

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