Bali is one of the most popular places in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

This destination has many things to offer travelers, so this time we will share some that you can add to your list if you have planned a trip to this island.

visit the temples

In Bali and practically in this area of ​​the world, you will find many temples.

Bali’s temples combine Hinduism and local traditions. In addition they divide in three zones.

The highest part of the temple is the most sacred and is dedicated to the gods that inhabit the heavens.

The area in the middle represents the area of ​​men.

The lowest part is dedicated to the underworld, where demons live.


It could be said that this place is the most “hipster” in Bali, and if you like nightlife, it is the ideal place.

Its main inhabitants are young people, mostly digital nomads and content creators who are attracted by the low cost of living and the convenient location with the rest of Asia.

Canggu is ideal for surfing, water sports, partying, relaxation and contemplation. Plus the food scene is amazing!

travel by scooter

The scooter is the most common transport to move around Bali.

They can rent it anywhere or ask for a service, in case they don’t want to drive.

Go partying

In Bali you will find several places to party, so dedicate at least one night to enjoy, dance and have fun.

Nusa Penida

It is an island very close to Bali and is very famous for its spectacular landscapes and incredible beaches.

Some of the most popular beaches are Diamond Beach and Kelingking Beach.


It is the most popular place in Bali and is considered the cultural and artistic capital of Bali.

Here you can visit temples, rice fields and the famous Monkey Forest.

The Monkey Forest is a forest where there are free monkeys, it is a conservation, spiritual, economic, cultural and educational center of the community.

See a traditional dance show

During the nights, in several temples of Bali traditional dance shows are performed, an event that we recommend seeing at least once.

Tour the island by bike

Another option to tour the island is to do it by bicycle, if you are not very skilled at doing it on a scooter or simply prefer the bike.

In addition, you will find tours where they will show you various points of the island, you will learn about local life and, of course, admire incredible landscapes.

Visit the rice terraces

The rice terraces are one of the main attractions among travelers. The views of these are incredible and very instagrammable. They can spend quite a bit of time admiring them!

Have you visited Bali? What other recommendations would you share?

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