Aruba is a small island with paradisiacal beaches, ideal to relax, practice contemplation, have fun and enjoy delicious dishes.

On this occasion we share with you some activities you can do and places to visit on the so-called Happy Island.

Enjoy gastronomy

In Aruba you will find diverse gastronomic options, from fish and seafood, to international food options. All a delight!

Here you can find a more detailed guide to places to eat in Aruba.

St nicolas

It is a district of Aruba and is considered the art district.

In this area you will find 54 impressive murals, each one with a story to tell and transmit.

This place also stands out for being the headquarters of the Aruba Art Fair, a festival where local and international artists meet to create street art. In addition there is food, local drinks, music, dance, poetry, and much more.

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Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park is the only national park in Aruba and covers approximately 10% of the island.

In this place you will find several natural places to visit, such as the Quadirikiri Cave, the Boca Prins Beach and the California Lighthouse, an ideal place to watch the sunset.

enjoy its beaches

Aruba is an island that is not in the hurricane belt, so it is a good option to visit and enjoy its beaches at any time of the year.

In addition, the beaches stand out for having crystal clear waters and soft sand.

Some that you can visit and are among Alan’s favorites around the world are: Arashi, Tres Trapi, Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Divi Beach, Baby Beach, Boca Grande and Mangel Halto.

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Learn about Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is of great importance in Aruba, so much so that it even appears on the flag of this destination.

In fact, Aruba is the largest exporter of Aloe Vera in the world.

Therefore, during their stay they can visit some plantation fields and see the production process of various products. Also, as a good souvenir, you can buy one to take home.

Recorrer Oranjestad

It is the capital of Aruba and is ideal for walking, admiring its architecture and exploring it.

In addition, Oranjestad is a busy port city, so you will find many international luxury stores, boutiques, jewelry stores and many more.

This destination is also considered the entertainment and nightlife mecca of Aruba, so you will find various restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, lounges and casinos.


Aruba is an excellent destination for diving, because in its depths there are sunken ships and even planes, among which the Antilla stands out, the largest sunken ship in the Caribbean.

Have you visited Aruba? What other recommendations do you have?

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