Mexican gastronomy is recognized throughout the world and without a doubt our sweets can be a challenge of flavors.

Can something spicy be a candy? For Mexicans, yes. We add chilito to what is unthinkable for others, but that does not make us forget chocolate and traditional or fruit sweets. Would you like to know which sweet fits best with your way of traveling? The oracle of Fudis around the World and Chilim Balam will help us find your funniest personality.

Photo: Karla Campos

How long in advance do you make your reservations?

4. Weeks before, but with flexibility

What do you prefer when traveling?

If you were paid for a trip, where would you go?

1. An adventure through Southeast Asia

2. A trip through European capitals

3. Greek Islands Cruise

4. A tour of Magical Towns

What do you spend more money on when you travel?

What would you prefer?

1. A bed in a luxury hotel

2. A pass with all the attractions included

3. Unlimited rail pass

4. Make lots of friends on the trip

Choose a state of the Mexican Republic

Now, a Mexican dish

All 7 questions completed!

Tell me how you travel and I’ll tell you what a sweet Mexican you are

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