Traveling is once again an activity that we can enjoy more often, but to prevent fraud we need to know “What is the national tourism registry?“, we tell you why…

After the pandemic, it is much more common to hire travel agency services online and, unless it is a highly recommended agency, fears when paying are present.

In our blog we tell you how to identify a reliable travel agency and we suggest some actions to avoid fraud, one of them is to consult the National Tourism Registry, a very useful option.

So that you are not deceived and you can travel safely, you need to have some knowledge, here we provide you with data that will help you.

What is the National Registry of Tourism?

The Sectur defines the National Tourism Registry as the public catalog of tourism service providers in Mexico.

Said catalog constitutes the mechanism by which the Federal Executive, the States and Municipalities may have information on tourism service providers at the national level, in order to better understand the tourism market and establish communication with companies when required.

The tourist service providers that must be registered in the RNT are: travel agencies, car rental companies, spas, golf courses, lifeguards, tour guides, diving and adventure operators, theme parks, spas, timeshares, tour operators, tourist transport, food and beverage companies, lodging and hot air flights.

To register, rectify, renew, cancel, replace, issue a new Sectur certificate, tourist service operators must enter here, it is a procedure free y required as established in the 2016 agreement.

The interesting thing about this registry is that it allows you to verify that the agency with which you wish to contract is real and that the data of the service provider, such as its owner and/or person in charge, are known to the authority.

How to know if a travel agency is registered in the Sectur?

Are you already looking for options for winter vacations, package deals, a beautiful beach destination in the Riviera Maya or Riviera Nayarit, or perhaps an option for a couple of days such as a visit to a beautiful magical town like Cholula?

If so, you may have some alternatives scheduled, but be careful when hiring…

It is important that before making a payment in a travel agency found on the internet, you can verify if it is a real agency and if it is in the National Tourism Registry catalog; The procedure is very simple and you can do it in a couple of minutes.

First, you must enter the website of the National Registry of Tourism Sectur in this link, there you will find a menu of options with the different providers classified by category.

national tourism registry

Second, click on the option that says travel agency, there it directs you to another page where you will have to enter the commercial name of the agency, the state to which it belongs and then the municipality.

If you have doubts about the commercial name, entering the state and municipality already gives you all the alternatives available for that location.

Last step, select the agency you want to consult, click on the name and it gives you data such as address, website, email, telephone, RNT number and your request date.

How to consult the national registry of tourism in Sectur de México Destinos?

Following the steps mentioned above, we enter the website of the National Tourism Registry, we click on where it says travel agency and it only remains to enter the following data:

Tradename: Mexico Destinations

State: Quintana Roo

Municipality: Benito Juarez

After clicking on “search”, it takes you to see the record, and if you click where a red indicator appears, in the Query tab, it reveals all the company data.

national tourism registry

national tourism registry

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One more recommendation…

In addition to our post with suggestions to avoid fraud, if you have problems with a travel agency, you can check recommendations from the Consumer Attorney General’s Office, which recommends consulting the sectur certificate and also consulting Profeco itself. See details here.


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