We were preparing to travel, we already had the flights and we needed a place to stay for 4 nights in one of the largest cities in the world: Mexico City.

The challenge seemed difficult, we were 3 people looking for a place to stay in CDMX near the center and the attractions so as not to spend a lot on transportation.

We saw several hotels, all acceptable, we were ready to decide on a hotel when someone suggested trying the Airbnb Mexico service.

Immediately the panorama seemed broader but at the same time with more questions than answers.

None of us had used Airbnb before in CDMX or in another destination, so we had some doubts, before booking we researched other blogs about the experience that other travelers had had and we found everything, good and average experiences.

So we take a risk…

We booked an Airbnb in CDMX

The reservation process in Airbnb Mexico is relatively simple, after creating your account, entering the city or area, arrival and departure dates, (just as you would when booking a hotel), the page will show you the properties that are available and the cost per night.

Si ya estás listo puedes hacer tu reservación al momento, pero si tienes alguna duda, puedes enviarle mensaje en privado al anfitrión de la propiedad.

In our case we had a host who responded almost immediately to the messages, clarified our doubts and we proceeded to make the reservation.

En Airbnb lo que se paga es lo que ves, pero OJO: tienes que llegar hasta el final del proceso de reserva ya que elegiste las fechas para que veas el precio total, que normalmente incluye los gastos de limpieza, la tarifa de Airbnb y los impuestos locales.

Most hosts charge you for cleaning, which is a single charge for the entire stay and depends on each one, the recommendation is that you review the requirements for departure since there are very flexible Airbnb hosts where you do not have to do a lot and you can leave it almost as if you were in a hotel, but some others give you a checklist of “tasks” to complete before you leave.

An advantage is that Airbnb reservations include insurance for you as a traveler. If you damage something, the first step is that Airbnb will try to charge you on the card that you have saved in your profile, but if for some reason it cannot be enter the insurance.

In any case, to avoid problems, take care of the house or apartment you choose as if it were yours… no, well, better as if it were not yours.

Arrival at our Airbnb in Mexico City

One or two days before your arrival, Airbnb and your host will contact you to send you the itinerary and coordinate the delivery of the keys.

In our case we did not even have the need to meet the host personally, since the keys were literally hanging on the door in a small safe that was opened with a code, many vacation rental apartments are managed this way and it is very Flexible because you can arrive practically whenever you want/can.

Como una sugerencia, si la dirección no es del todo clara para ti, pregúntale a tu anfitrión por puntos de referencia, color de la fachada del edificio, tiendas, etc., y después trata de ubicarla con Google Maps, de esta forma ya sea que llegues en taxi o UBER puedas localizar más fácilmente la propiedad.

The experience in an Airbnb in CDMX

What is better Airbnb or a Hotel?

It took us a few hours, but in the end we chose a small but very nice apartment on Nápoles Street near Paseo de la Reforma.

Our overall experience during those 4 days was very pleasant, the apartment was in a kind of neighborhood, but the atmosphere was very quiet, although in reality we only used it to get there and sleep, we never had any problems.

So, Hotel or Airbnb in CDMX?

La diferencia entre quedarse en un hotel y Airbnb es que quedarse en un hotel es como estar de vacaciones todo el tiempo, mientras que con Airbnb es como estar en casa. 

In a hotel you have all the services, who does the cleaning for you, even who prepares the food for you, although it is usually a little more rigid because it has more defined processes and rules.

In Airbnb in most apartments you have a bed and a roof, but you have to go out to look for or make your own food, make your bed, clean and you will not always find à la carte services like in a hotel.

Packages to Mexico City

There is not a big difference in terms of costs, since just like when you look for a hotel, on Airbnb there are everything from small apartments to residences, it depends on how much you are willing to pay for some extra luxuries. See packages in Mexico City

Payment Methods

When booking on Airbnb you must cover the full payment, the only way is to do it by credit card and for now they do not have an interest-free monthly payment option.

En la mayoría de departamentos te da la opción de pagar una parte al inicio y el resto unos días antes de tu llegada, pero no puedes hacerlo en pagos o con otra forma de pago que no sea tarjeta de crédito.

If you book a hotel through a travel agency like MéxicoDestinos.com, the payment methods can be from deposit in Oxxo, bank window, electronic transfer or credit card or even manage a section system.

The travel agency can also get you tours, cheap flights and transfers from the airport to the hotel.

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Now you know, you have the power to choose what you want, Vacation or a temporary home?. May you have the best of experiences!..

Source: https://www.mexicodestinos.com/blog/que-es-mejor-airbnb-o-un-hotel-ventajas-y-desventajas/

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